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13 best soccer games and European football games for Android

European football (or soccer) is one of the most popular sports in the world. Here are the best soccer games for Android.

Published onMarch 23, 2024

eFootball 2023 screenshot best soccer games on Android

European football (or soccer as it’s known in the States) is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are hundreds of leagues, thousands of teams, and tens of thousands of players. It’s a phenomenon. There are a ton of soccer apps. However, like most sports, the mobile gaming side of things isn’t great. There are a few gems, though. Most soccer (football) games let you play on the field with your favorite players or sim the game and make you the manager. We have a nice sprinkling of both. Here are the best soccer games and European football games for Android.

The best soccer games for Android

Final Kick

Price: Free to play

Final Kick 2020 is a simple soccer game with an arcade feel. It lets you play a shootout over and over again. Your goal is to score goals. The game features decent graphics, offline tournaments, online multiplayer, weekly tournaments, and simple controls. There isn’t a whole lot to this one. However, that is part of its charm. It’s good for killing a few minutes, although the tournaments can take a while to finish. It is freemium, and that’s probably the worst part about it.

Score! Hero

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Score! Hero distinguishes itself from traditional soccer games by offering an over-the-shoulder view focused solely on the intricacies of shooting, passing, and crossing, resulting in a slower, more tactical gameplay. The close-up camera demands high-quality graphics, which the game delivers, enhancing immersion. It impressively simulates matches and player actions based on ball interactions, offering a unique experience. Despite a limited variety of modes, its detailed approach to soccer gameplay makes it appealing to fans who appreciate strategizing each move on the field.

Head Football by La Liga 2023

Price: Free to play

Head Football by La Liga 2023 screenshot

Head Soccer La Liga is the official La Liga soccer game in Spain. It’s a fun little arcade game. Two players (or one player versus AI) square off in a one-on-one match. It plays a bit like pong, but in a good way, and you’ll see what we mean when you try it. You can train and improve your players, do a bunch of specialty shots, and even edit characters if you want to. The gameplay is super simple and should only take a couple of play sessions to get down well enough to enjoy the game. It gets updated yearly with rosters and some improvements to previous mechanics.

Dream League Soccer 2024

Price: Free to play

Dream League Soccer 2024 is the latest Dream League Soccer franchise release. Since the other Dream League Soccer games were removed from Google Play, it’s currently the only option from this developer. Thankfully, the game is pretty decent. The game is a simulator like many others on this list. You build a roster, play against other players, and even build your stadium. It has over 4,000 licensed players, so the world is your oyster here. You get to play soccer with this one, and the 2024 variant boasts better AI with smoother gameplay than prior years.

eFootball 2024

Price: Free to play

Google Play Store
The transformation of Konami’s PES games into eFootball has significantly enhanced its gameplay quality, distinguishing it from its competitor, FIFA. eFootball 2024 stands out with its smooth movement and dribbling alongside challenging mechanics that demand mastery. The graphics are impressive, capturing details like player boots and crowd fans with realistic precision, enriching the gaming experience. eFootball’s AI offers varied difficulty levels, ensuring a balanced challenge. With numerous game modes, a user-friendly interface, and a vast online competitive scene, eFootball 2024 caters to soccer enthusiasts of all preferences, marking a notable improvement in the gaming landscape.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

Price: Free to play

ea sports fc
Google Play Store
EA’s FC Mobile captivates with diverse modes, particularly its stellar Ultimate Team and comprehensive Manager Mode, allowing players to delve into various tactical experiments. The game’s allure is further amplified by EA’s dedication to freshness through regular updates that enhance gameplay and graphics and introduce new seasonal Events and rewards. It supports an unrestricted roster of players from leagues like the UEFA Champions League and the Bundesliga, ensuring a rich selection. Despite occasional performance hiccups and graphic blurriness, FC Mobile stands out as an exceptional adaptation of the world’s favorite soccer console series, offering a deeply engaging mobile experience.

Ultimate Soccer

Price: Free

ultimate soccer
Google Play Store
Ultimate Soccer delivers an impressively realistic gaming experience by perfectly blending fast-paced action with moments of strategic play. Its intuitive controls ensure player movements feel natural. The League mode presents a formidable challenge, pushing seasoned players to their limits, while the World Cup mode elevates the difficulty even further. The game stands out with features like instant goal replays, which are uncommon in mobile soccer games and add excitement to each match. Although its Squad Builder feature is streamlined, it might seem too simplistic for players who enjoy a deep soccer management experience. Together, these elements make Ultimate Soccer a distinctive and engaging game.

New Star Soccer and New Star Manager

Price: Free to play

New Star Soccer screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

New Star Soccer and New Star Manager are games from the same developer. Both get regular updates and maintenance, so we’ll include them on this list. New Star Soccer lets you live the life of a single player. You start as a 16-year-old and build yourself up to a soccer star. This includes managing relationships and sponsors, your skills, and more. New Star Manager, by contrast, is a GM mode simulator. You take control of a whole team and control things like the team’s facilities, drama-ridden stars, and other things a general manager might handle. Both games are surprisingly excellent in this genre; you can choose either depending on what kind of soccer game you want.

Rumble Stars

Price: Free to play

Rumble Stars is one of the newer soccer games on the list. It’s an arcade soccer (football) game with colorful graphics, ridiculous abilities, and animals. The game features PvP online gameplay with tons of characters and customizations. You also get clubs, various leagues, and other competitive challenges, and you can even watch game streamers in the game itself. This one requires a network connection, but its arcade goofiness takes the edge off of the competitive aspects of the game. It’s not bad if you want to play to have fun.

Sega Pocket Club Manager

Price: Free to play

Sega Pocket Club Manager screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Sega Pocket Club Manager is a club manager simulator. Players start with a team in a local league and try to build them up to an international powerhouse. You must scout and train talent, upgrade your stadium, and grow your fanbase. The game also features online PvP, where you can pit your team against other people’s teams. There is even a feature to take pictures of your friends and family members and make them part of your team. It has a lot of gimmicks, but most of them hit well. There are some bugs here and there, and the game’s microtransactions can be a bit bothersome in the late game. Otherwise, the game is pretty good.

Football Strike

Price: Free to play

football strike
Google Play Store
Football Strike transforms the excitement of football into an addictive multiplayer mobile experience. This game stands out because it allows players to emulate renowned football clubs like FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC. It’s designed to be played with friends and family, offering free kick and one-on-one modes alongside a unique ‘scooter race.’ An internet connection unlocks these thrilling modes, enhancing the gameplay. Players can progressively improve their teams by upgrading players and equipment, further deepening the engagement. Additionally, challenging friends and winning match awards and medals adds a competitive edge to the game’s fun and excitement.

Soccer Star 24

Price: Free to play

soccer star
Google Play Store
Soccer Star 24 is a fun soccer game. However, it skews closer to average than it does to great. It’s built for mobile. That means there are a ton of players and items to collect. The game starts easily enough. The controls are simple to learn, and the graphics are pretty good. Everything is fairly typical for a game that lets you play soccer. It leans on its PvP experience, but there are some non-PvP things there too. As far as uniqueness goes, this game doesn’t have much of it. You’ll also find some annoyances, like an energy system that inhibits consistent play. Even so, the developer does update it every year, and that’s not common on mobile these days. It’s a good soccer game, even if it’s not great.

World Soccer League

Price: Free to play

The World Soccer League is a bit of a dark horse on this list. It’s better than most soccer games. However, it doesn’t have a mass reception for games like FIFA or PES. The game features full soccer games, around 120 teams, 2,000 players, four game modes, achievements, leaderboards, and support for 15 languages. The mechanics are simple enough, even if they are a bit slow, and the graphics are above average in this genre. It’s a freemium game because, of course, it is. However, that’s about the worst thing about it.

If we missed any great soccer games or European football games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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