Samsung and Apple undoubtedly dominate the global smartphone market and they are responsible for some of the most popular mobile devices out there. There has been no shortage of accusations of copying and “inspiration” from either camp, but with Samsung doing away with a couple of key features, and Apple giving into the large display trend that is more or less a standard in the Android world, what we have with their latest smartphone offerings are two devices that appear to be quite similar.

Despite their similarities on the surface however, when diving in a little deeper, these two devices couldn’t be more different. How does the current Samsung flagship fare against the latest large display smartphone from Apple? We find out, in this in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus!



Premium design and build quality are the order of the day with both smartphones, and while that has always been the case with the iPhone, we see a dramatic departure on the part of Samsung, with plastic finally going by the wayside, in favor of a metal and glass unibody design. This choice by Samsung does result in the removal of some features that were taken for granted, like expandable storage and replaceable batteries, and is another reason for the increasing similarity between these two smartphones, given that these features were never a part of the Apple ecosystem.

Given that this an “S” year, the iPhone 6S Plus features the same design language as the iPhone 6 Plus before it, but unlike previous generations, where the successor had generally been thinner and lighter, the iPhone 6S Plus is actually slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor. This is because the device is now made with a stronger 7000 series aluminium, to help avoid any “Bendgate” issues, and there is also an additional pressure sensitive layer below the display, needed for the phone’s new 3D Touch feature.


As mentioned, the iPhone 6S Plus features a full metal body, while the Galaxy Note 5 sees its premium nature with a combination of a metal frame sandwiched between two glass panels. Both smartphones look beautiful in their own right, and it does, of course, depend on your individual preferences as to which looks better. What is key here, especially when considering the size, is the feel in the hand, and both devices have their pros and cons. Both material choices result in quite the slippery device, and the use of glass in the case of the Samsung flagship means that it is also a fingerprint magnet.

Despite the Galaxy Note 5 featuring a larger 5.7-inch display, compared to the 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 6S Plus, the former actually manages to be slightly smaller and lighter than the latter, even if the iPhone 6S Plus is a touch thinner. Of course, both devices are still too big for comfortable one-handed use, but Samsung has to be given points here for creating a relatively more compact device. Also helping the handling experience of the Galaxy Note 5 are its sharper edges, compared to the more rounded corners and side of the iPhone, along with the fact that the rear glass panel comes with curves along the sides, that help the device feel more secure in the hand.


The similarities in design continue when looking at the layout of the buttons and ports, with the volume rocker on the left side and the power button to the right in both cases. The power button of the iPhone 6S Plus does seem to be on the higher side however, making it a touch harder to reach. At the bottom is the charging port, microUSB in the case of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Lightning port with regards to the iPhone 6S Plus, flanked by the headphone jack and a single speaker unit. In differences, the Galaxy Note 5 does comes with the S-Pen stylus that is nestled into the bottom right side, and the iPhone 6S Plus features a silence toggle above the volume rocker, allowing for a very simple way to quickly silence the device.



The big difference between the two smartphones can be seen when it comes to the display, not only with regards to the size and resolution, but also their respective underlying technologies. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 518 ppi, the iPhone 6S Plus features a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a 1080p resolution, resulting in a lower pixel density of 401 ppi.

Despite the difference in resolution and pixel densities, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two displays in terms of clarity, but a contrast can be seen because of the different technologies. As is now expected from Samsung displays, Super AMOLED allows for deep blacks, high contrast, and colors that pop, with the higher resolution only further enhancing an enjoyable viewing experience. Of course, the screen of the iPhone 6S Plus is plenty vivid and bright as well, and the display experience available with it is almost equally as good.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, clocked at 2.1 GHz, and backed by the Mali-T760MP8 GPU and 4 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 6S Plus features a dual-core Apple A9 processor, clocked at 1.84 GHz, and backed by the PowerVR GT7600 GPU and 2 GB RAM. However, a by the numbers comparison is never fair when comparing Android and iOS flagships, given the two very different ecosystems that are being catered to, and despite any differences on paper, the performances of both devices are quite comparable.

In either case, both smartphones handle daily tasks with ease, and anything from opening, closing, and switching between apps, to browsing the web and media consumption are done with no issues. Gaming and multi-tasking are a breeze as well, even with the Galaxy Note 5 offering a lot more ways of multi-tasking compared to the iPhone 6S Plus, by also taking advantage of the S-Pen stylus. Games load really fast with both devices, albeit a touch faster in the case of the iPhone 6S Plus, but once loaded, everything is equally smooth and snappy.

The argument with regards to how much more powerful high-end Android devices are compared to the iPhones is unending, but as far as day to day performance is concerned, you will have a wonderful time getting work or play done on either smartphone.



With Samsung removing key features like expandable storage and replaceable batteries to accommodate their new design language, things have never been more similar between the two ecosystems than now in terms of hardware.

Both smartphones come with fingerprint scanners integrated into the physical home buttons up front, but the iPhone 6S Plus does get the leg up with Touch ID being faster than ever. The fingerprint sensor is actually a little too fast, which is definitely an odd complaint to have, but if you are trying to take a look at the notifications on the lockscreen in the gap between pressing the button to turn on the display and the device unlocking, you will likely not be able to. The obvious work around here is to use the power button to wake the device first before unlocking it, but given its slightly difficult to reach position, it isn’t the best solution. That’s not to say that the scanner of the Galaxy Note 5 is particularly slow either, but some may actually prefer the extra time it takes to allow for a quick  glance at the notifications.

32 GB and 64 GB storage options are available with the Galaxy Note 5, while the iPhone 6S Plus comes with 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB iterations. With expandable storage not available with both, power users will have to opt for the higher storage versions, even though you will end up paying a significant premium. As mentioned, both devices also come with single bottom-mounted speakers, and while the placement isn’t ideal, both get plenty loud. The speaker of the iPhone 6S Plus does seem a bit clearer, with the Galaxy Note 5 speaker tending to compress the sound a little too much, even if that does help certain sounds come through a bit more.


Both smartphones come with a standard suite of connectivity options, including NFC, but in the case of the iPhone 6S Plus, NFC is locked for use only with Apple Pay, while in the case of the Galaxy Note 5, you can use it for anything, including, but not just limited to, Samsung’s and Google’s own mobile payment systems, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Samsung Pay does have the edge over Apple Pay however, with it possible to use the former almost anywhere with its use of Magnetic Secure Transmission, which works by sending a small magnetic signal from your smartphone to a credit card reader, basically mimicking the same signal that is produced when you swipe your card.

Each smartphone does have an ace up their sleeve however. In the case of the Galaxy Note 5, it comes in the form of the S-Pen stylus, boasting an even more robust set of features. You can now quickly make a note simply by taking the S-Pen out of its slot, even when the display is off, crop areas of screenshots and take notes on it, and also capture long screenshots by capturing long passages and stitching them together. The Galaxy Note 5 makes jotting down ideas and sharing them effortless, and can be a lot of fun. Other hardware extras of the Galaxy Note 5 include the heart rate monitor, found next to the camera unit on the back, which allows for a quick way to keep track of your heart rate during a workout.


As for the iPhone 6S Plus, we get a new technology called 3D Touch, which uses a pressure-sensitive layer below the display, that allows for hidden menus to be shown when pressing on something like an app icon with a bit more force. This helps keep the menus and homescreens looking clean, while adding a lot of functionality, such as Peak and Pop, which allows for a preview of something like an email or an image, and using a little more force will then take you into the full image. 3D Touch is certainly a great addition, and could prove to be a game changer for the industry.

Finally, in battery, the iPhone 6S Plus packs a 2,750 mAh unit, while the Galaxy Note 5 features a larger 3,000 mAh battery. Both devices feature better than average battery life, and you should comfortably get a full day of use out of either smartphone, if not more. That said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has its advantage in the form of its fast charging capabilities, that allows for a full charge in just around an hour and fifteen minutes, while the iPhone 6S Plus does tend to take a lot longer. The Galaxy Note 5 also comes with wireless charging, which Samsung claims is the fastest iteration that is currently available.



Moving on to the cameras, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 16 MP rear shooter with a f/1.9 aperture, OIS, and 4K video recording capabilities, along with a 5 MP wide angle lens front-facing camera, while the iPhone 6S Plus camera has been upgraded to a 12 MP primary shooter with a f/2.2 aperture, and also comes with OIS and 4K video recording, as well as a 5 MP front-facing unit.

Taking a look at the camera applications first, both apps are designed to be very simple and be fantastic automatic shooters, so if you are looking to just point and shoot for a great shot, either camera will do. The iPhone 6S Plus camera app focuses on being a great automatic shooter, with only a few modes available, like time lapse, hyper lapse, and slow motion. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 5 does bring a lot more to the table, with plenty of modes, including its own slow motion capture, panorama, and even a GIF creator, and also features a robust set of manual controls in the Pro mode, allowing for granular control over aspects like white balance and ISO.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera samples

As far as image quality is concerned, you are going to be hard-pressed to pick a winner between the two the majority of the time. Both offer sharp details and nice colors, but the overall theme here is that you will get more realistic colors and less sharpening with the iPhone 6S Plus, while the images feature more saturated colors and more sharpening with the Galaxy Note 5. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 6S Plus camera is better, as many would prefer the extra pop in colors available with the other. The same can be said for video capture as well, with it being hard to make a choice between the two. While the Galaxy Note 5 adds some software enhancements, the iPhone 6S Plus does create a flatter, and more accurate, video.

iPhone 6S Plus camera samples

The lower aperture of the Galaxy Note 5 allows for better looking close up shots with some nice depth of field, as well as better low-light photography. It is also great the Galaxy Note 5 allows for shooting in the 16:9 aspect ratio with their full sensor, while the iPhone 6S Plus shoots at 4:3 with its full sensor. When it comes to the front-facing camera, the Galaxy Note 5 does hold the edge with its wide angle lens, that allows for a lot more to be fit into the frame. That said, the camera app does tend to smooth out the skin a bit too much, even with Beauty Mode off, which is a little annoying.

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On the software side of things, we return to the age-old comparison between Android and iOS, and the two completely different ecosystems and experiences on offer. The iPhone 6S Plus runs iOS 9, while the Galaxy Note 5 comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box, and as always, simplicity vs customization is the name of the game here.

iOS is purposefully simple, and while Android users may feel limited by its simplicity, it is instead the most compelling aspect for Apple fans. The home screens remain grid of icons, with the only way to keep things somewhat free from getting too cluttered being folders.  There have been a few additions over the last couple of years have made a difference, such as the notification dropdown, with a secondary screen can bring up a few extra shortcuts and glances at some contextual information, and a swipe up from the bottom opens the Control Center, where a number of controls and toggles are easily accessible. Of course, there is also 3D Touch now, which brings in an extra layer of functionality where applicable, while maintaining the aesthetically simplicity overall.


On the other hand is Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, a historically over-saturated software package, that has been toned down this year. That said, plenty of features do still make it in, including Multi-window and the floating S Windows for multi-tasking. Themes are also now available, allowing users to change the look of the interface if they don’t enjoy the default look. The main feature here is the S-Pen and all that it entails, including useful features like Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write, and Screen Off Memo.

Specs comparison

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5iPhone 6s Plus
Display5.7-inch Super AMOLED display
Quad HD resolution, 518 ppi
5.5-inch IPS LCD display
Full HD resolution, 401 ppi
Processor2.1 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420
Mali-T760MP8 GPU
1.8 GHz dual-core Apple A9
PowerVR GT7600 GPU
Storage32/64 GB
no expansion
16/64/128 GB
no expansion
Camera16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing wide angle lens camera
12 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.2
USB 2.0
Bluetooth 4.2
NFC ( with Apple Pay only)
USB 2.0
SoftwareAndroid 5.1.1 LollipopiOS 9
Battery3,000 mAh2,750 mAh
Dimensions153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm
171 grams
158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm
192 grams


Pricing and final thoughts

Both premium smartphones command equally premium price points, with the iPhone 6S Plus starting at $749 for the 16 GB iteration, with the available color options being space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 priced at $699 for the 32 GB version, with the color options being Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Silver Titan, and White Pearl.


So there you have it for this in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus! It is certainly difficult to pick between these two smartphones, and with their differentiating factors coming down to personal preference, fans of one ecosystem will likely not be jumping ship. While the Galaxy Note 4 had its advantages over the iPhone 6 Plus in the form of expandable storage and a removable battery, things are lot more closer this time around. All said and done, if great performance and a fantastic camera experience is important to you, you will be happy regardless of which device you choose.


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    So you say octa-core in the article (which is what the Note 5 is), but quad-core in the video? C’mon AA, this is your domain.. Why did you mess up on the ANDROID device of all types?

    • Rob

      No, the octa-core is the CPU and the quad-HD is in relation to video resolution. The two are not even remotely the same thing.

      • ajaxburger

        Did you not understand what I said? In the video, she was comparing the dual-core iPhone to the “quad-core” Galaxy Note 5. Screen specs and CPU specs are in completely seperate parts of the video, so I’m not sure where you got it from..

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    Android device any day!

  • I hate these “versus” articles on here. they are never definitive IMO. Whoever writes them literally stays in the middle instead of giving you their ACTUAL final thought instead of throwing “either will do” stance.

    Android Authority <~~sure does like touting Apple products.

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    The Note seems to win or tie in every category you reviewed yet you say its a toss up?? So how much did Apple pay you?

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    As a rule- I despise reading these types of articles, when they really have much greater meaning without even talking about the phones. That being because its more of an Android vs IOS thing, and for the most part once you are entrenched with one- you might be inclined to stay there. This time though- it seemed you purposely did not try taking a side- due to the Android vs IOS thing, and just pointed out differences based on OS.

    Clearly- this is all about user choice in Operating System. I don’t think there is a better phone out of these two- as its all OS dependent. My last Iphone was a 4S 32 gig, and I gave it a try for 9 months- after having learned on a Captivate and a Galaxy S3. It just was not MY cup of tea- as I learned on Android first.

    Of course there are HW differences, due to the fact that IOS is more efficient- and Iphone does not need all the processing power the Note 5 has. That does not matter to me- as the winner is the sum of all of the parts- in the USERS Eye. I have a Note 5- and it does what I want, and I think its very stylish. But I am not going to bash an IOS/Iphone 6 S Plus user because CHOICE is a good thing.

    • iKrontologist

      More efficient? At just what…… pumping out massive amounts of Doublethink FUD and Misinformation in the form of continually dogging an archaic old 80’s derived hybrid kernel. That now it’s being discovered just how buggy it’s always been under the cover and behind that half eaten rotting Apple Logo!

      Of course I’m talking about how now we’re beginning to see the difference between a Mobile OS one off downport of OS X version 9.9999 to iOS version 9.99998. Just to fix the barrage of bugs and kernel vulnerabilities in a fixed synchronous compute model that out grew it’s usefulness in the 90’s. When even Windows learned about True System Wide Asynchronous…. Multitasking and relational database file systems with NT!

      That vs both OS X and iOS still running NeXTStep’s “Preemptive Task Management” hybrid Mach Kernel running FreeBSD Source Code…… WTF??? Meaning Apple is still using their 30yr old HFS gutless wonder file system, instead of a relational database file system like…. literally all the competition as it’s base OS file system. What does that all mean???? ……..that in order to run any sort of multitasking or fast search features, multiscreen, multi…. on and on…… all at the same time concurrently, iOS has to first suspend one task or App and only make it look like it’s actually running. This is what’s called full system wide task stacking one on top of the other, with suspend one to run another Task Management from the 80’s. Rather than being capable of running everything concurrently in asynchronous computing the way this Galaxy Note 5 can only do!!!

      So sure you can run one App or Task at a time and do it faster synchronously. But try to run real time multitasking and you are forced to run it on iOS’s Virtual Sub File System HFSX. Which isn’t even aware of the old DATE BUG infested HFS file system that is sure to DIE!!!

      As yet though….. Apple and their beloved Cult of the Crippled Half Eaten Apple Logo Religious Fanatics work extremely hard at persuading their iDiots all to Doublethink their way out of that closed box thinking and believe being able to do ONE thing at a Time FASTER….. somehow more efficient than being able to run many things, tasks, Apps at once! WTF??? ……so disconnected from itself is iOS that they don’t even have a system wide file manager even!

      Hardware wise there is absolutely no way anyone in their right mind could compare these two devices in any way either. One is the ultimate in Productivity and Effiency and the other is just trying to be as best it can…. a Cloned Copy of the Original Phablet and still BEST SELLING Phablet SMARTPHONE on the PLANET TODAY!!!!

      This comparison is about as mindless and provocative as them lame brained writer is and if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s on a now PRETEND ONLY….. ANDROID WEB SITE!!!

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        But you are right, this site still owned by american people, and of course they still want to protect american product (apple)

        • Techically, the iPhone is anything but American as its components and manufacturing are all from overseas. The brand is certainly American, but the assembly is international as all the rest of smartphones.

          The real difference between Samsung and Apple as companies, is Samsung doesn’t depend on smartphone sales to remain a viable and succesful company.

          On the other if the iPhone were ever in a situation of lost consumer interest, Apple as a whole is going down with it. Their other products do not do well in the market. Apple has to prop up the iPhone or else it’s destined for failure. Luckily for them, consumer interest in the iPhone doesn’t look like it’s waning anytime soon.

      • There’s a misconception that a iFan would likely care about anything you just stated. In fact, its this kind of speak that would drive them towards the iPhone.

        Fandroids and iFans are two very different kind of people. Each sees a counter strength and counter weakness in their preferred system as compared to the other. This is why these comparisons, and the debates that inevitably follow them are counterproductive. Android and iOS couldn’t be more on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

        You raise some very interesting and valid technical reasons that most Fandroids will resonate with, including myself. But nothing you just said will not resonate with a typical iFan. Because that is not their interest, and that is not why they purchase the iPhone. They purchase the iPhone to distance their experiences away from technicalities.

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    • coldspring22 .

      In defense of Android Authority, it’s pretty much delivers on Android content and not overtly partial to Apple in any way. An example of website which shows a lot of Apple fanboyism is iphonearena, where very old Iphone 6S articles are permanently plastered to front and center of website home page for two months after iphone 6S came out. All the newer Android flagship were relegated to tiny space off to the side, showing who clearly runs the website. And oh boy, their laughable battery rating for iphone 6S and 6S plus. It’s rated leaps and bounds above iphone 6 and 6 plus, but oddly nobody else noticed huge battery improvements in iphone 6S battery performance

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          But right….. Android Authority….. Android Police….. etc are now all over run by Applewellian Brainwashed Proles high on their own Thought Police manipulated overdosed RDF Koolaide! …….it’s way worse than in the 90’s or 80’s even now. You can’t say anything bad about Apple without being attacked by their shills and backdoor funded writers. No wonder these sites write more stories about Apple than they do about Android product makers!!!

          • Rohit P

            guys i am really torn between the note 5 and the iPhone 6s….i have
            always been an android user so i was curious about ios but based on the
            critics reviews i get a feeling that the note 5 is a more versatile and
            relatively pocket friendly phone….but i am really surprised to read
            the contrasting reviews…the critics have more or less given the thumbs-up to note 5 but a lot of ‘power users’ as they say have hated the
            product and seems like they are all over the comments section of every
            review….i am really confused now….i love the s pen, s note
            features,escpecialy the photo note since i almost no longer need the
            scanner that’s how good i found it on my dad’s note 4, free mp3 music,
            the great display, fast charging, flowing screenshot, quick note and for
            a change how beautiful the note 5 looks….how does the iphone match up
            to these features i mean what are the corresponding features on iPhone
            that can be as productive?? is the non removable battery and sd card
            such a big deal breaker??? what are the alternatives to them? and is the
            glass back too risky a proposition? without a replacablebattery how
            long can i expect the note 5 battery to run well as i intend to use it
            for at least 2 years….any help would be appreciated….

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    I would definitely take the Note 5 if I had no Galaxy S6 already ;)
    iOS is a prison. Just sayin’…

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      Yes Apple owns your iphone until it’s in the garbage dump. No way to flash iphone with another rom or OS. No way to run any other program other than Apple approved apps (without jailbreaking).

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Actually sideloading apps on iOS is possible without JB for a while now. Other than that, you are right, iOS is far less flexible and not only you can’t flash custom ROMs, you can’t downgrade to earlier iOS versions either.

        • iKrontologist

          Side loading Apps that are available in Apple Store isn’t the same as being able to side load your own unsigned apps or those written by developers outside either Apple’s or JB developer apps. Which is really where even Google can’t control what you do with your own devices.

          For instance… there is a war going on between Samsung and Google, where Google keeps kicking Samsung’s own Apps that are in competition with Google’s out. It’s becoming a dog eat dog world and Google apparently wants to risk alienating Samsung’s fans by over exerting their Play Store Control. Anything having to do with Tizen or Gear smartwatches…. gets instantly kicked out play store in a bid to make Samsung and/or Tizen look bad. Apparently more Gear S2 devices are selling to Google Android users than the other way around with Wear devices, not seeing near the sales to Samsung phone owners!!!

          But….. hey Google won’t even support Gear S2 Cellular Phone Features on Android. So how can you blame people for not buying into their Wear OS wearables? It’s a feature that’s been available to Samsung owners since they invented Wearable Phone Market back in 1999!!! …….certainly you know Gear smartwatches weren’t their first wearables! :D

        • Rohit P

          guys i am really torn between the note 5 and the iphone 6s….i have
          always been an android user so i was curious about ios but based on the
          critics reviews i get a feeling that the note 5 is a more versatile and
          relatively pocket friendly phone….but i am really surprised to read
          the contrasting reviews…the critics have more or less given the
          thumbsup to note 5 but a lot of ‘power users’ as they say have hated the
          product and seems like they are all over the comments section of every
          review….i am really confused now….i love the s pen, s note
          features,escpecialy the photo note since i almost no longer need the
          scanner thats how good i found it on my dad’s note 4, free mp3 music,
          the great display, fast charging, flowing screenshot, quick note and for
          a change how beautiful the note 5 looks….how does the iphone match up
          to these features i mean what are the corresponding features on iphone
          that can be as productive?? is the non removable battery and sd card
          such a big deal breaker??? what are the alternatives to them? and is the
          glass back too risky a proposition? without a removable battery how
          long can i expect the note 5 battery to run well as i intend to use it
          for atleast 2 years….any help would be appreciated….

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    You can only laugh at these pretenders Apple with its silly iPhone no true multitasking or productivity options what’s the point of having a big phone just for the sake of being big.

    The Galaxy Note products are the GOLD STANDARD of phablets worldwide and have been since August 2011 everything else is definitely obsolete and comically inferior.

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    Apple wants to copy other phone design like htc phone. New iphone and last year iphone design are exactly htc phone. Htc says apple copy htc phone and that is 100% true. Apple ios 8 and 9 copy from everything android os features and display made from LG ips lcd and camera made from sony, and processor made from other companies. Iphone charge speed is longest like 172 min to get 100%. That is why this apple products like iphone and ipad, and apple watch are piece of garbage.
    Technology always change no matter what but Apple fans(assholes) don’t want to learn new technology because they want to be a blow average level. Iphone isn’t smartphone, so it is dumb phone with boring apps with closed os.
    Samsung note 5 is trillion times better than piece of garbage iphone because note 5 has samsung chip and better display, camera and battery. It can charge wireless and normal charge(0% to 100% done by 80 min) but apple can’t do nothing at all. It can customize everything on ui. Camera resolution is much higher than iphone camera which made from sony. It has s pen function which draw and take note and capture the picture and highlight words.

    Apple is copy machine because they can’t compete others. Tim cook is stupid person to create nothing at all. Samsung create everything like note 5 which can do everything.


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      Great comment!!! :D …….only I think you misspelled Tim Cook. Should be Tim CROOK!!!! xD

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      well customization seems to be a pretty huge thing for android but u got to say its something childs do because they got the time for it? i had a galaxy s4 for almost a year and an iPhone 4s/ 5c. Now i had to decide between taking a 5x/6p or simply the iPhone 6. The thing is with the iPhone i knew i would get a solid phone which would get along with my day to day use of posting pictures and texting a lot. With an Android phone i have to say the risk of getting a phone with small lags and stutters (which a hate soo much and is even more annoying to me than not having the ability to get a great working keyboard like swiftkey) was to high. The optimized hardware and software of the iPhone is just what normal people need. They need a fast phone for browsing texting calling and posting and that is where the iPhone is best in. Only geeks and developers or childs with tons of games can take advantage of a high powered GPU/CPU and 4 gb of ram.

      • ddd

        Blah! Blah! Blah! You don’t know how to use smartphone. You aren’t smart to use a phone. You aren’t biggest tech person. That is why iphone users are blow average level.

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        Cause u never use note 5, Touchwiz now is really different, smooth n no bloatware, actually after using my note 5 for almost 5month i never found lag or stutter or freeze or overheat. Now im in freelagdroid zone, im proud w new samsung flagship
        Just my experienced

  • iKrontologist

    iPhone 6s and 6s+ are selling so bad….. that Apple has to combine their sales just to half way come close to them in Galaxy S6 various models combined sales. Really…. not even close to Samsung in Plus versus Galaxy Note 5’s Dominating Market Share. After having NO COMPETITORS….. SINCE NOTE SERIES LAUNCHED 5 YEARS AGO!!!

    That’s just how confident Apple is in their single model iPhone vs Galaxy or iPhone Plus Phablet iCopy Sales vs the #1 Selling Phablet in the World Still Today!!! ……yet their deliriously deluded religious fanatic fans (and this site’s writers apparently) suck up all the FUD, Misdirection Doublethink and Propaganda Apple puts out….. now. Even with Saint Steve Jobs….. the KING of iCONS….. now Long DEAD AND GONE!!!

    A lot like what Apple and their delirous religious fanatic fans think Apple watch is doing vs Samsung’s myriad of WatchPhones (1st ever in 1999, when they invented Wearable Phones), Smartwatches and Smartwatches since the 1st model 16yrs ago!!! ……haha…. nice try, but they are working overtime to doublethink the fact that Carriers are selling Gear S and S2 on Contracts as well as Samsung is selling Wifi models!

    Fact….. there is a greater market of buyers for Samsung’s Watches, Smartwatches and Smartwatch Phones than Apple has for their lame iCopyist dumb iWatch….. Me….. too!!!

    Where’s their $99 “Pencil” S-Pen iCopy for iPhone 6s Plus plus stylus….. Steve said they never needed???? Oh but but…. but…. that was then and now is now with it still nowhere to be found to even compete with the Superior Galaxy Note 5!!!! ……their iPad Pro can’t even compete with a standard Android phone….. let alone a Note Series device. Sorry…. but Apple needs to go back to the drawing board. Meaning try using a Wacom Based Dual Mode Digitizer on a faster….. 0.01ms response time SUPERIOR AMOLED SCREEN if you want to even come close to competing on a level playing field with SAMSUNG’s BEST….. for the last 5 Years in a Row!!!

    • ddd

      That is very true. Apple can’t do nothing and they are too afraid to compete other company in the market.
      I am a biggest samsung fan not apple fan. Samsung created new products before apple.

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        Its because apple is american product, u know how america want their product is the only one un this earth can monopolies market. If u watch all Hollywood movie u will always see apple product and this is how apple brainwash people
        Illuminati confirmed!!

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Watch out bro!! Isheep attack incoming!!!!

    • tiger

      Wow…just wow…pure ignorance!!

      It is sad that someone like you actually are allowed to even access the internet….

  • The-Sailor-Man

    What was the name of this site, again?

  • AndroidBrian

    If the note 5 had a SD slot I would have one in my pocket right now. F U Samsung.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      And what is in your pocket now???

    • ddd

      If u put sd card on note 5, it runs quad core instead of octa core. How many people use sd card on phone? I had s4 and I don’t add sd card on s4. You don’t know nothing about tech and I know better than anybody else. It is so pointless to have sd card.

      FUCK YOU

  • sarah marshall

    You want cheap JapCrap? Go with Samsung. Quality, performance, everything else, iPhone.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      ??? Bitches be like

    • Aris Routis

      Your comment makes no sense. Note is by no means cheap and is not jap even.

  • Hari

    So, the RAM management issue (multi-tasking) is fixed in Note-5? No re-loading of apps now if the apps are opened from multi-tasking window ?

    • iKrontologist

      I have no idea what you’re talking about since the most recent Android Update. Actually even before. Maybe you’re thinking of Note 4 or something. Because Touchwiz has been totally revamped and is the closest mobile UX you can’t get to a full Desktop environment. It’s also….. like always the most productive and can multi-task like a biotch in heat in an orgy!!!! …….that’s because Touchwiz is fully based on Enlightenment Desktop Environment and the Exynos processor is running enhanced HMP core Heterogeneous Computing Architecture like no other mobile device is able to.

      In fact…… that’s why the EU’s HPC HMP core Super Computer Project (and now US President Obama’s executive ordered Exascale Computing Project) is using Exynos processors. Rumor is that’s why Samsung had to tell apple they couldn’t make all A9 processors and NO A10’s next year for them. That besides the fact that Qualcomm and Nvidia are both having chips made by Samsung too!!!

      Galaxy S7 is coming with 14nm in January. But…. Note 6 will be running Exynos at 10nm and that’s already been confirmed to be the possible move to 16 core Mongoose with an undisclosed enhanced GPU in it!!!

      • Hari

        Thanks for the detailed reply. I saw plenty of youtube videos where the Note 5 had to reload some of the recently opened apps where 6s plus was still having those in the memory and hence the app was ready to be used.

        • Jānis Lāčaunieks

          IDK about the Note5, but there is an option on my S6 that let’s me choose how many apps the phone will keep in memory. Since both devices are somewhat identical, my best guess would be that there is such an option in Note5 as well.
          Also, I have noticed that, no matter how many apps are opened, after a while, if an app has not been used, it will still be available from the recents menu, but will have to be reloaded before use. I am guessing that this has to do with RAM management or something.

      • Hari
  • Pinterest

    Dudu, can you even rotate the images?

  • vampyren

    Note 5 is by far a global phone! Samsung does not seem it in Europe so calling it the best global phone is silly but as always US people (assuming the reviewer is from) tend to think US is the world. Also iPhone don’t have a USB 2 as the comparison table indicates.

  • Rohit P

    guys i am really torn between the note 5 and the iPhone 6s….i have
    always been an android user so i was curious about ios but based on the
    critics reviews i get a feeling that the note 5 is a more versatile and
    relatively pocket friendly phone….but i am really surprised to read
    contrasting reviews…the critics have more or less given the thumbs-up
    to note 5 but a lot of ‘power users’ as they say have hated the
    product and seems like they are all over the comments section of every
    review….i am really confused now….i love the s pen, s note
    features,especially the photo note since i almost no longer need the
    scanner that’s how good i found it on my dad’s note 4, free mp3 music,
    the great display, fast charging, flowing screenshot, quick note and for
    a change how beautiful the note 5 looks….how does the iphone match up
    to these features i mean what are the corresponding features on iPhone
    that can be as productive?? is the non removable battery and sd card
    such a big deal breaker??? what are the alternatives to them? and is the
    glass back too risky a proposition? without a replaceable battery how
    long can i expect the note 5 battery to run well as i intend to use it
    for at least 2 years….any help would be appreciated….

    • perryy

      Do you really need a good phone? Then you have just one option for now, and that is the note 5. Stuttering and lags are aliens to it. It doesn’t know the meaning of lag. Just forget about the iPhone, a phone that can’t do just two things at a time is nothing but a toy.

  • Sattieg

    Love to see a MUSE fan!

  • Factual

    Look up the geekbench 3 benchmarks and you will see that iPhone dominates the note 5 in power and speed. That being said the note 5 has a lot of things going for it like 4k and amoled. But the better smartphone here is the 6s

  • MrM3000

    iPhone 6s Plus for me. Can’t beat the performance and there’s never a need to restore to factory settings because it’s slowed to a crawl or something doesn’t work anymore. Yes, it’s big but so is the Note, and the reviewer neglected to mention Reachability, which pulls the screen down when you double tap the Home button so you can, well, reach the top. Also, the best apps always come out on iOS first and sometimes you can only get them on iOS.

    Alright, now here come the fanboys…