Sprint may have competition in bidding for T-Mobile

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With rumors of Sprint and T-Mobile finalizing a deal that would merge the two companies, rumors are now being revealed which hint at Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim being interested in purchasing T-Mobile. According to the Wall Street Journal, Slim recently received cash from his sale of shares of Am√©rica M√≥vil and currently owns an interest TracFone, a US prepaid wireless service that is the country’s fifth largest carrier. TracFone currently leases capacity in large cellular networks operators like AT&T and Sprint. Last week, America Movil announced that it was going to slash¬†its market share in Mexico from 70% to 50%…

Despite subscriber additions, carriers face growth questions

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BusinessWire As this site discussed earlier today, T-Mobile is expected to continue their reign as the “fastest-growing” carrier once Q2 results are released later this month. Now, the Wall Street Journal notes that although analysts expect all major carriers (except Sprint) to continue overall net additions of postpaid subscribers (which usually leads to higher earnings and better margins) in the Q2, there are also a number of¬†questions marks about the near future of the major wireless carriers. Even with those additions, Verizon did not see their earnings rise after interest, taxes (well, if they¬†pay any),¬†depreciation and amortization. In fact, margins…

T-Mobile expected to keep title of “fastest-growing” carrier

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BusinessInsider When T-Mobile announces their Q2 results at the end of the month, analysts¬†expect¬†T-Mobile to continue being the¬†“fastest-growing wireless company in the U.S.” According to TMONews, T-Mobile’s record¬†Q1 results showed¬†2.4 million net adds between January 1st and the end of March. Therefore, it should not be a surprise¬†to see T-Mobile not replicate that growth again. With¬†7% service-revenue growth, T-Mobile would¬†continue to keep the title as the fastest-growing wireless company in the country. Even with Sprint/T-Mobile merger details continuing to be leaked, it is becoming more difficult to argue that T-Mobile by itself is not quickly approaching AT&T and Verizon as…

Toll-free data plans are growing worldwide

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BusinessInsider While AT&T has been trying to¬†expand the list of companies involved in their “Sponsored Data” program, interest in the program has been basically non-existent with just a few smaller companies having signed on. AT&T’s program¬†only works if a number of¬†big-named companies agree to be part of the program and so far it appears that few if anyone want to join it. Other companies have also been trying to slowly implement their own toll-free plans in the US. T-Mobile has launched their Music Freedom which exempts data on a customers plan from streaming music services. Yet, GigaOM wrote a very…

Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm plot spectrum-sharing test

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Verizon, Qualcomm and Ericsson are planning to¬†conduct field trials where they will all share spectrum currently owned by the US government so that the companies can¬†expand their wireless network capacity. Verizon, Qualcomm and Ericsson plan to test a large section of¬†3.5 GHz spectrum which¬†is usually¬†assigned to military radar applications. All three companies have filed applications with the FCC to conduct the field trials. In the long term, Verizon says, this¬†spectrum could be used for¬†high-demand areas such as¬†‚Äústadiums, college campuses, or airports.” As FierceWireless¬†notes, the FCC plans to authorize new spectrum-sharing techniques to open up the 3.5 GHz band for wireless…

Numerous reports of T-Mobile LTE network outage

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All major wireless carriers have been dealing with recent outage issues. Several weeks ago, Verizon suffered a national outage themselves which didn’t allow most customers to pay their bills and access other parts of their customer account. AT&T also been dealing with outages lasting just a few hours in several cities.

Did T-Mobile managers direct workers to overcharge customers accounts?

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In a released statement, the CWA notes that in January 2013 they approached T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom to alert them that T-Mobile US managers were “directing workers to add charges to customer accounts.” According to the CWA, T-Mobile fired a number of front-line employees who said they were working under direct orders from managers.

Dear John Legere, stop blaming others and fix your own issues

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T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere decided to respond to the recent FTC complaint by blaming just about everyone else including the FTC, other carriers and the third party providers. Unfortunately for T-Mobile, their history with cramming suggests that they need to look into the mirror and fix this almost decade-old problem.