In a deal that will only last until Valentine’s Day, Samsung is offering new adopters of their works-almost-anywhere mobile payment system a pair of Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones. It has to be the first card that you activate on Samsung Pay (so just adding a new card won’t let you game this deal), and of course it’s only available on Samsung devices like the Galaxy S6, Edge, Edge+ and Note 5. The carriers eligible for this offer include, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.  

Samsung has been pushing Pay pretty hard as of late. Although the payment method works almost everywhere you would use a credit card, mass adoption has been slow. The mobile company is expanding Pay to a wide array of new regions in 2016, so it looks like they hope that by sweetening the deal, they will increase their service’s userbase.

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January 6, 2016

The Level U Wireless Headphones are perfect for commuters or fitness fanatics. Offering high quality sound without the hassle of wires, these headphones make the ideal companion for any smartphone or music-streaming smartwatch. To take advantage of this deal, you have to register a new, qualifying card – your first card on Samsung Pay – sometime between February 1, 2016 and February 14, 2016. You will receive a coupon code, but you have to redeem your headphones by March 15. To get started, grab the app by clicking the button below!

What do you think of Samsung Pay and this promotion? Worth picking up, or is it something you’re going to pass on? Let us know in the comments!


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3 weeks ago
  • Rick_Diesel

    registered my first card yesterday and have yet to receive the code

    • stockandroidguy

      I registered my first card on the 3rd and no code yet either

      • It takes about a week and may show up in your spam box, you should check for it there too

      • Justin

        check today. got mine this morning

    • Mine took like a week and came in my Spam box you should check there

    • Justin

      check again today. got my code and offer prompts this morning

      • Rick_Diesel

        i am still code-less

  • Bob F

    This might just get me to move on it

  • Julian Casio Santana King

    Just registered hopefully it doesn’t take a week

    • I don’t understand…what is the big deal about having to wait a week for the code to arrive in your inbox? The way I look at it is that it’s free decent quality wireless ear buds so I think I can handle a week, or longer.

    • Justin

      check again today!

  • Peter Parker

    sucks it doesn’t work for Note4

    • Why i upgraded from the Note 4 to the Note5 is because Samsung only released it to get their old image over and done with and it shows with the treatment its getting in terms of updates. I was literally forced to upgrade a year early because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    • B. Perri

      Yep, it sucks…..also doesn’t work for Galaxy S5……

  • James

    ‘Bout a week ago, week ago. Damn it Samsung! Why does it take so long?

    • Justin

      check again today

  • I don’t like samsung pay entire idea.

  • aaloo

    cannot believe people actually trust android or samsung to secure their fingerprints and credit card information.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      Better than trusting Apple

  • My Galaxy Prime

    I signed up months ago but after the update, I was forced to register again. Let’s hope I qualify.

  • Not available in Canada :(

  • Rouel

    Still waiting for the Qi charger for signing up for Samsung Pay

  • Justin

    Anyone have any updates on this on success or failure?
    I just went through a new registration yesterday… hoping for a positive result!

    • Justin


      Opened the Samsung Pay app this morning and a promo popped up saying the Level U offer was available for me in the Events menu.

      I followed the prompts and submitted on the Samsung site for my headphones… got my free order confirmation via email!

      • AL

        Registered on the 6th, got the pop up today as well but it says registration is valid from the 2/12-2/22. When i clicked the redeem button it says it’s invalid because i had registered my first card already. Have not received an email either. Tried to reset and register again, no go, same thing.

    • cat

      I installed the app last week (on Presidents Day), got my code, registered my card, and placed my order for the headphones. They came FedEx today. The headphones were on backorder for a bit, I was told by Samsung. Not sure of their current availability status. I also was on the phone with a Samsung rep when I did all my stuff, because I was having trouble getting my card to accept. Then he helped me through the rest of the processes of ordering, and getting my card set up correctly. Other than the glitch that made me call in the first place, I really had no issues. And I’ve used the pay feature twice already, in a place I never expected it to evend work. Lol. I wish you luck in your process, and I hope you have ano easy time with it all. =)

  • The Gadget Guy Jai

    When Samsung was running the $200 off a product on their website, or even the $50 best buy gift cards for SP they stated that it would take 2-4 weeks to verify and receive the code. Some people received it sooner than others. In the meantime enjoy using that Samsung Pay basically anywhere you can swipe your card. I know it sucks to wait, although it’ll be worth it. They’ve been giving out so much free stuff and money for early adopters, there are a lot of people to verify. Also Samsung Pay is more secure than using your actual credit card because of the tokenization. Plus if you lose your phone nobody can use it because of the pin or better yet fingerprint. Can’t say the same about an actual physical credit card.

  • Justin


    Opened the Samsung Pay app this morning and a promo popped up saying the Level U offer was available for me in the Events menu.

    I followed the prompts and submitted on the Samsung site for my headphones… got my free order confirmation via email!

    • Stephen Schenk

      Opened the app and says that I had to register between the 11th and the 22nd so I am now ineligible for the promo…I registered on the 6th.


      • Justin

        i did mine on the 10th actually, and it all took.
        if anything, i would reach out to Samsung and state/find the image with the original promo dates that were posted?

        • Stephen Schenk

          I only got the promo dates from this article, nothing popped up in the app when i registered the card, and I didn’t think anything of it since the article didn’t say that a promo would pop up if you’re eligible. I don’t know its mostly just annoying

          • alfred

            Man, the same exact thing happened to me

    • Justin


  • Stephen Schenk

    Screen shot when i opened the app today, after registering on the 6th….

  • Glenda Carranza

    Opened the app and says that I had to register between the 11th and the 22nd so I am now ineligible for the promo and I finally registered on the 8th what r we suppose to do when we got false info.

  • philnolan3d

    Just saw this in the app. Another smack in the face from Samsung.

  • Rick_Diesel

    Hate to say it, but yall at AA lied to a bunch of people…opened the app and I am not eligible because the real days are February 11-22. Also can’t claim since you included “sometime between February 1-14 that you did provide promo dates. If you’re gonna talk about promos be accurate or don’t report it at all. Yes I am salty