26 of the best free Android games

January 13, 2014


    It goes without saying that most of the best games you can get on Android cost money. Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and a host of others provide an amazing experience but they’re also fairly expensive. It is possible to have an excellent, deep, and rich gaming experience on Android without spending a dime and we’ll show you how with this list of 26 of the best free Android games.


    Angry Birds - best free Android gamesAngry Birds

    [Price: Free]
    Of course the first on our list is the venerable Angry Birds. We know a lot of people don’t like Angry Birds anymore, but there are still tens of millions who do. There are more than half a dozen games the series, including a puzzle game called Bad Piggies and a racing game Get it on Google Playcalled Angry Birds GO. All the games combined bring a metric boat load of content that makes it a great time waster for anyone who isn’t tired of the series yet.
    Angry Birds best free Android games

    Asphalt 8: Airborne best free Android gamesAsphalt 8: Airborne

    [Price: Free]
    Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best racing games available for Android and thanks to its Freemium model, you can pick up the game and play it without paying anything. There are some in app purchases and some people really don’t like those, but it is possible to play and enjoy the game without paying Get it on Google Playfor anything. It features some amazing graphics, a long racing campaign, and plenty of airtime. It’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a racing fan.
    Asphalt 8 Airborne best free Android games

    Battle Nations best free Android gamesBattle Nations

    [Price: Free]
    Battle Nations is a combat strategy game that has managed to lay low and stay off of a lot of radars. It’s received praise from prominent gaming blogs like Kotaku and Touch Arcade. It boasts a lot of game play including 500 missions that an be played with over 100 unique troops Get it on Google Playand the developer promises more to come. Like many on this list, it’s Freemium so there are in app purchases but thankfully you don’t need them to enjoy the game.
    Battle Nations best free android games

    Bejeweled Blitz best free android gamesBejeweled Blitz

    [Price: Free]
    Bejeweled Blitz ended 2013 on a high note as it won “Best Game Franchise” in the Google Play Player’s Choice awards. It’s a fairly simple to play puzzle game where you must match shapes. It’s very simple but very addictive Get it on Google Playand it’s a time waster that’s already present on a lot of Android devices today. It’s worth checking out if you need something to kill a few minutes.
    Bejeweled Blitz best free android games

    Blood Brothers best free android gamesBlood Brothers (RPG)

    [Price: Free]
    Blood Brothers is a mix between a card game and an RPG that was done by Mobage; the same team that did the once-popular Rage of Bahamut card game. In this game you use cards to progress through the game and fight other characters and players. There are over 1000 characters and a strong Get it on Google Playsocial media integration. It is Freemium so that may be a problem for some but with an impressive 4.6 rating in the Google Play Store, most people seem to enjoy it.
    Blood Brothers best free android games

    candy crush sagas best free android gamesCandy Crush Saga

    [Price: Free]
    Candy Crush Saga is an insanely popular game that a lot of people enjoy even if it is a little simple. It boasts over 400 levels and a “difficult to master” game play. There is also strong Facebook integration so you can play with Get it on Google Playyour friends if you use a Facebook account. It’s not the most in depth game ever, but it’s another great time waster if you need to kill a few minutes.
    candy crush saga best free android games

    Clash of Clans - best free android gamesClash of Clans

    [Price: Free]
    Clash of Clans is one of the most in depth games on our list. It’s a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game where you build a village, defend it against other (real) players, and then build an army to attack other real players. You can join clans to get extra troops or play alone it’s your call. Thanks to the upgrade times Get it on Google Playand the variety of upgrades and things to build, this game is not one that’s easy or quick to finish. If you’re into strategy games, this is worth picking up.
    clash of clans best free android games

    CSR Racing best free android gamesCSR Racing

    [Price: Free]
    CSR Racing is a mix of a racing game and a simulation. In the game, you drag race other vehicles (both AI and real players) in quarter and half mile races. It’s a deeper game that is quick to play so if you’re looking for a good mix of a quick time waster and a deeper game experience, this is a really good one to pick up. Get it on Google PlayWith the recently added online component, it gives the game an extra facet that gives gamers even more to do. If you’re into sims and racing, this is worth trying.
    CSR Racing best free android games

    Cut the Rope best free android gamesCut the Rope FULL FREE

    [Price: Free]
    Cut the Rope is a cutesy puzzle game where you must feed an adorable little monster its favorite candy. You do so by cutting it down from ropes and avoiding obstacles. You get one star for getting the candy to the monster and you can collect additional stars by hitting the gold stars with the candy before it gets to the monster. There Get it on Google Playare 375 levels and the developers are very active in adding more content. It’s fun and enjoyable and a great alternative to puzzle games like Angry Birds.
    cut the rope best free android games

    Dead Trigger 2 best free android gamesDead Trigger 2

    [Price: Free]
    Dead Trigger 2 is one of the highest anticipated and most popular releases of 2013. It’s a first person shooter game with a campaign mode and a lot of content. It also helps that MADFINGER Games consistently updates the title with gaming tweaks and new content. It’s one of the heavyweight Get it on Google Playtitles on Android and it just so happens to be free thanks to its Freemium business model. It really is one of the best out there today and it’s free.
    Dead Trigger 2 best free android games

    Doodle Jump best free android gamesDoodle Jump

    [Price: Free]
    Doodle Jump is a long time favorite for iOS fans and it’s been available for Android for quite some time now as well. It’s an addictive and simple micro-game where you jump from cloud to cloud continuously until you fall off or get hit by too many enemies. We’d say this is a quick Get it on Google Playtime waster but it’s possible to spend a whole bunch of time playing just one round of this game. It’s not the deepest game but it’s really addictive and fun.
    Doodle Jump best free android games

    FIFA 14 best free android gamesFIFA 14 by EA SPORTS

    [Price: Free]
    FIFA 14 is one of two free sports games that are by EA Sports. On consoles, EA is known for their award winning games and while their Android games don’t quite have that same punch and innovation, they are still the best sports games for Android. In FIFA 14, you can play with any one of 600 teams in 33 leagues and in five languages. For soccer fans, it’s the best there is, Get it on Google Playperiod. The Freemium model is a little aggressive and many people don’t like it so there is that problem. It shouldn’t stop anyone from at least giving it a try.
    FIFA 14 best free android games

    fruit ninja best free android gamesFruit Ninja Free

    [Price: Free]
    Fruit Ninja is one of the original Android time wasters. With well over 100 million downloads to date and a 4.5 Google Play rating, it’s hard to say anything bad about the game. It’s very simple to play with colorful graphics Get it on Google Playand busy game play. It has all the hallmarks of a classic arcade game and it’s been around long enough to be considered a classic Android arcade game.
    fruit ninja best free android games

    Galaxy on Fire 2 best free android gamesGalaxy on Fire 2 HD

    [Price: Free]
    Galaxy on Fire 2 is a surprisingly gorgeous and complex game given its price tag. In this space combat game, you get a mixture of mission-based, sandbox, and story-based game play with over 50 spaceships that are each customizable, and support for over 200 Android devices. There are in app Get it on Google Playpurchases but they aren’t too bad considering how awesome this game looks and how well it plays. If you want something with more complexity and depth, this is perfect.
    Galaxy on Fire 2 best free android games

    jetpack joyride best free android gamesJetpack Joyride

    [Price: Free]
    Jetpack Joyride is a solid and addictive arcade game from the same people who brought us Fruit Ninja. The game play itself is fairly simple. It’s a side-scrolling arcade game where you must collect coins and shoot things to make it through levels. It’s a fast paced game and among the highest rated in the Google Play Get it on Google PlayStore so people seem to really like it. A bonus is the developers seem to be keen on updating the game regularly with new content and that’s always preferable.
    jetpack joyride best free android games

    Madden 25 best free android gamesMadden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS

    [Price: Free]
    Madden NFL 25 is one of the best football games available for Android. It comes with pretty good graphics, easy to learn controls, and features every professional NFL team (which apparently is a rarity in the mobile market). Get it on Google PlayThis one is a little heavy on the IAPs, but people claim to be able to enjoy it without them most of the time. It’s pretty fun and a must have for any sports fan.
    Madden NFL 25 best free android games

    plants vs zombies 2 best free android gamesPlants vs Zombies 2

    [Price: Free]
    As one of the highest anticipated games to be released on mobile in 2013, Plants vs Zombies 2 picks up right where its predecessor left off. With better graphics and more game play, Plants vs Zombies 2 is pretty much better in every way than Get it on Google Playthe first one. In this game you must defend your lawn from zombies with plants. It is a unique concept and one of the fresher ideas in the zombie game market.
    plants vs zombies 2 best free android games

    Pou best free android gamesPou

    [Price: Free]
    Pou is kind of our wildcard on this list because it features the creepiest looking character ever. If you were a fan of the old Tamagotchi devices in the 1990′s then you’ll probably enjoy this game a little bit. You get a little Diglett/potato/meat bun thing that you then take care of. You play mini Get it on Google Playgames, personalize it, and there are even some functions like playing with friends that sound pretty fun. If you’re into that kind of stuff, give it a shot.
    Pou best free android games

    Puzzles & Dragons best free android gamesPuzzles & Dragons

    [Price: Free]
    Puzzles & Dragons is a unique game because not many people outside of Japan have really played it or heard of it. In Japan it’s one of the most profitable mobile games of all time and it’s just now starting to take hold in the rest of the world. It’s a mix of arcade, puzzle, and RPG which sounds really strange but it works pretty well. You attack opponents by matching orbs. You then level grind, Get it on Google Playget new monsters, and dungeon crawl to get more cool stuff. There are IAPs, but that hasn’t stopped the game from getting a 4.5 rating in the Play Store.
    Puzzles & Dragons best free android games

    The Simpsons Tapped out best free android gamesThe Simpsons: Tapped Out

    [Price: Free]
    The Simpsons: Tapped Out very quickly became one of the best free games on Android once it was released. It features original Simpsons content from the creators along with original art and the original voice actors. If you’re a Simpsons fanatic, then it’s worth checking this game out. It’s a sim game where you play as Homer Get it on Google Playand you must rebuild Springfield after you blow it up. It is a good sim all on its own but the addition of Simpsons characters makes it even more enjoyable.
    The Simpsons Tapped Out best free android games

    The Sims FreePlay best free android gamesThe Sims FreePlay

    [Price: Free]
    Speaking of sims, Sims FreePlay is also available for free and as most gamers know, the Sims is the sim game to play. In this mobile version you are in control of teenagers doing their usual Sims stuff so Get it on Google Playit doesn’t feature a lot of the more adult content. It still has everything that makes its predecessors fun so it’s worth a shot if you’re a fan of the series.
    The Sims FreePlay best free android games

    Temple Run 2 best free android gamesTemple Run 2

    [Price: Free]
    It just wouldn’t be a best free games list without the obligatory nod to Temple Run. The game play sparked hundreds of popular spin-offs and it’s still enjoyable to millions of people even today. Temple Run 2 features a number of improvements over the original although Get it on Google Playits mostly just in graphics. It’s a fun time waster and it is something a little different from your typical Angry Birds style puzzle games.
    Temple Run 2 best free android games

    Tower Defense best free android gamesTower Defense

    [Price: Free]
    Take a wild guess what genre of game Tower Defense falls in. In this colorful and enjoyable little game, you set up defenses to combat approaching hoards of bad guys. It’s a pretty basic game but it is also a Get it on Google Playfree game in a rather complex genre. If you’re looking for something a little more old school, another great free tower defense game option is Towers N’ Trolls.
    Tower Defense best free android games

    Words with Friends best free android gamesWords with Friends

    [Price: Free]
    Words with Friends is a popular Scrabble remake designed for mobile devices. This is obviously multiplayer and you can invite your friends to play with you. It’s not so popular among the hardcore gamers but your average casual mobile user seems to enjoy it quite a bit. You play an unlimited number of games and instead of in-app purchases this game relies on Get it on Google Playold fashioned advertisements. If you aren’t a fan of Scrabble style games, Zynga has a word search-style game called Scramble that’s pretty fun too.
    Words with Friends best free android games

    zenonia 4 best free android gamesZenonia 4

    [Price: Free]
    We know that Zenonia 5 is out but it seems the gamer community considers it an inferior title than Zenonia 4 so that’s the one we recommend. Zenonia 4 is an action RPG where you walk around, kill things, complete quests, and level grind. It’s one of the highest rated free games on this entire list so that should tell you something. There are in app Get it on Google Playpurchases but according to reviewers they’re pretty mild (Zenonia 5 is apparently much worse with them). It’s a fun game and RPG fans should enjoy the game.
    best free android games zenonia 4

    Zombie Highway best free android gamesZombie Highway

    [Price: Free]
    Last on our list is one of the best endless runner zombie games available in Zombie Highway. In this game you drive down the highway forever defending yourself from zombies. If you aren’t careful they’ll Get it on Google Playtip you over and you’ll lose. You get guns, new vehicles, and new environments the longer you play. It’s free, it’s addictive, and an overall solid offering.
    zombie highway best free android games

    Wrap up

    We tried to not just include games with high ratings and positive reviews, but as many different categories as possible. There are zombie games, RPGs, puzzles, endless runners, arcade games, strategy games, and more. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of games on the Play Store and there’s every reason to believe that we missed a couple of really good ones. If there’s a great free game that you want to tell us about, feel more than free to leave a comment and let us know!

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            Most of these games have the same problem and that’s the replay value. PC games have a hard enough time here but at least there are a handfull of games that are so awesome that you could play them endlessly. I can’t even count the times i played HL2 or the original Deus Ex. As far as Android games go; even Angry Birds get tedious after a wile. As much as i like Clash of Clans it seams to me that by the time i build everything there, i will lose interest to ever play it again.

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        it’s absolutely flies on my nexus 7 2013 with kitkat

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          No it doesn’t. I have a Nexus 7 2013 and it is smoother than most, but it does not fly. On the old Tegra 3 Nexus 7 it lags badly. On this Snapdragon 600 in the Nexus 7, even with it overclocked, it still is not as smooth as it should be. The Nexus 7 2013 is super powerful, and it is smooth on the Nexus 7 2013, but there are random frame rate drops. Also I haven’t installed anything. This is a rooted OmniROM, and I uninstalled 20 system apps, and installed only this one. The GPU and CPU are both overclocked, and the thermald is rasised, so it should have been smoother than what I experienced.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            Gameloft is known for not being so good at optimizing their games for Android devices while other developers such as Electronic arts or Glu for example are doing a very good job so far.

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