We have some fantastic news for those of you that have just purchased (or are thinking of)  a shiny new Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note, as Samsung has just confirmed they will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0. Also, Samsung confirmed a few other devices that would be getting the upgrade, which include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7 and 7.0 Plus.

Looks like Samsung is trying to change their reputation for poor software, and slow upgrades. Considering they are one of the first Android manufacturers to come clean with their intentions, and coupled with the fact that they have confirmed a few devices of theirs will be getting ICS, it looks like Samsung is hoping  to provide Samsung users with quality and timely software updates. I’m hoping they remove TouchWiz, as I’ve never really cared for TouchWiz, and with ICS, it’s simply not needed anymore.

But hey, don’t get worried if your device isn’t a part of this list, as these are just the first few devices Samsung has confirmed to be receivin the update, and there will certainly be more to come. As we have said before, if your device doesn’t get an “official” update, you can bet that there will be a custom ROM built for it – either off the code that Google open sources some time in December, or an independently constructed one with ICS features. This will definitely come fresh out of XDA Developer”s Ice Cream Sandwich bakery.

Any thoughts? Excited? Surprised?

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  • Vspraneeth05

    I Cant Waittttttttttttt

    • It’s, I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait
      Not, I can’t wai-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah

  • Lovbudy

    Just recived ginderbread update now Ice-cream sandwhich :)
    samsung Rocks

  • Open2learn

    I have Galaxy S2,i wish they release the ICS update to all countries not like what they did for 2.3.5 i never received 2.3.5 yet i live in Middle East.
    If they do the updates regularly then i will tell you if i am exited or not.
    Not only Samsung all android manufacturers and not satisfying their customers they are busy enjoying their short terms profits but if they don’t realize it soon they will loose their customers.

    • All of your points are true. This is one of the biggest things I dislike about the Android platform. The fact that it takes forever to get updates. Many phones are just now recieving Gingerbread and ICS has already been announced and will be out very soon. That needs to change.

      • I don’t know but somehow your name reminded me of Staff Sgt. Maj. Max Fightmaster :p

    • I learned that most users got the 2.3.5 via Samsung Kies.
      Have you check that yet?

      • Open2learn

        Yeah i tried Kies it says no update.

      • Mitruraul

        I am in italy and i have a galaxy s2 and gingerbread 2.3.4 .

      • Toby

        I’m still on 2.3.3 (that’s Africa for you)

        • Eryanpyan

          Need Manual Update – lates is 2.3.5 Gingerbread,

    • RJ

      hello – not sure if you have this update by now – but 2.3.5 is defiitely available for the SG2 in Dubai – directly from Samsung. Just take the handset to the service centre for a free upgrade ! I have it now !

  • Jaonea

    still the question is when?? that it was announced is known for a long time (in internet time)
    i heard rumors about Q2 2012? android authority?

    • We don’t have any information unfortunately. But as soon as we do we will let you know.

  • please hurry!

  • Doc

    Source?, or it is one more of the useless rumours…

  • Anonymous

    manufacturers take so long to update bcuz they have to out their own spin on the newest software. That’s the only way they can make their products “stand out.”

    Think about it. If every device ran vanilla Android with similar specs, the only advantage manufacturers could have is pricing it would only make sense to buy the lowest price device.

    Therefore, OEMs slave away putting their signature mark on android ti get ur hard earned dollar.

  • Postal Jim

    Really? Trying to change image of poor software and slow updates? Really? Then why does my Infuse still run on Froyo? No mention of when the Gingerbread update will come, (intially said I’d have it last month, and the month before) let alone not even a hint of ICS as a possibility. Kinda frustrating.

  • Arun_sharma_24

    when is the release date in India ????

  • malcolm moss

    I think something is missing. How about…a source?!

  • roxy

    i didn’t understand. sorry i am buying a costly mobile with such great features for the first time so i dont have much knowledge of the software updates.anyways my dad is going to buy me a samsung galaxy note and i really really like it specially cos of such big screen and stylus….but what makes me sad is that icecream sandwich is being launched and its better and samsung galaxy note doesnt have it.
    but now you say it will receive an update…so does this mean – that the phone that i will be buying now will be will be getting updated with the software ( if yes do we pay extra for that? and when will it come to india? how do you get the update?) or are you saying that a a new galaxy note will be launched with icecream sandwich. cos this one has gingerbread. so please reply and make me understand.

    • Hi Roxy,

      The update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be made available by the end of Q1 2012, or early Q2 2012, and will be provided over the air (OTA) to the Galaxy Note, and yes, it will be free of charge. As for the release in India, expect to see it soon. The device has currently been released in the UK, and is now being released all across Asia. Samsung will be making it available sometime in December. Hope that helps.

      • Aaa

        Still no sources for any of this. What’s next – Samsung confirm ICS on Samsung Note will make you coffee and toast for breakfast, no sources, just take our word for it. Seriously, if this is an official announcement from Samsung there should be a source, or is it just ripped off from another site who also didn’t provide a source (because someone along the chain is just making stuff up)?

      • Mkmk11123

        Can you confirm if ICS will be available to Galaxy S2 HD LTE (I believe this is only released in Korea)?


  • I think the Europeans will get updated and US versions will have late (if ever) updates, just like what happened with the original Galaxy S. Most of those phones are still on Froyo, except the Epic.

  • Akshey2020

    it’ll be helpful if you add a link that confirms “samsungs announcement” … else its very hard to tell true stories vs rumours

  • Anonymous

    much as this news appeases me (as i am a note owner), i can’t find any sources to this on the web. it’s just this website and another website that cites this website as source.

    • elitebuckeroo

      Our note though is worthy to have ics. Still sitting at Gingerbread 2.3.5

  • I Hate Liars


    What about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, what has Samsung said bout ICS 4.0 for that device?

  • Source or it didn’t happen.

  • Emil7234


  • Winstonfiore

    been over a month since this was published. just wondering if there was any update, no pun intended.

    • winston fiore

      specifically ics on note

      • We haven’t heard much about the Galaxy Note since I wrote this over a month ago. But don’t expect any updates on already released phones until at least febuary, probably later.

        A lot of manufacturers have said they will update in Q1 or Q2 which is January to June. Pretty big time frame, so you can either be patient or root your Note and install a custom ROM :)

  • Pankajtilakraj

    I am using galaxy note in UAE but i can read hindi updates on facebook twiter. Androade should solve this issue also.

  • Leng

    I heard that SGS2 will receive ICS soon in early 2012 but now don’t have the exact date. Why??

    • A manufacturer will almost never give an exact date for a new software release, because they need to thoroughly test it to be sure that it won’t harm your device or have way to many bugs. Like the Gingerbread update for the Incredible (I think it was that one) did.

  • Raz

    I wish this one is a real news.. waiting hard for the official update…

  • Pauldoreilly40

    It’s all a game with Samsung hurry up arseholes and send out icecream sandwich stop pissing around people have spent a lot of hard earned cash on your handsets stop being so greedy , in the future I think I’ll buy another handset that gets upgrade software quicker …… There just spoiling there good hardware with old OS systems.

  • Darren Foote

    i live in the uk and i have a samsung note with 2.3.6 which it just got three weeks ago

  • Beav1991

    ITS BS I have the galaxy tab now and no upgrade, I wanna purchase the Note and it still has gingerbread. What a waste!!

  • cb2000a

    Here we are in June 2012 (at the end of the month) and STILL no ICS…fail again Sammy…