The end of the line for the Vine service, as we currently know it, is in sight. Its owner Twitter has confirmed the six-second online video service will close its doors on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Twitter previously announced its plans to shut down the service back in October, but did not offer a specific date for its closing until today. After Jan. 17, the Vine site will no longer allow any new video clips to be uploaded, although its old archive of videos will continue to be available for the time being.

The current Vine app will also get a downgrade to the Vine Camera app after Jan. 17. While you will still be able to take 6.5 second videos with the app, you won’t be able to upload them to the Vine site itself. It will allow you to download any older Vine videos you have uploaded, and any new clips you make can be shared with others or they can be uploaded to your Twitter account.

Previous rumors claimed that several companies were thinking about acquiring Vine but they didn’t seem to pan out.  Giphy has already promised to release an upload tool to transform older Vines into GIFs, but again that has yet to materialize.

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