Think a flexible smartphone is just science fiction? You might have to think again, thanks to Samsung. The Korean company recently unveiled Galaxy Skin, an Android smartphone that can take on different shapes and take on even hammer blows, set to begin production in 2012 Q2 with murmurings of a release sometime thereafter.

So aside from its flexible form, what specs can Galaxy Skin boastof? For starters, it will have a flexible 4″ AMOLED display (800×480) made of plastic polyimide substrate. Samsung already confirmed that they have started production of such screens. This form of AMOLED technology consumes less energy but still delivers good screen brightness compared to the normal Samsung AMOLED screens.

Other known specs of Galaxy Skin include 1 GB RAM; 1.2 GHz processor; 8 MP rear camera and VGA front camera with auto focus, self-portrait, stop motion, action shot, and Panorama shots; and 1500 mAh battery. Connectivity-wise, it has Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n features. It will reportedly run on Android Jellybean (the next Google OS version after Ice Cream Sandwich), but there are speculations that Google will make a special version for it, namely Android Flexy.

With the Galaxy Skin, one can have table clock, smart projector, or even a wristwatch. Now we await Apple’s statement regarding this.

via IBTimes

  • Anonymous

    It’s still a concept, Mina, don’t freak people out!

  • Testy

    Won’t Apple’s statement be – “That was our idea” ?

    • CSS

      that was my first thought to the word.

      • Mladen Mijatov

        Followed by a court case and shitload of zealots screaming how their iPhone has pink bumpers and is 0.06mm thinner.

        • Anonymous

          Pot, meet kettle.

          • applh8r

            @ Steven75
            Fuck meet you!

          • Postal Jim

            Where would your iCrap be without Samsungs parts and technology? ( Hint: The head it would be in is now in a coffin)

    • Johnnyboy961

      I doubt it. Given their attitude towards open source, it would be, “This is the FIRST phone in the world to have this!”

  • Nebogipfel

    set for a 2012 Q2 release

    • Anonymous

      Bull.. they are not going to ship by then.. the above photo are just at photoshoped dream.

      • Nebogipfel

        you think so? :)

    • MasterMuffin

      Aaand this phone isn’t still here :)

      • Xileer

        2014 – Still not :p

        • MasterMuffin

          Yup :D

          • MadCowOnAStick

            It was just a concept :c

          • MasterMuffin


  • Toneur

    Fake marketing campain from Heyon You, published 3 month ago :×1024.jpg

    • Toneur

      “but there are speculations that Google will make a special version for it, namely Android Flexy.” ahahahahah

  • Blest

    Samsung apparently had this at CES 2011, so this must be real.

  • Soda 1 Androidymus

    whats the source? isnt this just the concept?

    • Anonymous


  • Patrick Chua

    If I recall, the unit being discussed in the article is the concept phone by samsung, and please try to check IBT since a lot of their articles are horrible to a point.

    • Postal Jim

      The IBT article clearly states that this is “still in the conceptual stage.”

  • Anonymous

    why only 480×800 if the screen is so long?

    p.s. the source is doubtful

    • xDuBxDylan

      Because thats the resolution, resolution is not limited to screen size

    • xDuBxDylan

      Plus AMOLED is different to LED, dunno if it allows the screen to have a different display technology or not but thats my guess and my guess only

  • Tom Clarence

    Apples response will be a court case

  • Prashant Shrivastava

    awesome technology

  • anon456246426

    Wow, way to bury the lead. I find a projector built into such a slim design much more interesting than a flexible display.

  • Mamoonnoorestani

    Yessss finally i can get a phone which i can fold and put it in my pocket without anyone noticing i have a smartphone!!!!

  • It seems that screen is not a concept, bet real one (see YouTube video, so it would be dumb for them to show screen capabilities and not to develop phone, at least in prototype level.

    Apple will spur their “we are cool and we are genius” line as usual. However, Samsung should be very original about this, because it could be very hard to make it right.

    Anyway, I’ll wait for phone which can be wrapped around my hand when I run.

  • Anonymous

    Apple occasionally uses paper in their office. Hence, they have prior art and will sue.

  • Okay, fine, I’ll allow THIS one to not have a hardware keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    I’d just like to add, Samsung said that flexible displays would begin production Q2 2012, not the phone itself. There are still a lot of obstacles to overcome before a phone like this could be produced. Where will all of the non-flexible components go? It seems like there is a small rigid part at the bottom, but there is nowhere enough space for all of the radios, the boards, battery, memory, and ports.

  • hhhh apple is gonne dude we are the best we gonna be the new legend!

  • Ricardo Peralta

    This looks really cool…although, I’ll have to wait until major websites start doing hands-on stuff…

  • Alex Hetman
  • Alex Hetman
  • Erick

    I think this is FAKE. That is just a concept, i’ve seen it before and i know it’s unofficial.

  • 成龙 易

    apple and sumsung now have too mach problem ,i don’t care who will be the winner ,i just care world will give me the perfect smartphone ;

  • Anthony Tumiwa

    Samsung will release this galaxy skin next year, but dont expect the design will same as the images above , some of the part will be thicker

  • Where’s the statement from Samsung? I’m fairly sure this is a mockup/concept, not any announcement from Samsung.

  • Soneffer

    a phone that is flexible,samsung galaxy is taking over

  • Anonymous

    Такого добра навалом
    поплам не сложишь

    it won’t fold that much

  • Anonymous

    here’s the pic of actual flexible display

  • bachaddict

    I cringe when I think of how easy it would be to bend the screen a bit too far…

    • Zexxes Mercurian

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Uri Geller

      Is it Uri Geller proof ^^.

  • Mikhail Zubrilin

    great! die apple!

  • MariusMsd123

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  • Anonymous

    Pathetic .. unless they can ship above product, they should keep their mouth shout.

  • Anonymous

    Concepts such as these are many years out. I think we’ll get there within 20. What’s with the fake announcement/specs?

  • guest

    This phone will contour right to a bitch’s ass. Good ideas

  • Wow, then android specs are also flexible. Then they have a rubber something pads and cover, this is really cool. I’m going to make it as my bracelet so put some lock on it.

  • Apple’s Company really rock! How the hell they made it more flexible? Every day technology changes evolve and are updated. What will happen to the wide screen display when you worsted it? No cracks? Every time it worsted, the toolbar icons also worsted?

    • xDuBxDylan

      1. Apple did not make this

      2. Learn to speak english

      3. “Every time it worsted, the toolbar icons also worsted?”

      what the fuck is that supposed to mean

  • How the heck developer made this? I wish iPhone development can have like this too, then I’ll be happy all day! It so amazing having a flexible gadget.

  • This cannot be real

  • Nyob

    great concept, but did anyone else notice the notification bar is upside down at the bottom of the screen?

    • Trey A.

      No it looks like the screen has been flipped upside down. If you look at the samsung logo on the back, it shows the notification bar is at the top

  • Kevin Leversee

    Hot. this is a game changer. really

  • Postal Jim

    CONCEPTUAL STAGE PEOPLE! Read the source article before making yourselves look completely silly. lol ?B^)

  • wow awesome concept..

  • sweet pics

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  • The technology is getting scary

  • tony


    wat r u doin

  • Prince Charles

    This could end up my arse if I mistake it for toilet paper.

  • poopfacemgeee12345


  • Lethal_1

    And what’s the capacity of the battery.? Probably crap! Won’t last all day!

  • ibrahim mohsin marashah

    the Lg GFLEX

  • IceTrey

    “set to begin production in 2012 Q2 with murmurings of a release sometime thereafter.”

    Uh, it’s the end of 2015, where’s my flexible phone? How am I supposed to tweet while I’m flying to the laser ball game with my jet pack?

  • LoL