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The best apps for Galaxy Z Flip 5

What are the best apps that can take advantage of the Z Flip 5's unique Flex Window?

Published onJanuary 26, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 arrived in August of 2023 bringing plenty of improvements to its predecessor, including a much larger cover screen called the Flex Window, a faster processor, a gapless folding design, and more. We had a lot of great things to say about it in our Z Flip 5 review. Still, if you want to make the most of it, finding the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 apps to complement it is important.

Let’s be honest, the Z Flip 5 experience is pretty much the same as any other phone when it comes to the foldable main display, so the best place to start looking would be our lists for the best Android apps and best Android games.

Don’t forget about the Flex Window, though. Below are five apps well-suited for making the most out of the Z Flip 5’s new Flex Window.

The best Galaxy Z Flip 5 apps

Good Lock

Price: Free

samsung galaxy z flip 5 good lock launcher
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Flex Window gives more room for widgets, but what about running full apps? That’s where Good Lock comes in. The app is designed to let you customize your phone’s lock screen, notification panel, and more. There’s also a special module you can download within the app, called Multistar.

Once you download the module, you can add a widget with up to eight apps that will run on the Flex Window. You can specify any app, but not all apps will work well squished down to this level, so it’s a matter of trial and error. 

Coverscreen OS

Price: Free trial / $1.99 a month (or $14.99 yearly)

cover screen os 1
Andrew Grush / Android Authority

Coverscreen OS works similarly to Good Lock with Multistar, allowing you to run full apps right from the Flex Window. While Good Lock simply places fullscreen apps onto the Flex Window, this works more like an entire UI with a few more specialized features and access to all your apps. That said, what they actually do is pretty similar. 

For what it’s worth, some users prefer Good Lock, which is arguably a bit more stable and doesn’t cost anything to get the full experience. While you can use Coverscreen OS for free, it’s pretty limited unless you pay $14.99 a year or $1.99 monthly. 


Price: Requires subscription

My Netflix Blog Image 1

Netflix and Samsung have partnered up to bring Netflix to the Flex Window, via Samsung’s Lab features. That means it might not be a perfect experience as it’s still pretty much a beta app on the Flex Window, but it’s still a nice way to watch something right from the outer display.

But why you ask? In most scenarios, it probably doesn’t make much sense, but imagine having Netflix running on the outer screen to entertain your kids while it’s folded down on a table and you’re using it as a virtual notepad. Maybe you want to protect your main screen while watching for a few minutes on a train. Okay, so really, Netflix might not be for everyone, but it can be a useful addition for some users. 

Google Keep 

Price: Free

Google Keep screenshot 2021
Google Play Store

I used an earlier version of Coverscreen OS on my Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Keep was one of my favorite apps to use on the Cover Screen. Having a note-taking and reminder app like this is handy. When I’m at a store or out and about, I can add things to my list or check my Keep notes without having to open the phone. Keep is also great for making grocery lists and checking them off at the store right from your Flex Window. The added real estate on the Z Flip 5’s Flex Window should make Keep easier to use with Coverscreen OS or Good Lock. 

While I personally recommend Keep, there are a lot of great alternatives out there. Be sure to check out our guide for the best notetaking apps for even more suggestions. 


Google Calendar

Price: Free

Google Calendar screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

It’s true you can already get a Calendar widget on the Z Flip’s outer display, but I found that it was still pretty limited on what you can do. With my Z Flip 4, I tested a few different Calendar apps and found that I liked how Google’s worked best on the smaller display. I can’t understate how helpful it is to be able to quickly check, change, and add appointments to a Calendar from the outer display. With the added screen size, the Z Flip 5’s Flex Window should make the experience even more usable. Just be aware you’ll need to use Good Lock or Coverscreen OS to add Calendar directly as a full app. 

Not into Google Calendar? Check out our guide to the best Calendar apps for more suggestions. 

Should I pick Coverscreen OS or Good Lock? 

coverscreen os widget menu
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

You might be wondering if you should pick Good Lock or Coverscreen OS. Honestly, I liked Coverscreen because I didn’t feel limited to just a few apps, and I felt some of the developer’s additions made it easier to use than when I attempted to use Good Lock on my Z Flip 4. Still, it does the same thing as the Good Lock app can do, but it charges you for the privilege. It’s also worth noting a few apps worked better on Coverscreen than Good Lock, and vice versa.

So, in reality, the best idea is to try them both. Figure out what kind of apps you’d want to use from the Flex Window that you can’t already do well enough with a widget. Once you have your list, download both programs and cycle through the apps. If Good Lock does as good or better a job, you’ve saved yourself some cash. I would suggest paying for a month of Coverscreen for the test, though, as the free app is very limited. 

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