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Google decided to take its Nexus smartphone line down a new path with the Nexus 6, a premium device that unfortunately featured a price tag to match its quality. Continuing on that path, the Nexus 6P is the most premium Nexus device yet, and comes at a lower price tag than its predecessor.

In the other camp is the latest large display smartphone from Apple. Even though this is an “S” year for the series, this device strays for the standard formula by bringing to the table some new and useful additions and upgrades. How does these large display flagships compare? We find out, in this comprehensive look at the Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus!


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As far as the design is concerned, its clear that metal is the order of the day with both smartphones.

The iPhone 6S Plus, as the name suggests, is the larger of Apple’s two new smartphones of this year, and given that it is an “S” iteration, it’s not surprising that the design language of its predecessor has been retained, bringing back the metal unibody construction seen with last year’s iPhone 6. Rounded sides and corners keep the phone feeling really smooth in the hand, maybe too much so however, resulting in a somewhat slippery handling experience, which isn’t great news for a device with a large display.

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2.5D glass adorns the front, with the signature home button the only real blemish to be seen here, once again featuring an embedded fingerprint scanner. The sides retain the classic layout as well, with the volume rocker under the silence toggle, and at the bottom is the Lightning port, flanked by the single speaker and the headphone jack. On the back, the only clear lines on the phone outline a rectangle in the middle, and there is also the protruding camera at the top left corner.

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On the other hand, the Nexus 6P features a big departure from the way Nexus smartphones have been constructed in the past. While Nexus manufacturers have tended to borrow design cues from their own flagship offerings, things are a little different this year. With Huawei at the helm, there has been a distinct re-imagining of what a premium Nexus smartphone should be.

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Metal encompasses a more boxy design, with the flat sides contributing to the handling experience. The volume rocker and power button are all placed on the right side, with the latter placed to be within easy reach and featuring a textured pattern to make it easy to locate by feel. The front face of the device is dominated by the large display, and there is not much else to be found here, save for the front-facing camera, and the dual speaker setup. The headphone jack is up top, and at the bottom is the USB Type-C port, that brings a new standard to the world of Android.

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On the back is where the unique design element is to be found, with the black bar up top that houses the camera package. It might look a little odd, but it certainly grows on you, and looks much better than what the initial press renders may have suggested. If nothing else, it serves the purpose of keeping the camera physically protected. On the back is also where you will find the new fingerprint reader, powered by Nexus Imprint, in the middle, placed within comfortable reach of your index finger.

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Deciding between these two designs is obviously a matter of personal choice, but the choice can be pretty easy when looking at such different devices. The iPhone 6S Plus feels like the sleeker of the two, but the Nexus 6P takes the series to new premium heights with a sturdy feel and industrial look. While both smartphones do look great, it is worth mentioning here that while the iPhone 6S Plus is simply a much larger version of its flagship counterpart, the Nexus 6P stands alone, with only the plastic clad Nexus 5X as its smaller alternative.


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Displays on these two devices brought higher resolutions than what were found in previous iterations, even if Apple still doesn’t try to match up to the standards currently set by the Android powerhouses.

The iPhone 6S Plus features a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with a Full HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 401 ppi. 1080p was a development that wasn’t made available to Apple users until the arrival of the Plus line, but the company has always done a good job with their displays, regardless of their comparatively lower resolutions. Colors are nice and vivid, and the translucent effects in iOS help showcase how well the IPS display can perform. Brightness is of no concern either, even if it has to be pumped up to the highest level in daylight for optimal viewing, and while sharpness might be slightly lacking in comparison, reading text is of no issue on this Full HD screen.

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1080p is a thing of the past when looking at the latest and greatest in the world of Android however, with Quad HD becoming the accepted flagship standard. The 5.7-inch AMOLED display of the Nexus 6P features a 2560 x 1440 resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 518 ppi. AMOLED is always a good choice if you’re looking for deep blacks and high contrast, that really make the colors pop. The high resolution makes everything from media to text look great, with everything as sharp as ever.

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The spec hungry will obviously prefer the Quad HD display, but we know that 1080p is still considered the bare standard, and performs just fine for the vast majority of people. Apple does a good job leveraging the IPS display for good quality viewing, but its Android competitor not only brings a higher resolution, but also an AMOLED construction, that allows for a very enjoyable experience of its own.


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A by-the-numbers comparison is not indicative of performance capabilities here, given the two very different ecosystems these processing packages have to power, but in both cases, we are dealing with the pure version of the respective software experiences, resulting in performances that are as high as it should be.

Apple makes its own processing packages, and the iPhone 6S Plus packs a dual-core Apple A9 processor, clocked at 1.84 GHz and backed by the PowerVR GT7600 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. Android fans will consider this really paltry compared to what dominates in the Android world, but for iOS, this processing package works just fine. Moving in and out of screens and applications is smooth and easy, all applications thus far have run without incident, and the gaming experience remained very good during our testing as well.

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On the other hand, the Nexus 6P comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, clocked at 2 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 430 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. This processing package is the current flagship standard, and with the stock software experience to be found on-board, performance is definitely as good as ever. There were no problems getting just about anything done on the Nexus 6P, and gaming has been a wonderful experience as well, further enhanced by the availability of a high resolution display and great sounding front-facing speakers.

All said and done, regardless of which device you may pick, you will certainly not have a difficult time getting things done with these smartphones.


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Hardware is one area in which the separation between Android and Apple smartphones has gradually been decreasing, with similar features being added (or omitted) in both cases.

The iPhone 6S Plus brings back the fingerprint reader from previous generations, but in an even faster iteration, so much so that the finger used to press the home button doesn’t even need to rest there to unlock the device. Just the actual press of the button itself is more than enough for the sensor to register a fingerprint. Though there is only a single bottom-mounted speaker to be had, the sound coming from it is actually fairly robust, even if not particularly loud.

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The Lightning port, when it was first introduced, was a pretty big change for plenty of Apple users, and this is a growing pain that Android users will now have to contend with when it comes to USB Type-C. Finally, in battery, the 2,750 mAh unit of the iPhone 6S Plus is large enough to provide only about a day and half in total with low overall usage, though the standby time is impressive on the Apple phones. Also worth mentioning here is the fact that fast charging has yet to come to the Apple world.

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A new hardware addition with the Nexus 6P is the fingerprint reader that is mounted on the back, and is the main point of reference for the new Nexus imprint portion of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The scanner does work very well, even if it is a little slower than Apple’s, but an index finger on the back wakes the phone and gives you direct access to the homescreens. The Nexus 6P also goes above and beyond with the availability of dual front-facing speakers, that do a great job of bringing pretty loud, full, stereo sound to whatever you are doing, making gaming and media-consumption very fun experiences.

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USB Type-C is the new standard for Android, and while it is kind of hard to remember to bring the cord along when heading out, the benefit here is the fast charging, that allows for the large 3,450 mAh battery of the Nexus 6P to fully charge in around 90 minutes. Battery life also benefits from the new Doze feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, allowing for standby times that now rival that of the iPhone. It does require the phone to be sitting flat without any sensors being triggered at all, but the bottom line is that, with typical moderate usage, users could get the device to last for as long as 2 days fairly easily.

Simply put, the Nexus 6P is the phone that will appeal to the power user, with its front-facing speakers, reliable fast charging, and big battery that can go the distance. Plenty of users have been able to get power usage of the iPhones, but without these extras, it falls just short, and will definitely need a tether faster than its Android competitor.


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Moving on to the camera, the iPhone 6S Plus features an upgraded 12 MP rear camera with a f/2.2 aperture, along with a 5 MP front-facing unit. The main addition with the rear camera is the ability to record 4K video, which puts it on par with plenty of current generation Android smartphone cameras. Optical image stabilization is also something the iPhone can boast over the Nexus 6P, which surprisingly left it out.

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Taking selfies gets an extra feature with a screen-powered flash, and while this does tend to wash out subjects no matter what kind of picture it is, users can at least get some light in really dark situations. As far as the camera application is concerned, the features are fairly robust, but without much manual control. Swiping on the view finder brings up the photo, video, timelapse, and hyperlapse options, but the main focus here is on offering a good default camera interface, and it works pretty well in that regard.

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On the other hand, the Nexus 6P also comes with a 12 MP rear camera, which – as Google made sure to tout – has a bigger sensor size than most other Android smartphones, but also the iPhone 6S Plus. OIS is missing here, but the larger sensor should still be able to get in a little more light than typical. The front-facing camera is 8 MP, so pictures will be larger on the 6P than they are on the iPhone, but without a secondary light source, selfies in poorly-lit conditions will be a pain.

Nexus 6P camera samples

Google’s own camera application is also focused on being an automatic shooter, so there aren’t really manual controls to be seen here either. Other than the ability to make HDR+ automatic or not, use Lens Blur for a depth of field look, or capture a Photo Sphere, the app is pretty simplistic, and doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles.

iPhone 6S Plus camera samples

Of course, what matters the most here is the quality of the shots possible with these cameras, and in this case, the two phones are on an even playing field. The iPhone family has always been lauded for bringing good camera experiences, and that continues with the iPhone 6S Plus. OIS does a good job of getting in a little more light in poorly-lit conditions, and it does get a bit more than the Nexus. While previous Nexus devices were infamous for their average camera quality, the Nexus 6P marks new territory with a larger sensor, that, even without OIS, does a great job in photos. To that end, we actually found plenty of photos to be a toss-up in terms of detail and visuals.


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Finally, on the software side of things, we return to the age-old comparison of Android vs iOS, that might have admittedly been much easier to conduct only a couple of years ago.

iOS is still aesthetically about the same as its past few iterations. The homescreens contain all the installed applications, and while widgets are still unavailable, a few additions over the last couple of years have made a difference. The notification dropdown is similar to Android’s original creation, but a secondary screen can bring up a few extra shortcuts and glances at some contextual information, and a swipe up from the bottom opens the Control Center, where a number of controls and toggles are easily accessible.

Moto X Pure Edition Vs iPhone 6S Plus-18

Of course, the biggest addition with the iPhone 6S Plus is 3D Touch, which leverages a layer of sensors underneath the screen to sense any harder than normal presses. By doing so, shortcuts will appear from icons on the homescreens, and previews pop up in various built-in applications. This is a level of input that Apple has effectively added in, and adds a new dimension to what has been a very familiar software experience over the years. Apple’s design prowess permeates through iOS, with all the elements shown in a very smooth and pleasing way. Such is the benefit of a focused, unitary ecosystem, that anyone who gets an iPhone will get this kind of experience without fail.

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That is also why the Nexus family is so important to Android lovers. If the purest software experience is what you’re looking for, the Nexus is where one will have to go to get it. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest iteration of Android the way that Google wants it to be experienced, and while it is as smooth and snappy as ever, it is also a robust package in and of itself.

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You can, of course, fill up your homescreen with icons, but this being Android, a variety of widgets are available. On the side is Google Now, and the notification dropdown here includes its own version of Quick Settings, so that everything you may need remains within easy reach. Marshmallow has refined some of the well-known aspects, like adding a frequently used apps line in the now vertical scrolling app drawer. App permissions bring a certain level of security to daily tasks, similar to how iOS might constantly notify users that other apps are being triggered or opened, but a whole page for deeper insight is now available too.

Google Now on Tap review

Google Now on Tap is an easy way to quickly do a search based on what is on the screen, though it might seem a little fickle at times. Though Material Design arrived a couple of versions ago, the overall Android experience has been refined, and made not only easier on the eyes, but also easier on workflow. Multi-tasking might be a little bare, but you won’t have any trouble with work or play on this mature operating system.

People that are already entrenched in the Android or iOS camp will have little reason to move to the other ecosystem. In the past, app support for iOS used to be more robust than on Android, but that gap is all but closed.

Specs comparison

 Nexus 6PiPhone 6s Plus
Display5.7-inch AMOLED display
Quad HD resolution, 518 ppi
5.5-inch IPS LCD display
Full HD resolution, 401 ppi
Processor2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
Adreno 430 GPU
1.8 GHz dual-core Apple A9
PowerVR GT7600 GPU
Storage32/64/128 GB
no expansion
16/64/128 GB
no expansion
Camera12 MP rear camera, 1.55 micron pixel size, laser auto focus, dual LED flash
8 MP front-facing camera
12 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1
USB 2.0, USB Type-C
Bluetooth 4.2
NFC ( with Apple Pay only)
USB 2.0
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 MarshmallowiOS 9
Battery3,450 mAh2,750 mAh
Dimensions159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3 mm
178 grams
158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm
192 grams


Pricing and final thoughts

Prices for both of these devices reach the premium brackets, but the iPhone is notorious for being a very expensive phone, especially when a higher storage capacity is factored in. $749 total in payments to T-Mobile gets you the 16 GB version, with the 64 GB iteration setting you back and additional $100. On the other hand, the Nexus 6P is more aggressively priced, but given its unlocked nature, requires a full payment. $499 will get you the base model, requiring another $50 for the 64 GB edition.

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So there you have it for this in-depth look at the Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus! These are the bigger quintessential devices of their respective lines, and they both certainly bring a lot to the table. Apple jumped into the large form factor game only last year, and with the 6S Plus, it is more about refining the formula, aside from the one main addition in 3D Touch. The Nexus 6P is Google’s latest attempt to not only provide a great reference point, but rather be a device that is worthy of claiming the flagship crown. With a design overhaul, Marshmallow additions, and an improved camera, it is worthy of being considered as such.

If you want a larger display with performance to match, either of these devices will do. Purists will stick to what they know and love, and in this comparison, we see that the grass is greener on the other side, in either case.

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    You might say the Nexus 6P is a “breakaway” success.

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    • fitnesspro22

      It is.

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    the spec sheet has Moto X instead of Nexus 6 FYI

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      Also the spec sheet says that the front camera is 5 megapixels vs. the 8 megapixels actually on the front facing camera…

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  • Pez Smith

    Why is the 6S so heavy given it’s a smaller phone?

    • retrospooty

      Its not really smaller. The screen is smaller but the Bezels are not. Also the additional screen components to add force touch added weight so its heavier than last years iPhone 6+ as well.

      • Pez Smith

        Well, the 6P has more cores, RAM, larger battery, screen etc… :)
        At the end of the day, the 6S+ is so much heavier.

        • tiger

          More cores must mean better, right???!!!

          Bigger screen must be better too? Esp when you have POS processor that burns through your phone? Maybe that is why nexus bends so easily…they need to make it with thin sheetmetal and plastic tabs to let heat out!!!!

          • vzwuser76

            In two devices where the physical footprint is the same, yes, a larger screen is better.

          • tiger

            add to a limp processor? NOT smart engineering.

          • vzwuser76

            There have been zero issues with any of the 6p devices overheating, and since it’s running with the 6s+ while pushing 2x the pixels to a larger screen, I’d say it’s fine. But sure, paying an extra $300 for essentially the same thing, that’s smart!

            Regardless, having a larger screen in the same size package is a good thing.

          • Pez Smith

            Yeah, if you build your phone from steel girder it’s harder to bend.
            Well done!

          • tiger

            Oh, when bendgate happens to Android, it is part of their “feature”?

          • JeffColorado

            In this case, yes, more cores is better. The 6P bests the iPhone in both benchmarks and real world use. Despite having widgets, despite pushing a significantly higher resolution display. I do understand your point (Apple’s CPUs kick ass, even with “only” 2 cores).

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      And it’s 6S Plus not 6S..

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  • NexusKoolaid

    “OIS does a good job of getting in a little more light in poorly-lit conditions”

    Uh… What? OIS does no such thing.

    • Scr-U-gle

      Know nothing? Better make an uninformed comment about something you don’t understand.

      • NexusKoolaid

        I understand very well what OIS is. It has to do with preventing blurring during exposure. It has nothing to do with the amount of light collected during the exposure.

        • Scr-U-gle

          So you know more than the professional engineers at Canon, Nikon, Sony and Apple?

          I must remember when I’m buying thousands of pounds worth of glass that I need to listen to someone who doesn’t have a clue, rather than rely on my professional training and work.

          Quite funny how you bedroom experts know more than actual experts.

          You really shouldn’t talk to professional photographers about stuff you don’t understand, makes you look an idiot.

          • NexusKoolaid

            *Sigh* You’re either making stuff up to try to defend your first comment, or you don’t fully understand your equipment. Quite funny also that you assume you’re not conversing with an actual expert.

            Open a Google search page, and look up “Optical Image Stabilization”. Become enlightened. You might also consider reading the manuals of the lenses you’re spending thousands on.

            tl;dr – OIS stabilizes the optical path by compensating for camera movement. This is often implemented in the lens, but can also be accomplished by moving the sensor.

            The aperture and shutter speed you choose or allow the camera to choose for you, which does directly impact the amount of light gathered, is a completely. different. thing.

          • alex

            OIS allows for a slower shutter speed which, in turn, allows for more light to be captured.

          • NexusKoolaid

            Understood. Having an exposure selection process (manual or automatic) that factors OIS activity is a nifty optimization, but OIS in and of itself does not affect light gathering.

          • Scr-U-gle

            What a dick, wrong and still trying to say your right, now that I have bothered to explain it properly and several others have tried to drum it into your tiny head, you still don’t get it.

            Longer exposures = more light gathered.

            Blur is not movement, stabilisation has no effect on subject movement or being out of focus, or as you call it, blur.

            I really don’t know how to explain it in simpler terms so someone as thick as you could understand.

          • JeffColorado

            No, he is right. OIS is a bandaid fix for sensors that are less sensitive. It allows the shutter to remain open longer without blur. Thats all it does. A larger sensor is actually gathering more light. Thats why the 6P does not need to depend on OIS…it has a much better sensor. It doesn’t need the bandaid.

            OIS is awesome, and is definitely an asset. But I will take a better sensor over OIS any day. The only time OIS might be more useful is with video. But for lowlight…you want a better sensor, not OIS.

          • Scr-U-gle

            I suggest you actually know something about photography… I forgot, Andrones know nothing so will happily talk at length about things they don’t understand with authority.

            Why don’t you also explain why 64-bit phones are pointless without 4gb of ram?

          • JeffColorado

            Maybe you should take some of your own advice.

            Using your logic, the Nexus 6 should be taking better pictures than the 6p. Because it has OIS. So why doesn’t it?

            Likewise, the Nexus 5 did not have better pictures than the iPhones of its time… Despite having OIS, where they did not. Maybe OIS isn’t the magic bullet you imagine it to be.

          • Walter White

            Well then why do all the major camera manufacturers include OIS with their lenses? OIS is here to stay, and nobody really considers it a Band-Aid fix.

          • fitnesspro22

            Next time say “Dickhead,” instead of just Dick.. Dickhead or Shmuk (Schmuk) sounds more funny. Lol

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          • Benjamin Rodriguez

            OIS equipped phones tend to choose longer exposure times, therefore letting in more light. Non-OIS equipped phones cannot do this because that would cause the image to be blurry. In conclusion, OIS equipped phones tend to allow more light to hit the sensor.

          • Scr-U-gle

            You really should learn something rather than copy, paste and not comprehend.

            It’s getting really embarrassing.

            The reason for Optical or sensor stabilisation is so the exposure can be extended beyond the limits of 1/60, where mirror slap will add movement, not blur, to the image.

            When using a given focal length, using a a shutter speed slower than the focal length it becomes very difficult to stop camera shake and will add movement to the image.

            Most professional grade Optical stabilised lenses can shoot with a 3 out of four success rate down to four stops beyond the focal length.

            Longer exposures mean more light gathered.

            No professional uses sensor stabilisation because the focal length really needs to be tailor-made to stabilise correct properly.

            That is why stabilisation doesn’t help if the subject moves during exposure.

            That is off the top of my head, not copied and pasted and misunderstood.

            Next moRoid who knows nothing please!

          • Asif Hasan

            Ironically, you are the one who ends up looking like an ignorant fool. Rabid fanboyism knows no bounds, I guess.

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            Who’s the fanboy?

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            No need to get offensive. Speaking of bedroom experts, I considered myself one untill I was 50 years old. Now, I am mostly heoretical. LOL

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            You really need take care with the term “badroom expert” here, kid.

            Among AA readers, is really easy to you find enterpeneurs, software and hardware engineers, journalists, artists, professional photographers, scientists, etc. Anyway, real experts. You are not on macworld anymore.

            Before you try someting like that, it is a precautionary measure to ask the colleague’s expertise before you say something stupid.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Is it? Because when I see scientist they all have Macs, in my professional experience, everyone who works at a professional level, across all visual arts, use Macs, Journos, again on Macs, developers too.

            And guess what, Google offices are discribed as looking like Apple adverts.

            Just ask your boss, he uses a Mac and iPhone.

            The reality is it is easy to find android users who clean the streets, every homeless person I see with a phone are 100% android, burger flippers, toilet attendants, the list of menially employed is endless, who all use android.

            Just watch TV & films, unless paid to put another brand in, every time you see a computer on screen, it’s a Mac, and the reason is because the people who created the show just have them to hand to use. Apple do not do paid product placement.

          • Renascienza

            Looks like something strange here, about your experience.

            I am a computer scientist myself, and already work at daily basis with geologists, physicists and mathematicians (mostly oil research), as clients or colleagues. In general, we use systems like CentOS, Solaris, Slackware, HP-UX and even Ubuntu, but MacOSX, not so much. We deal with Tb or even Pb of data between servers and client machines using a plethora of network and disk protocols, so compatibility with standards is really important.

            My personal opinion about macbooks is: excelent hardware, poor software. I can’t work so much time on it without feel myself cloistered. Maybe can be good for designers, but scientists? I think you are exaggerating a little bit.

            Ahem… Sorry, but I can’t ask to my boss. I am the Founder and CEO on my company. I like to talk people here because I am a developer and tech entusiast too. Nice to meet you. And no, I don’t have an iPhone or a Macbook to my personal use, because I don’t like it, but you already notice that.

            On my birth country, Is not so much hard find street cleaners, taxi drivers and home care employees using iPhones, these people work really hard to buy it (Gods knows why, I think) but they have this right: They are all honorable professions and deserve respect, and do whatever they want with their money. You really should review these concepts, they do not tell a good story about you. Seems like a spoiled childhood, or something…

            Sure, you have so much more people using Android. This mobile system seems particularly popular with IT workers. But is damn popular to all segments (including street cleaners). In fact, it is a little funny: in my last client, an insurance company, the only employee in the sector that had an iPhone was an intern. The rest of them were migrating from their BlackBerrys for Android devices.

            And finally… I really don’t take TV or movies like a parameter to analyze the market or trends. My counsel to your professional life is that you shouldn’t do it, either.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Shot yourself right in the foot, Ubuntu and UNIX but not OS X? Maybe you should ask for a refund from where you got your qualifications from.

            I suggest you look at the most popular UNIX OS, which is OS X.

            I over it when people like you claim to know what you are talking about, you always harp on about Ubuntu and UNIX, without a clue about what you are talks about.

            That Microsoft cert ain’t worth jack!

          • Renascienza

            Ahem… Dude, please stop. You are embarassing yourself, ok?

            You know nothing about you are trying to talk about. You are demonstrating this more and more at each post. You think that if you are a jerk, if you are aggressive enough, you can intimidante people.

            But you choose the wrong place, wrong guy and wrong subject to try. What part of “at daily basis” you don’t understand?

            How I can start? Ok, MacOSX is not “the most used Unix on world”. Where you find that? Macworld (rs*)? Please, never repeat this again.

            At first, I need teach you about the systems, ok? Unix is a server operational system, yes, but also define two very important specifications: POSIX and System V. Not so much space to explain it here, so Google it if you want. These concept will be important, so keep it.

            Unix derivatives are mainly used on servers (that is important: keep it in mind), but was used to create some few workstation OS, like Minix and your MacOS X. Sun Microsystem’s Solaris, currently on the Oracle hands, is yet the most used Unix on the world.

            And we have Linux based systems, that **doesn’t** are Unix derivatives. It just is compliant with the standards POSIX and/or System V. Ubuntu, CentOS are GNU/Linux systems and Android is a Linux derivative (no GNU). Beyond this standards, its systems have absolutely no relation with Unix. So don’t bring shame to yourself using the same pot for both.

            If you really want compare number of *end users* Android is currently the most used OS on the world. But I refuse to waste my time discussing this with you because, well… It is childish, believe me. :

            You are aware of how childish you look like, trying play “Top Trumps” here, from the start? Playing the role of “wanna be something” iSheep on a place that almost all people consider this really funny? Is like write “Lammer” on your forehead, to the perfect audience to laugh about it.

            The speech “If you don’t use this Apple thing you are incompetent and your… Boss… Is about to… fire you!” is the funniest part.

            If you can discuss OS features, try to do it again like an user, we all try to respect the user perspective. If you do not behave like a jerk, of course. But don’t pretend know about software development, engineering or another operational systems beyond MacOS walls, you just showed that is not your thing.

            Otherwise, please, just stop. Maybe that can be the best and friendly counsel that you can receive here.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Andrones like you can always make claims of ‘the most used on the world’, but what you fail to admit is the vast majority are embarrassingly terrible buster devices and abandoned-ware.

            Those so called most used never get an Internet connection, have the worse security than any Microsoft os and truly are a terrible scam on the people who can afford least to be ripped off.

            You seem to think enterprise is going Androne when the reality it is the people who are at the bottom rung and the least qualified (you helpdeskers) wish you had a Mac like your boss demands.

            I think you’ll find the only company with growth in PCs are Apple. Because they are fully UNIX machines, with actual security and need less grunts like you who winge and main and end up costing more money.

            You can keep your Microsoft certification, it means nothing.

            You can waffle about what you have heard about third hand.

            Keep pretending androne is enterprise, I’ll just laugh along with the rest of the worlds security experts at you and your open book OS

          • Renascienza

            Congratulations. Now finally you doesn’t seems pretending to possess a know-how that you don’t really have. So the conversation is almost possible.

            Your first assumption is wrong, I care about adoption when this means a bigger comunity, market standards, compatibility and better support. But I have zero interest to play “Top Trumps” with adoption numbers (or with anything else).

            However, you are wrong again: Solaris servers are not abandoned at all, its hold most data center services that even your beloved Siri uses, for example.

            Another assumption wrong: no corporative boss I ever saw “demands” his empoyees to have Apple products (maybe inside Apple walls, but not beyond). I have my tought about this: these machines are sadly incompatible with the rest of devices, so you have much more pain than gain. Is a nice hardware, but only this.

            Seems that iSheeps are trained to be so obsessed with “bosses and hierarchy” to threatening people, but again: I am the boss here, I don’t have one. So your speech about it is futile! :

            Enterprise mobile was ever RIM (Blackberry) turf, but now Android takes its place. Even RIM itself is being forced to yield.

            We don’t have Microsoft certification or partnership, where you saw this? You notice that I haven’t mention MS Windows as a system that I or my colleagues daily use? Why you keep trying to make these strange assumptions?

            Summary: don’t try make assumptions. About me and other persons on AA readers, my business, tech in general, software development, digital security, engineering, enterpeneurship, etc.

            Talk about things that you really know. And we (here on office, at least) promisse take you a little more seriously.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Wish that long ramble was comprehensible, unfortunately it is so poorly written it makes no sense at all.

            Why not tell us how good UNIX is while slagging off UNIX certified OS X.

            What a moRoid.

          • Renascienza

            You did a question? I didn’t saw a quotation mark. If so, please rewrite, because I failed to understand it.

            If you don’t. you just put some text around of an adittional poor attempted offense. My answer is “yeah, sure” and it is over. You can get lost now.

          • Scr-U-gle

            English please, you gobbledygook doesn’t make much sense.

          • Bobby

            ?I fell sorry for you, to be so thick headed as you.struggling to understand a simple mistake of tense, do you have trouble with English?

          • Scr-U-gle

            You did a question?

            English please!

          • Bobby

            Since when did this have anything to do with PC’s and mac’s

          • Scr-U-gle

            Go ask the helpdesk grunt Renascienza

          • James

            Yet Macs have what less than 10% market share now how can that be if what you say is true? Same with iPhones.

          • Scr-U-gle

            What percentage of people do work in science and the creative arts?


        • thatguyyoulove

          Actually OIS (sort of) does increase the amount of light. Not by increasing photons, but by increasing time. By reducing jitter/blur, the camera app will automatically keep the shutter open longer and increase light captured while retaining the same amount of detail as a non-OIS camera at a shorter shutter speed.

          It’s the same reason we buy OIS lenses in photography: to reduce blur and allow for longer shutter speeds which allow for lower light shooting.

          The OIS feature is really comprised of both the hardware which floats the optical element and the software that compensates for this increased amount of stabilized lens time. This works well for fairly static subjects (localized motion reduction), but won’t help for capture of subjects that are in motion.

          I’m still buying a 6P.

        • Eki

          No, you really fucking don’t. Idiot.

    • Daggett Beaver

      LOL – excellence in journalism.

  • Steven Lowe

    Both great phones. Arguably the best on the market (although I’d throw the Note 5 into that mix too). Interesting to see if the new Lumias match up to them.

    • Rizwan Liaqat

      It doesn’t matter what the Lumias come up with as long as the Windows app selection stays vastly inferior to Android and iOS.

  • nxtiak

    So much dust on the phones…. clean the phones before taking photos.


    I’m thinking of the Moto X Pure because it has an SD slot and comes in a lot less expensive. I just wonder if the Nexus 6P is worth it for the other features you get. I can already pickup a used MotoX Pure for about $300. Do you have a comparison of the two?

    • Anon

      6p all the way. i have been using this for the past few days and this is a god-tier phone.

    • JeffColorado

      The Nexus is only an option if you are looking for a Flagship phone. Thats what you have to compare it to. If you are looking in the $300 range only and will not spend more than that, there are better options.

      But you can get a 128GB version for $650…thats cheaper than the cheapest (16GB) iPhone. And the same price as most 32GB flagships. That is part of why I care less about SD expansion now. Google is not bending people over for larger storage like the other vendors (especially Apple) are doing.

  • cpower

    it is all Moto X Style / Pure Edition…..LOL

  • Travis Coble

    Umm… You may want to re-name your brand to Android Jack-Ass. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired. Today. Along with the “editor,” if your outfit even knows what one is. I know tech writing isn’t known for its accuracy or writing prowress, but give us a f(%!ng break…

  • s2weden2000
  • Beefsmith

    “scanner does work very well, even if it is a little slower than Apple’s”
    False. The nexus scanner brings you to the home screen much faster than apples. Watch any speedtest on YouTube to figure that out. I don’t have to press a home button to wake the phone before using the scanner. Nexus certainly outdid apple on that one.

    • JeffColorado

      Yeah, this review seems to go out of it’s way to throw the iPhone softballs…There have been numerous tests on youtube demonstrating this. The Nexus 6p does have a faster scanner. The iPhone can give the illusion of being faster because it goes to a lock screen first…but the Nexus is the fastest if you time from scan to desktop.

      • fitnesspro22

        Yes, indeed

        • tiger

          But isn’t fingerprint scanner “fastness” is how fast it unlocks the phone? Going to desktop is relative because each OS does it differently….

      • tiger

        But isn’t fingerprint scanner “fastness” is how fast it unlocks the phone? Going to desktop is relative because each OS does it differently.

        • JeffColorado

          Even accounting for the lock screen, the Nexus is faster. This guy did a slomo test of it. The hype is true. –

          • tiger

            Try and read my post again…this time actually understanding it! LOL

          • Renascienza

            I think that guy understand you, buddy.

            And just told that you are wrong, and you no longer have to defend your position anymore because it has become untenable.

            Don’t be upset, it’s not your fault unless you design fingerprint sensors to Cupertino.

      • Leslie Olson

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    • TheBagging Man

      Yeah but being on the back renders it pretty useless when your phone is sitting on a table or on a dock.

      • King_Android

        Beauty of just touching the glass and putting in either a code or gesture or pattern. I want my front screen bare bone. Nexus 6P FTW!!!

  • tiger

    “…the iPhone 6S Plus packs a dual-core Apple A9 processor, clocked at 1.84 GHz and backed by the PowerVR GT7600 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. Android fans will consider this really paltry compared to what dominates in the Android world….”

    Android fans consider iPhone 6s A9 chip PALTRY???? LOL!!!

    Classic ignorance! Ghz must mean everything, right?! Duh!

    Oh no, A9 chip is on a whole other level compare to the crap that is Snapdragon 810!

    Classic Android fanboys who think that they know tech! Yeah, lets buy a high resolution display with a limp processor over and over again. The next iteration must be better, right?!

    What is the definition of insanity again?

    • Lee H

      Why do sheep flock to Android blogs like a fly to shit? What makes the 810 crap? And why is it again that an additional $300 justifies your preference?

      • tiger

        So, S810 is the bomb? No issue at all with it? You wrote all that with a straight face?!

        • Lee H

          Actually not a single review has mentioned issues with overheating or crippling throttling. The two system admins I work with got theirs a few days ago and have had ZERO issues. So, the answer to your questions are: not entirely, none yet, and yes.

          Troll on, internet gangsta.

          • tiger
          • 1213 1213

            Old devices don’t count, phones released later had the 2.1 version, and had also made better hardware to lose the heat.

            On second glance its well over half the posts by you alone.

          • tiger

            You mean Sony heat pipes?! Don’t you find it humorous that OEMs have to make structural designs to get rid of heat from a POORLY DESIGNED processor? That is just downright stupid…but you knew that already, right?

            Xiomi (sp?) also had to use software to mitigate heat. Oh yeah, good stuff there!

            At least, you can cook an egg with your phone!! Another feature!

          • 1213 1213

            What I find ridiculous is the fact that you’re still here.

            It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t cause any problems. There is an article, on this very site that you love so much, that shows how little it throttles in real life while comparing some devices.

          • tiger

            Real life? Try gaming for a few minutes and see frame drops!

          • Puma

            Dude, what are you, some kind of unibomber? Plotting to destroy all things not iPhone? It’s times like this I HOPE the NSA is freaking listening!

          • tiger

            Check out Anandtech 2.1 version review…not much changed. Why do you think Sony has to make heat pipes in their case if 2.1 fixed all ills???????????

            THINK before responding….

          • 1213 1213

            Why don’t you think before responding? I explicitly mentioned that devices have done things also, so why are you restating that and why do you think its relevant to the device as a whole? I dont see frame drops, benchmarks dont see degradation, only a certain iTroll does despite not having used it and nobody cares. You silly troll, just stop already. Not responding to you anymore, your stupidity may be contagious.

          • tiger

            You’re not responding anymore because you’re an idiotic Android fanboy who thinks that he/she knows tech!

            No frame drop?

            Gamebench is more Android centric. Android = frame drops galore, esp if not a Samsung device. REAL WORLD testings.

            Sure, you can close your eyes and pretend that Android rocks…but that is just you being ignorant. But you knew that already….

          • 1213 1213

            Just this once because of how ridiculous you’re being.

            You are so clueless you didn’t even link to a specific article, just to the web. When I clicked on the article and looked at performance, the s6 had lower fps due to having 4x the amount of pixels. But here’s the real kicker, variance was higher for the iPhone, which meant bigger drops in frame rates. With the plus having bigger drops and a lower fps than the s6 despite having half the pixels.

            Next time bother to read it first. iDiot.

          • tiger

            Android dumb-dumb:

            “Now that we’ve completed testing of the iPhone 6 Plus, we believe even more strongly that the impact of resolution on today’s mobile games is subjective and best left up to the individual consumer to judge. This is because our own testers reported no appreciable difference between the image quality on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 — even though the Galaxy S6 technically has the highest resolution and so should be expected to always produce a sharper and more detailed image.”

            I don’t know what you’re looking at…but iPhones beat S6 in most games…consistently. WHAT IS THE POINT OF HIGH RES if you cannot see it! Except that it results in frame drops galore!

          • 1213 1213

            Look at the overall graph on the top. The plus has double the resolution of the 6, and the s6 has double the resolution of the plus. If you extrapolated downwards from the plus (assuming linearity) you would see that if it was the same resolution then the iPhone would have been a lot lower. Its pretty clear that the difference between the 6 and the plus is bigger than the difference between the plus and the s6, especially when the plus has a lower minimum fps.

            Which brings me back to my point, we are talking about throttling here aren’t we? Its clear that propotionally, the iPhone is throttling more. Minimum fps is more important because that’s when you’re more likely to notice, even if you compare it to the 6, then 2 or 3 fps is barely noticeable either, so it is comparable to resolution.

            You’ve made it perfectly clear you can’t even interpret simple graphs, and are most likely a child in elementary school. Don’t worry they’ll teach it to you eventually. And more importantly, iphones have bigger drops in frame rates and in reality seem to suffer worse overheating than the competitors. The exact opposite of what you are (‘were’ more like it, you’ve clearly forgotten already) trying to say.

          • Lee H

            Where did it mention the v2.1 and the 6P running Marshmallow?

          • tiger

            Ahhh, so you think SOFTWARE (that is generalized to apply to all phones of different types and different processors) somehow fixes MAJOR hardware defects??

            Yeah, ok…i have some land to sell you on Pluto and you can live there next week!

    • coldspring22 .

      Silly isheep. A9 is crap compared to new Exynos 8890 SOC with Geekbench multiscore of 7000, way way higher than silly apple A9.. This is in mass production next month. A9 is also crap compared to Kirin 950 SOC which score 83,000 on Antutu, blowing away silly apple A9. And to top it off Apple lost A9 related lawsuit to University of Wisconsin for cpu enhancement ip infringement. Way to go Apple!

      • tiger

        Do you know the difference b/w single-core score and multi-score? Which do you think is more important in a smartphone?

        Antutu…isn’t that cheat galore benchmark?! LOL

        Hey dumbdumb…UW also sued Intel and won…you’re saying Intel is crap too?

        • 1213 1213

          Multi core is more important for android devices.

          Also this is an android website, and half the posts up to this point are literally by you alone. You’re trying a little too hard there my little sheep, almost as if you’re being paid for it, but with how good Apple’s marketing is you probably actually do think you work for them.

      • tiger

        BTW, kirin 950 single core = 1710.


    • Say What??

      You haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about. Neither one of them are crap.

      • tiger

        S810 is not crap? Hmm, even Android sites claim such…just saying….

  • RichardRene

    Hmmm…I get 2-3 days of light use out of my 6s plus. Much better than my nexus 6 which couldn’t last a day of light use. And it was pretty much stock.

  • fitnesspro22

    Just got my new Nexus 6P today. It meets my expectations as to speed, handling, cornering and 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds. Beats the hell out of the LG V10 and the iPh 6+. Beautiful powerhouse, reasonably priced at $549 for the 64 gm. Nevertheless, I am keeping my fast and furious Nexus 5. I even got another ph mumbet. Good night for now.

    • JeffColorado

      I manually flashed Marshmallow on my Nexus 5 yesterday. The Nexus 5 is a beast with Marshmallow…seriously, it feels like a brand new phone that was just released. It is almost as fast and smooth as my 6P. It is really remarkable how much new life Marshmallow has breathed into it. As far as I can tell, it has no stripped features either (except for the stuff you need hardware support for).

      Would I use it in place of my 6P? Hell no. But it’s not because the N5 sucks. The 6P is just that good.

      • fitnesspro22

        I AGREE. I am just feeling my way with The new 6P. Don’t feel comfortable without a case, which is coming next week. The NEXUS 5 is just as good as new with the Marshmallow, besides I had it services by LG in Texas couple of months ago. The 5 feels and works llike brand new phone. The speed is excellent. I am keeping it. The 6P is tops. Expect to enjoy it. Oh, I also got the Marshmallow in my NEXUS 7 yesterday. So, I am good to go.. Lol
        (Jeff, I am in South Florida – still hot here. Where are you? Colorado?).

        • JeffColorado

          I go to Florida all the time. But I live in Colorado.

          Have it on my Nexus 7 as well. And similar results. The UI and transitions are extremely fast and smooth. It is weird seeing such a massive improvement on hardware this old. It feels like a modern tablet again.

          I wish I could say the same for the Nexus 6. While it is definitely an improvement, I still see that minor lag due to the encryption. I dont see that on any other Nexus device. The Nexus 5 UI actually feels faster and smoother than the 6 now.

          • fitnesspro22

            The amazing thing is that now the NEXUS 5 works like a brand new phone. It is just as fast and furious as ever. Now, I got to get used to the size of the NEXUS 6P, however I definitely need the case. Compared without the case, 6P has a slight advantage over the iPhone 6+ because of its square frame. There is no way my wife can work the 6+ without a case. ?. Have a nice day. We are going to the beach.

      • Prasad

        Yes when we flash new software they feel brand new. Just wait for some weeks then see how they behave. I saw a hardcore Nexus5 lover who was blown away after using iPhone6. He thought Nexus was performing well until he used iPhone6. Now he is saying his Nexus5 use to lag…

  • Renascienza

    The iPhone fingerprint scanner is *not*, faster. It turns the screen on first, and do some “blah, blah, screen blur” as the sensor processing finish the job.

    • tiger

      Uhhh no.

      • JeffColorado
        • Renascienza

          Indeed. The 6P sensor is not just faster, is A LOT faster.

          • tiger

            See above explanation.

          • Renascienza

            I saw it. And you had a wrong interpretation about the work involved.

          • tiger

            But isn’t fingerprint scanner “fastness” is how fast it unlocks the phone? Going to desktop is relative because each OS does it differently.

          • Renascienza

            No. Is how fast the scanner do its work, that is… Scan fingerprints! :)

            The sensor needs to capture the finger patttern, convert the image on a map, build a hash digest from it and match with the stored encrypted signatures before allow access to device.

            If you just need to turn the screen on, just a button do the trick.

          • fitnesspro22

            It is instant. Since I have had the 6P for about a day now and am new with the fingerprint touch, the phone keeps on telling me that I hold too
            long. The NEXUS 6P fingerprint only needs a light touch. It comes in a flash. I also tried the camera inside the house in a low light environment. Wanted to compare the photos with my wife’s iPone 6+. The comparison test came inconclusive. Here is what happened. I took five photos and my wife did too with both phones, the 6P and iPhone 6+ under the same conditions. The 6P photos taken by my wife had a better quality than mine with the iPhone 6+. Then we switched phones. I used the 6P and she took the iPhone. This time the iPhone did better. The problem, it seems, is with my wife. She is a professional photographer.

        • tiger

          Nope. Yes, home screen appears slightly faster on Nexus, but Apple does add animation (even when you bypass it). The actual RECOGNITION of the right fingerprint is faster on iPhone.

          • sachouba

            That’s funny, I thought the most important thing in smartphones was user experience and not specs.
            Who cares if the fingerprint sensor is fast, if it’s not even able to unlock the phone fast ?

          • Renascienza

            No, is not. Sorry.

            On iPhone, the animation is in place just to disguise the fact that the recognition process is not yet ready to allow access to device.

            Nexus 6P, otherwise, turn the light on only after the recognition is done (mainly because is a little stupid light a screen where you can’t do anything yet, anyway).

        • tiger

          But isn’t fingerprint scanner “fastness” is how fast it unlocks the phone? Going to desktop is relative because each OS does it differently…..

          • fitnesspro22

            The fingerprint scanner on the NEXUS 6P is instantaneous. Since I am new at it the phone tells me that I am too slow. Just a light touch and it’s on. There is another feature too. The 6P comes on when you pick up the phone. I turned it off. I like the fingerprint circle. It is not actually a button.

    • tiger

      No. The sensor recognizes fingerprint or not. It will reject someone else’s finger just as quickly as the screen “blur”. The screen “blur” is software related. The fingerprint recognition is indeed FASTER on 6s.

  • SueSez

    Would you guys stop cat-fighting b/c some of us are just trying to find a good, powerful, secure (only) Phone that will last for more than 1 year w/out breaking, burning up or not being useful as an actual phone! Your bickering isn’t helping me decide what to do w/this broken down Droid beside me?! Thx.

    • tiger

      Buy iPhone.

    • JeffColorado

      I recommend iPhones for people who meet the following criteria: You have to not care about what it can’t do (no sarcasm here…there is a lot it can’t do, but a lot of people would not miss the stuff it can’t do), and you will need deep pockets (nothing about Apple is cheap to get). Anyone who fits those criteria should buy the iPhone.

      • tiger


        • JeffColorado

          If you’re buying a smartphone for gaming, you are not really interested in gaming. There are no good mobile gaming devices. They are all awful compared to consoles and PCs and even laptops.

          Phones are tools to me. Not jewelry or investments. And the reviewers all agree that the Nexus has the better camera overall.

          • tiger

            There are no good gaming on ANDROID. Plenty of pretty good ones on iOS. And since iOS has METAL and iPhones have strong GPUs (relative to resolution), gaming is FAR BETTER on iOS.

            Proof? This is an Android centric site:

            Not just the graphics, iPhones have far superior audio latency which helps with streaming and gaming (among other things).

          • EQ

            Herpy derpy.

          • tiger

            You mad bro?

          • EQ

            Two bowls of rice and deep fried wontons. Chop chop!

          • Scr-U-gle

            Actually you are years behind the real world old man. More gamers on iPhone and iPad than on PC and console.
            Name one review not from an idiot that rates any nexus camera.
            And lastly, if you prefer a broken tool, that’s because you need something to blame for your poor workmanship.

    • Scr-U-gle

      use that broke phone as a paper weight or doorstop.

      You have kinda answered your own question.

      An iPhone gets five years of support, works and if it doesn’t, just go to any of the hundreds of Apple stores.

      looking at android, on this site you will find users who are in the same position as you are, three month waits for return codes, and three month waiting times for the repairs. Rooted devices being withheld by manufacturers.

      And update policy of a maximum of 18 months.

      I have lost count of the amount of drones who will claim updates that never happened, while the rest claim a phone is older than it is to pretend they get support.

      You get what you pay for with Apple, with android, you get a cheap knock off with less than half the life.

  • Marty

    I would buy the iPhone for its hardware quality and the Nexus for Android.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    Apple iPhone sucks donkey balls always and the Nexus 6P is a sad pathetic joke with it’s boring featureless stock Android crap. At the end of the day the Note5 and S6Edge+ shits and pisses on both so easily it’s comical.

    • squiddy20

      Blah blah blah. This is the same old tired crap you’ve been spewing for years. You still haven’t come up with even 1 additional reason why not to get a Nexus device besides the claim(s) you’ve been making since you couldn’t afford *cough excuse me* got rid of, your Galaxy Nexus. You use the same tired old “shits and pisses on” statement. The same “so easily it’s comical”. The same childish “sucks donkey/monkey balls” insult. You’re a walking, talking, broken record who can’t come up with anything original. You also still give the same exact reasons that you did 3 years ago for why Samsung devices are soooo much better than anything else.
      What a “comical” joke.

    • tiger

      Note 5…where gaming is frame drop galore?

    • JeffColorado

      So you’re saying you’re a huge fan of bloatware. Ok. I guess it makes sense some people would be.

    • Say What??

      Keep living in the past, bro.

    • TheBagging Man

      With the iPhone 7 and 7 plus coming out in 11 months nothing is coming close to the 6s and the 6s plus from now until then. People who want reliability and stability without compromises only buy Apple products. People who are jealous of Apples success buy a Samsung.

    • tiger

      Not in gaming that’s for sure:

      StageFright anyone?

      Audio Latency?

      Oh no, your Note5 is good…but yeah, in real life, it falls way behind iPhones….

  • Roby

    Time to be a grammar nazi.
    You wrote: “deep backs and high contrast”

    • Scr-U-gle

      Can you see your own error?

      Try again….

  • Miguel Ángel Juncos Marcos

    Nexus camera 6P is worse on video recording, also suffers the problem of bendgate. If you have the device on the table you can not unlock with the fingerprint sensor you have to catch it by hand. Not everything is better on the Nexus 6P

    • JeffColorado

      I actually agree with you. But most things are better. Including the OS.

      A lot of reviewers are saying they prefer the back placement. What you’re saying is completely true, but people unlock the phone from places other than a table. If you’re taking it out of your pocket, back placement is way easier.

      One easy way around it is double tap to wake. Had that on my rooted Nexus 6 and it worked wonderfully.

  • Bettie Battle

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  • any one knows the game played on the 6s please

  • any one knows the game played on the 6s please

  • Say What??

    $749.99 for a 16gb iPhone. $849.99 for a 64gb. What a ripoff!

    • tiger

      You get what you pay for….

      • Say What??

        In Apples case you get less than you pay for. How do you think their profit margins are so large?

        • 1213 1213

          That’s wrong. People like him feel better when Apples profits are higher. So he benefits from paying higher prices and does get what he paid for.

          Probably feels like he works for Apple too, its the reason he’s here after all.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Trolling again, I guess you didn’t realise Tiger is a shareholder of long standing. He puts his money where his mouth is.

            Also, I would look at the rrp of the S6, more than an iPhone, but with factory off the shelf parts. Made in house and still retails for more than an iPhone, and still losing money hand over fist.

          • 1213 1213

            And if you had half a brain you would realise in this context whether or not he has shares is of no consequence.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Stick to the point.

            You roiders really think continuously changing the subject wins the argument.

            Android have lots of devices that have higher prices (higher until they realise they won’t sell and slash the prices).

            Companies are there to make money, when they lose money like roid manufacturers do, they go bankrupt, like Motorola and Nokia have and all of the others are.

            You really do not have even the slightest clue about the most basic things you pontificate about. But you are a moRoid, what else should I expect.

          • 1213 1213

            Why say stick the point, and then go off on a tangent? I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about now, I just see you continuing to talk about a company’s finances as if it matters to the consumer, only vindicating you ‘getting you money’s worth’ by buying Apple.

            Please do me a favour and ignore me, hopefully I can do the same next time I see your ignorant posts.

          • tiger

            You have no clue because you’re ignorant as the next Android fanboy!

          • 1213 1213

            And here you are backing up the person who is talking absolute nonsense and contradicting himself, thanks for proving what a dumb troll you are. But then again you both do that, wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the same guy.

          • Scr-U-gle

            How much is the S6? You seem to want to avoid answering that one.

            Androne devices are more expensive and last, if you are lucky, 18 months.

            I will just keep asking the same question I have been and backing it up.

            Answer the question or shut up.

          • 1213 1213

            I don’t see how that is relevant here to anything, and you never even asked me that before. So much for sticking to the point.

            I have an old galaxy nexus running lollipop just fine, it lags now and then, but its been abused a lot over the last 4 years (including things like it running an app for near 24 hours at a time while charging), so that’s to be expected. Just more ignorant lies from an Apple fanboy who thinks he works for Apple. When people say they are backing something up, usually they mean with facts, not unsubstantiated lies.

            But the galaxy s6 is around £350 for 32gb, and the iPhone 6s is around £550 for 16gb. These phones are from different generations so its not even a good comparison though, and the iphone 6 is £375-400 for 16gb but is definitively the worse phone.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Still going around the houses.

            Still can’t answer a straight question.

            I’ll write it again:






          • Mike

            Are you still coming here to hate? It’s about as pathetic as me going on an Apple site as Cra-p-ple. But I’ve got a life.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Of course you have Mike, you have a life so you spend moat of your day on comments, keeping tabs on who said what where.

            Oh that’s right, Similarsung have been prosecuted for paying trolls to go around bad mouthing other manufacturers.

            I keep wondering what they spend that $14.5bn marketing budget on apart from selfies so people can go back to using there own iPhones.

          • 1213 1213

            Your comments really stand out because of how stupid they are. And you seem to have a stupid opinion on just about everything on androidauthority.

          • Dave

            Why are you on ANDROID authority, go back to your home at Macworld!

        • tiger

          For less? You mean StageFright is a feature of Android? Zero privacy is another one, isn’t it?

          Overheating and gameplay frame drops are pure Android too?

          • Say What??

            Anyone you know ever have to deal with Stagefright? Zero privacy? The new 810’s don’t overheat anymore. You keep bringing up the same sh*t with every post. It’s getting old. Keep buying your $850 phones. Keep helping out Apple. Keep getting half for double. You Apple fanboys enjoy that.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Rrp for the S6, average $100 more than an iPhone


          • 1213 1213

            Stagefright has no known cases of exploitation. Its been proven that it cannot really be exploited too, if you bothered to read about it.

            Encryption is available on most devices and has been since last year at least (so around the time of ios8’s release), but its only with marshmallow that it became mandatory.

            And good job making yourself even more stupid by likening Google to Nazis, don’t forget the tinfoil hat on the way out.
            And here’s a bonus:

          • Scr-U-gle
          • Say What??

            When he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, he goes and brings up the Stagefright exploit over and over and over again. Typical iDiot iPhone drone.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Why not pretend you have one fact on your side?

            How is Stagefright, how is Heartbleed. Still, no worse than 100,000 malware apps a day reloaded freely to play store.

            Next you’ll claim that the Nixus 6 self-bendgate never happened and the users who came to android authority who couldn’t get return codes, then after months never had to wait a further three months for those codes, and then another three months for a replacement.

            All checkable facts.

            Still stuck in the same made up shut to prove your non-existent bullshit.

            Tell your mum I agree with her, you are a cunt.

          • 1213 1213

            Its even funnier when you don’t reply to their troll comments and they bring out the rage caps and keep posting. Sometimes I wonder if in their brain they make sense or if they are intentionally trolling.

          • Say What??

            Yeah, you’re right. He’s too butthurt to think with his brain. He also needs a slap in the mouth as all those wedgies he gets aren’t enough. The little nerd called me a cunt. That speaks for itself. Only a complete dufus makes up a name like Scr-u-gle. He’s worse than that other troll Richard (GalaxyNote5isboss) who changes his name daily.

          • Scr-U-gle


            Very funny, encryption. That’s a good one. Give me a few minutes to stop laughing. Scr-U-gle refused to implement it due to their bosses not liking it. Why else are the US & UK governments trying to invent legal recourse against Apple to force them to make their encryption as shit as androids?

            What are they saying to android? Nothing.

            Eric shit defended Google going through your data and selling it as well as their open book policy to the US government with the same defence as the Nazis did.

            Pity bullshitis on your side and facts are on mine, next you’ll be claiming the S6 is several years old, oh, you have already done that.

          • James

            If he wants to compare a company to Nazis, Apple would fit much better. No freedom, you do it Apple’s way or else. They raided a guys house while impersonating a police department. The work conditions which must exist to make Apple happy led to many workers committing suicide. Etc.

          • Say What??


          • Scr-U-gle

            For any knock-off iphoney, yes you did.

          • Say What??

            For any iDevice you did.

          • Scr-U-gle

            iPhone: five years of software support, and getting longer every year.

            Androne iphoney: more expensive than an iPhone, ‘up to’ 18 months of support, if you are lucky.

            You need three premium androne phones to get the same support of a cheaper iPhone.

            No Stagefright, no Heartbleed, no 100,000 malware apps a day loaded to our App Store.

          • Say What??

            Who keeps a phone for 5 years except for my 85 year old grandmother? There were apps with Malware uploaded to the App Store recently. Android – no mysterious photos deleting after upgrading to the latest iOS. Android – no phones suddenly shutting off without warning. Android, no defective phones out of the box that take blurry photos. What’s with the Stagefright and Heartbleed, haven’t seen anybody affected by that.

          • Scr-U-gle

            What an idiot, no defective phones, you had better tell the people waiting three months for return codes, then another three for a repair.

            Updates, have you seen an androne update? Ever? No one gets updates on androne. You are hilarious.

            Who keeps their phone for five years? People like IT directors, IT managers, you know w the people you wish you were.


            Nuff said, next!

          • Say What??


            It happened to my friends wife’s iPhone. I get updates just fine on my Nexus 6. Those people don’t keep their phones for five years. They either break them because well, you know, iPhone screens always crack, or they upgrade after two years. Actually, I own my own business so you will definitely lose with that comment. Do you know how many complaints from clients I got about their photos disappearing after the update to iOS 8? C’mon now. Not to mention the company that makes your beloved iPhone was paying people $1.00 an hour and making them work 80 hours a week in factories in horrible working conditions. Not to mention the latest iOS update that is causing all sorts of Touch ID problems.

          • Scr-U-gle

            To long s mentally ill rant, I didn’t and no one else will read.

            Your own business funny, no I do not want to go large, when is it going to get into that thick skull of yours

          • Bobby

            It’s quite funny actually, cause your profile pic is an android robot!

          • Scr-U-gle

            It’s lovely that you are following me around like a lost puppy, but before you comment it would be a good idea if you found out how the internet works.

          • Scr-U-gle

            oh that rapier wit of yours, what a twat you really are.

            No you are, the standard androne response.

          • Say What??

            Let’s see, your scr-u-gle name reaks of Fanboyism. I’m talking about Apple and you get defensive and start talking about Android. Then you bring out the twat line. How long did it take you to come up with that one? Maybe you’re the one who needs to get some twat. The hand can’t work forever.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Remind me what the rrp of the Similarsung iPhoney S6 is?

            Your mother said you were a bit of a cunt. I think she was talking to me, her mouth was full and I wasn’t the only one there.

          • Say What??

            Wow you’re an internet warrior now. You know you don’t get laid bro, anyone with a screen name like that hasn’t gotten laid ever. You are on this site arguing with pretty much everyone here in your mommy’s basement on your iCrap. Do you even have a life? Nope, you’re typical scum youth of the nation without a mute button. Someday someone is gonna punch you square in your mouth….I hope it’s me.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Anytime pussyhole!

            You’ll have to catch me between shoots as I am working travelling around Asia this year.

            Love the big man talk from a little wanker?

            No, I do not want to go large, and wipe the dribble from your chin.

          • James

            Google DOES implement encryption, though they do it in a shitty way which slows the Nexus 6, 5X, 6P down. Also Apple was part of PRIZM just like Google and the rest. Also Apple tracks you just as much as Google does and to think otherwise shows your lack of intelligence as well as you blindness to the issue. Also to argue over a company which couldnt care less if you live or die as long as they get money from you and who uses Chinese slave labor to make their products just shows how stupid you truly are.

          • Scr-U-gle

            1 you really think Google shit that last less than 18 months are not made by ‘slave labour’?

            2 Google not only tracks, but profits from that tracking, by selling the data to marketing companies, Apple does not.

            3 CIA, DARPA & The CIA are either long term partners of Google or seed funded the company, not Apple.

            4 I think you’ll find it is only Apple that the us/uk governments are currently inventing legislation against to give them back doors that Google have handed over willingly since inception.

            5 when was Apple part of prism? The way it actually happened was the us government stated googles servers are open books, full stop.

          • James

            The difference is Apple is seen as a luxury brand which is why they get away with it while Samsung is not and they are paying the price for their arrogance.

        • Prasad

          Profit margins are high because they optimize everything – every single thing to get the best out of them. Including getting better deals on components, manufacturing etc…They get more profits does not mean you are paying more. There are many things to consider… of course while buying we should not see how much margins they are getting… we compare the phone to competition and buy them… only Apple haters complain about “rip off” “over hyped” “less value” etc… normal people are happy to buy and use iPhones.

          and with their own manufacturing and own components Samsung is selling for almost similar price to iPhone…

    • tiger

      Here’s a good example…how much is Nexus 5 selling for these days? Amazon recently $150. iPhone 5s still sells for around $400 at least new.

      RESALE value makes up for high initial asking price.

      • Say What??

        You’re still paying way too much. These prices are getting out of hand. As I’m getting older I’m starting to get sick of everyone jacking up the prices. For what’s inside the phone they phone shouldn’t cost more than $500.00. The OS, user experience, I hear that all the time. You don’t need a fast cpu to run iOS because it’s optimized. It’s like selling a Windows 98 PC with Pentium 3 for $749. Well it doesn’t need a faster processor because it’s optimized for that chip.

        • Prasad

          Yes thats why Chinese OEMs are there for people like you. No need to complain about Apple. Apple users know the value of iOS and iPhone.

        • Walter White

          The processor in phones is only a fraction of the price. You’re making an investment in an iPhone you get support, updates, security and the best app store. Not to mention super high-quality hardware, it’s sad to say but you don’t get any of that with other manufacturers.

    • Walter White

      Those prices are for the 6S plus, you should’ve included that in your statement.

  • TheBagging Man

    With the iPhone 7 and 7 plus coming out in 11 months nothing is coming close to the 6s and the 6s plus from now until then. People who want reliability and stability without compromises only buy Apple products. People who are jealous of Apples success buy a Samsung.

    • Mike

      Pathetic. And you took the trouble to come here and say that. I’ll go and join an Apple forum and hate. Oh no, wait. I’ve got a life.

    • 1213 1213

      The galaxy s6 is arguably better than the iPhone 6s, and is definitively better in areas like camera and display. The galaxy s7 is just over 2 months away and will blow the iPhone 6s away.

      Why would people jealous of Apple buy Samsung exactly? Or were you trying so hard to troll you forgot to make sense? Face it, most people buy Apple because of the brand or because of what it can’t do (what you like to call simplicity).

      • Scr-U-gle

        So your point is without any fact, you think the S6 is better.

        Considering the iPhone has handed every one of the thousands of androne devices there asses on a plate, and doesn’t have to exude not updating due to poor performance meaning only upto 18 months of updates.

        What a joke you’re life is, full of bullshit and rumours.


      • Prasad

        Pretty much every long time owner of S6 feels exactly opposite because of sub par battery and software on S6.

        • 1213 1213

          Well if the iPologist says so it must be true

          • Prasad

            No. I read a lot and asked many people. No surprise people like you support Samsung without any shame even after getting caught pants down. Bad thing is that their copies are also bad as expected.

            We dont have to talk about Samsung anymore. Nexus is a much better choice now in Android camp. I fully support less copying than wholesale copying like Samsung….shameless.

          • mobilemann

            you’re the same thing as him, you know dick about the other platform, except that yours is better, troll.

      • Scr-U-gle

        What have you been misunderstanding this time?

        No I do not want to go large!

  • metronome

    Get in quick for the ultimate TV stick, more powerful than intel and more than double the spec of the budget chinese brands

  • cpower

    nexus 6p best iphone 6s plus, hands down!

  • Nate Hallett

    The Nexus 6P has Bluetooth 4.2, but this article lists it having 4.1.

  • Timmy

    The iphone always reminds me of some little toy phone you see in the toy shop, i smile when i see someone useing one.

  • Bubba Jones

    Love the article, it is helping us make the decision either to keep our phones or move to the other. Much appreciate all your work producing this article. Thank you.

    As good as this article is there are two quibbles,
    1. “…OIS does a good job of getting in a little more light in poorly-lit conditions, and it does get a bit more than the Nexus….” OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) does not bring in more light. OIS helps reduce camera movement. Aperture and shutter speed control light to the digital sensor or film.
    2. When did the the word, no, replace not, does not, is not, and the like? Example, when we write, there were no problems, the question could be asked, what is no problems? Why, because the sentence says there were no problems, thus no problems must be something. Using, there were not any, makes more sense and is grammatically correct. Okay okay, folks will say “but using no is accepted”. Again why, because we as writers, teachers, and the like, we accept mediocrity in speech and writing.

    With all the business correspondence, resumes, and the like, we receive, therein are many grammatical, punctuation, and spelling, mistakes. When brought to the writers attention they become defensive saying “you know what I mean” or “what difference does it make”. Requested to correct their mistakes they become miffed.

    We must understand correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are vitally important to our society. Doubt that, think about legal documents where one misplaced letter, punctuation, and grammar statement, can nullify a legal document, change an important meaning, and the like.

    All that said I hope I did not make a mistake. Again, thank you for your article, to us it is a major help.

    Cordially and respectfully submitted.