RBI Baseball 19 best baseball games for android
Baseball is America’s past time and it’s one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s easy to play, fun to watch, and the equipment is relatively inexpensive. It’s a popular sport for both hobbyists and pros. There are also baseball games on mobile. They don’t have the caliber of console games, but they can still be fun to kill a few minutes. Here are the best baseball games currently available on Android! Please note, sports in general aren’t great on mobile. If you can, you will have a lot more fun with console baseball games rather than mobile ones. We also write this list in February before spring training. Many of these games should update to the 2019 rosters and 2019 versions of the game around that time.

9 Innings 20

Price: Free to play

9 Innings 20 is the first of many free to play baseball games. It does let you play actual baseball. However, you collect various player cards to build your roster. It features 30 MLB ballparks, 800 players, decent graphics, and more. The mechanics are a little basic and the game includes far more luck and randomness than we’d like to see in a sports game. Still, it’s a fun little time waster experience for those who don’t mind something a little unrealistic. This one is also in active development and should include new players and relatively up-to-date rosters.

9 Inngings 20 screenshot 2020

Baseball Highlights 2045

Price: $3.99 / Up to $2.99 extra

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a mobile version of a board game. Players collect various players from a pool of 60 total free agents. The player with the strongest team wins. The game also includes an integrated rule book, tutorials, auto-saving, and local multiplayer game modes. It’s not the most in-depth baseball game out there. It is an interest twist on a classic board game, though, and it runs pretty well. It goes for $3.99 up front with optional DLC as in-app purchases.

Baseball Highlights 2045 - best baseball games

Bottom of the 9th

Price: Free to play

Bottom of the 9th is another baseball board game. It’s a two player game. One player throws a pitch and the other player guesses where the pitch goes. The game features three difficulty levels, single player mode, local multiplayer mode, online multiplayer, Each playable character has their own attributes and abilities. It’s plays basically just like the board game does. The game goes for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or advertisements. That makes it an easy recommendation for baseball games.

Homerun Battle 2

Price: Free to play

Homerun Battle 2 is one of the more popular freemium baseball games. Thankfully, it’s also fairly decent. It features six game types, customizable characters, simple mechanics, social gaming options, and more. The graphics are a little cartoonish. They do fit well with the arcade style of the game, though. The various game modes help keep things fresh for a while and the social element is quite good. However, the free-to-play mechanics are a bit much and so this is good as a time waster but don’t let yourself get too involved or it’ll cost you.

Home Run High

Price: $4.99

Home Run High is another one of the unique baseball games on mobile. This one is mostly simulation. Players build teams, upgrade players, and even building stuff like batting cages or showers. The game simulates the actual baseball games. That leaves the player with the management side of it. This is actually one of the deeper baseball games available as long as you don’t mind not actually playing baseball. It goes for $4.99 with no ads or in-app purchases.

Home Run High baseball games

MLB Perfect Inning 2019

Price: Free to play

Perfect Inning 2019 is a good, but not great baseball game. It features updated rosters, decent graphics, and simple game mechanics. You also get a career mode, online PvP, season mode, and various other game types. The game does have freemium mechanics and and that certainly doesn’t help the experience. They bog down and otherwise pleasant baseball game experience. Players can play actual baseball in this, but there is a bit of a luck factor when throwing pitches or getting hits. It also has a gacha (character collection) element where you build a franchise with players you obtain. It’s deeper than most, but still mostly a time waster.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019

RBI Baseball 19

Price: $3.99

RBI Baseball 19 is the official baseball game from the MLB itself. It features 2018-updated rosters, stadiums, uniforms, and more. The game also has better graphics than most of the games on this list. There is also a franchise mode where players can run their own teams. The actual controls are a tad clunky, but nothing too serious. The MLB also develops some other baseball games, including Home Run Derby and the very unique Beat the Streak game where you try to get a streak long enough to break Joe DiMaggio’s consecutive game hit streak. RBI Baseball 19 is a premium game with no in-app purchases or ads. However, the developers are still trying to perfect this series, so do expect some bugs. This list was written in February so expect RBI Baseball 20 to launch at some point in 2020.

RBI Baseball 19 screenshot

Super Mega Baseball

Price: $19.99

Super Mega Baseball is an outstanding baseball game. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Nvidia Shield devices. It features solid graphics, a good mix or arcade and realistic mechanics, and the best difficulty system of any game of any genre. It doesn’t quite compare to the realism of current generation console baseball games. However, this is as good as it gets in the Google Play Store. It really is too bad it isn’t available on more devices, though. The $19.99 price tag is a bit steep, but sometimes you have to pay for quality stuff.

Tap Sports Baseball 2019

Price: Free to play

Tap Sports Baseball is a series of free to play baseball games. A new release comes out basically every year. This one features decent graphics, decent mechanics, current baseball rosters, and more. The game also has tournaments, social gaming features, online PvP with multiple players, and team customization. Of course, it’s a freemium game so don’t get too excited. It has many of the same limitations and frustrations that other freemium baseball games have. Tap Sports Baseball 2018 was a different release than 2017 in the Play Store. However, 2019’s version seems to be an update to the 2018 version. Thus, expect this to turn into a 2020 variant before the end of the year.

Fantasy Baseball

Price: Free (usually)

Fantasy baseball is a popular and easy way to enjoy the baseball season. You probably know how fantasy baseball works and it hasn’t changed in many years. You join a league, draft a team, trade players, pick up free agents, and set rosters to see who picks the best team. There are several good websites to play and most of those websites have apps. We recommend Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN’s fantasy sports platform, and CBS Fantasy Sports for the most popular options. These are all free to play. There are some premium fantasy apps like FanDuel, so use those at your own discretion. This is a great, low energy way to get even more into the great game of baseball.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the best fantasy sports apps for android

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