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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly

In this week's episode of Android Apps Weekly, we talk about the death of Vine and Justice Monsters Five, ADW Launcher 2, Mega Man, and more apps news!

Published onJanuary 8, 2017

Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to the 173rd edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the headlines from the last week:

  • There are a metric ton of apps and games on sale right now. Google Play has a selection of apps going for up to 80% off and games going for 85% off. Alongside that, Amazon is having a large sale of its own for both apps and games. These are technically Christmas and New Years sales that are still going on. There are some excellent apps and games on sale if you’re looking for stuff on the cheap.
  • Google Play is also having a sale on a number of movies, TV shows, and books. Some of the movies include Star Trek Beyond, War Dogs, and The Legend of Tarzan. The books include Deadpool Classic, West With the Night, and Civil War. Finally, the TV shows include The Flash season three, Arrow season five, and Big Bang Theory season ten. Some of these are going for a pretty good price.
  • Square Enix is shutting down its Justice Monsters Five game on March 27th. It came out alongside Final Fantasy XV as a kind of promotional thing. It kind of helped build the hype around the game’s release. There has been no word on why the game is shutting down. Simply that Square Enix is sorry for the decision. To be honest, it wasn’t a great game overall. It has a few bugs and never really recovered.
  • Vine is officially shutting down on January 17th. We’ve talked about this social media network ad nauseum over the last two months and we’re nearing the end of the rope. On the mentioned date, the service will shut down. The app will turn into Vine Camera. You’ll be able to take the same old six second videos and post them on social media. Thankfully, all of this will be over soon.
  • It was announced this week that Google Assistant will start to be made available on set top boxes and smart TVs. Many of those devices are coming out in 2017. That also includes the new NVIDIA Shield TV announced at CES. This puts into question how valuable the exclusivity of Google Assisant is on the Google Pixel, but otherwise it’s great news. It should also help bolster development for the platform by other app developers.

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moodcast diary Android Apps Weekly
MoodCast Diary

[Price: Free / $2.99]
MoodCast Diary is an app that lets you keep a diary. The basic idea is that you tell the app how you’ve been doing over the course of every day. After each entry, the app determines whether the mood was positive or negative. The app can get it wrong sometimes but you can always change it. Over time, the app can tell you how your mood has changed over the lifetime of your usage with it. Pro users can link things like Twitter and Facebook to import your various status updates and tweets into the app. It’s unreleased, so there are bugs, but it’s pretty fun to use.

moodcast diary Android Apps Weekly

geometry dash world Android Apps Weekly
Geometry Dash World

[Price: Free]
Geometry Dash World is an adventure platformer from the makers of the popular Geometry Dash game. In this title, you’ll run, jump, bounce, and float your way through various obstacles and levels. It also includes some fun little environmental challenges like flipping gravity, flying rockets, and other stuff. It comes with ten levels, colorful and fun graphics, and some light character customization. The big news here is that the game is totally free with no in-app purchases. That’s pretty rare.

screens Android Apps Weekly

[Price: Free]
Screens is a nifty little tool that can only be used by devices that are running Android Nougat. It’s a fairly basic app that allows you enter split screen mode much more quickly. What you do is choose two applications that you commonly have in split screen mode. The app then creates a shortcut that will put those two apps in split screen mode instantaneously. We did have to fiddle with it to get it working and some combos cause more problems than others. Thankfully, it’s completely free so it costs nothing if you want to try it.

screens Android Apps Weekly

megaman mobile Android Apps Weekly
Mega Man 1-6

[Price: $1.99 each]
Capcom made a bold move this week when they released the first six Mega Man games on Android. These are ports of the original games with a few little quirks added in. For instance, in the original Mega Man, you have unlimited lives. The ports all seem to be okay, but they do need a little work. Some issues include low framerates alongside the usual array of early release bugs. Capcom has responded to several user reviews stating that they’re looking into the issue. Thankfully, the ports are only about two bucks each with no in-app purchases.

adw launcher 2 Android Apps Weekly
ADW Launcher 2

[Price: Free / $1.99]
After months of beta testing, the official release of ADW Launcher 2 happened this week. The launcher includes a range of modern features, including many borrowed from the popular Pixel Launcher. It also comes with a bunch of other features, such as theming, widgets, animations, and other customization features. It works pretty well and it’s great to see ADW back. You can pick up the app for free and then pay $1.99 as an in-app purchase for the pro version.

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