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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

The 402nd Android Apps Weekly is out! This week we talk about Google TV improvements, Pixel Pass, and more news.

Published onOctober 16, 2021

AAW Hundred Days screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 402nd edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • WhatsApp is probably getting a new community feature at some point. An APK teardown revealed the new feature. In the code, it outlines a new social media feature in the works. Unfortunately, it’s very early days so we don’t know what it is yet. There are clues that suggest something like a community where you can send invite links to people. It could be a ton of different things from Discord server-style group chats or a community chat like Facebook. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • Google TV received an update this week. It added user profiles, similar to what you see on Hulu or Netflix. It’s one of the most popular streaming features in households because it lets everybody manage their own stuff. Of course, Google TV is a whole platform so it’ll work a lot like profiles do in Android. You can download apps, login with your own credentials, and set up your stuff the way you want. Hit the link to learn more.
  • We asked our readers if they preferred the occasionally great camera shot or consistently good shots. The idea is that some cameras and camera apps can put together an amazing photo occasionally and others put consistently good shots together, but rarely something incredible. Our readers almost universally preferred a camera app or system that put together good shots all the time. Hit the link to see the full poll details.
  • Our latest Wallpaper Wednesday was a pretty good one. There were a few good portrait-style wallpapers and a few landscape-style wallpapers as well. I was personally a big fan of the purple and black abstract one as it really makes my icons pop. There is also a Google Drive link in the article with all previous wallpapers featured. Hit the link to see this week’s wallpapers and all of the ones sent to us so far.
  • Google is apparently working on a Pixel phone subscription service. Pixel Pass gives you service via Google Fi, YouTube access with YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass, and a Google One (Google Drive) account with one single subscription service. We don’t know a ton of details yet, like its cost. However, a leaked graphic shows us quite a few details about the service. We asked our readers and they said they would pay around $30 for it at most. It’ll likely cost more than that, though, since it does include a whole mobile phone plan on top of everything else.

Hello Froggy

Price: Free

Hello Froggy is a simple platformer game. You use your phone’s accelerometer to control where the frog goes. The game gets more difficult as you progress as various types of lily pads have different effects when you jump on them. It’s not the most graphically interesting game, but the simplicity makes it great for kids and also as a low-effort time waster. The game is also free with no in-app purchases.

MyASUS for Chromebook

Price: Free

MyASUS for Chromebook screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

MyASUS is an app from ASUS branded Chromebooks. It works similarly to the Windows version of the app. It helps you find support, register your product, shop for new ASUS devices, and more. It’s most useful for checking things like repair status (using your RMA number) and finding sales on new stuff. Those with ASUS Chromebooks should definitely give this one a try.

Hundred Days

Price: $5.99

Hundred Days is a winery simulator. You take control of a winery, including the grapevines, barreling process, and more. Players choose a starting point. From there, they grow their grapes, turn them into wine, and sell it for profits. It’s a fairly typical tycoon game in that respect. There are also real consequences to decisions and most of it affects the quality of your wine. It’s a premium game at $5.99 with no in-app purchases. There are some bugs that we hope the developer fixes but it’s otherwise a solid tycoon title.


Price: Free

OpenSea screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

OpenSea is one of the more popular NFT services. It boasted billions of dollars in sales over millions of transactions in the last year. Now it has an official app. The app lets you browse, discover, and follow collections that you may want to buy. The app doesn’t let you buy anything. You have to log in with a web browser to do that. It’s likely to bypass the 30% cut Google takes from in-app sales. The app seems to be quite buggy with long load screens and some weird redirects, but it should be one of the better NFT browsing apps on mobile soon enough.


Price: Free to play

Switchcraft is a match-three style arcade game. The game offers hundreds of levels to play through and an underlying narrative for players to complete. The story is about Lydia, an 18-year old who disappeared. You basically help find her. The match-three puzzle mechanics are fairly standard so fans of the genre already know what they’re getting into. However, the story is also pretty decent, which is impressive since it’s difficult to toss a narrative into a match-three game. In any case, it’s a good change of pace from the norm in this genre.

If we missed any big Android apps or games releases or news, tell us about it in the comments or email us at
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