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Here's what our readers are buying for Amazon Prime Day

Want to know what our readers are buying the most? Here's some cool info. Deals are still live, so it's not too late!

Published onOctober 14, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera angled

Amazon Prime Day is more than half done, but there are still plenty of deals to find. If you dig through enough, you can find some truly awesome discounts on all manners of products.

However, there are always going to be deals that are more popular than others. Here at Android Authority, we have some data on what our readers are buying and we figured we’d share a bit of it with you here. Obviously, we can’t disclose any hard data, but we can at least tell you what products are proving to be the most successful.

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Below, you’ll find the categories that are most popular with our readers for Amazon Prime Day as well as some specific products that are moving fast. Keep in mind there are still over 12 hours left for Prime Day this year, so take advantage of them!

Amazon-branded products

Amazon echo show 2019 screen 1

Overall, this category isn’t too surprising. Amazon often reserves the deepest discounts for its own products on Amazon Prime Day. This ensures that savvy shoppers gravitate easily to saving sometimes over 50% off terrific electronics.

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One of the most popular deals our readers are gobbling up is the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, which currently costs just $19. That’s a whopping $31 off its usual asking price. That kind of high demand is pushing back the delivery of orders, though. As of right now, most buyers won’t see the Echo Dot on their doorstep until November.

Elsewhere, the discounted Amazon Echo Show 5 is really popular at its 50%-off price of just $45. The best e-reader you can get — the Kindle Paperwhite — is also heavily discounted right now and our readers are buying them like crazy.

Samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus back
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Of all the major smartphone manufacturers, Samsung appears to be the most devoted to Prime Day discounts. Google is discounting a few of its older phones, but not its new ones. Motorola has a bunch on sale, but that only started today, with them being full price yesterday. Samsung, however, is really going to town.

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As such, the two most popular Samsung Amazon Prime Day deals our readers are buying are the ones for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The former gets you the latest-and-greatest flagship from the company for $1,199, which is $250 off the list price. The latter costs just $899, which is $300 off the MSRP.

There are other Samsung phone deals to be had, but these are the ones our readers love the most. Check out this guide for more deals!

Cases and accessories

Pretty much everyone visiting Android Authority has a smartphone, so it makes perfect sense that our readers are buying massive quantities of smartphone accessories. Some of the best deals are from a company called Catalyst, which is offering 50% off deals on a lot of its cases and screen protectors.

Our readers are also buying car chargers, charging pads, and power banks. Check out the list below of the most popular items for our readers!

Apple headphones

AirPods Pro with case

I know, I know…this is an Android site! But hey, that doesn’t seem to stop our readers from buying up Apple-branded audio products like crazy.

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Three of the most popular Amazon Prime Day deals for our readers are for headphones from Apple. There are two great deals on Apple AirPods, namely a set of the true wireless earbuds with a wired charging case for $115 ($30 off) and another for a wireless charging case for $150 ($39 off).

You can also nab a set of wired EarPods (with a Lightning connector) for less than $19 (over $11 off). Obviously, they won’t work with any Android phones, but our readers are gobbling that deal up anyway!

microSD cards

phones with expandable memory

Long gone are the days where nearly every smartphone featured expandable storage. However, there are some phones out there that still support this feature. There also lots of other products out there for which people need more storage (*cough* Nintendo Switch *cough*). That’s why it’s unsurprising our readers are buying up microSD cards like crazy.

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The two most popular cards right now are the PNY 512GB Pro Elite for $70 ($30 off) and the SanDisk 400GB Ultra SDXC for just $43 ($17 off).

If you have anything that needs a microSD card, now’s the time to grab a new one! You don’t want to find yourself out of space later on down the line.

Roku products

Roku Premiere 2019

In the media streamer hardware wars, there is one clear winner: Roku. Even Amazon with its popular line of Fire TV products can’t compete with the market share of Roku. That’s why it makes perfect sense that some of the fastest-moving products of Amazon Prime Day are Roku streamers and TVs.

Really, though, at these prices, it would be more shocking if our readers weren’t buying them. How about a Roku Express for just $21 ($9 off)? Or a Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $37 ($13 off)?

Here are the top five deals at the moment for Roku products:

Instant Pot deals

instant pot

Either there are a lot of chefs visiting Android Authority or there are a lot of readers too lazy to cook a meal using more than one pan. We say that because Instant Pot deals are incredibly popular with our readers. They can’t seem to get enough of them.

As an example, our readers are going nuts for the Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker, which right now is only $120 ($60 off).

In fact, people are buying so many Instant Pots, that Amazon is running out of stock and/or the deals are closing. If you want one (or you know someone who would love one as a holiday gift), you should buy it soon! Honestly InstaPots are great and worth buying, but they are a little overpriced. That means buying on Prime Day or an event like Black Friday is the way to go.

Looking for more Amazon Prime Day deals? Check out our constantly updated hub for all the latest.

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