18 best Android fitness apps and workout apps

by: Joe HindyMay 1, 2015

There isn’t much you can do for your body that is better than getting in shape, staying in shape, and working out. It lowers all of the bad things (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc) and heightens all of the good things (muscles, stamina, etc). Owning an Android device won’t do these things for you but there are plenty of apps that can help you along the way. Here are the best Android fitness apps and workout apps. If you need a good diet app to go along with your fitness app, check out our best Android diet and nutrition apps.

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C25K Couch to 5K best Android fitness apps and workout appsC25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
C25K Couch to 5K is a fitness app that takes you from being an out of shape couch potato to being ready to run a 5K. It has MyFitnessPal integration, allows you to create music playlists to workout to, and various tracking features for when you go out running. The app also includes zero to 10K, 5K to 10K, and half marathon training programs you can follow as well. The free version is a trial and the full version costs $1.60 as an in app purchase.
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C25K Couch to 5K best Android fitness apps and workout apps

calorie counter by myfitnesspal best Android fitness apps and workout appsCalorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Exercising is extremely important but you’re not going to get very far if you don’t keep an eye on your diet as well. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is pretty much as good as you can possibly get on Android. It logs your calories and has a database of over four million foods so you can find what you ate and keep an accurate count. There is also a web interface you can use if you need it and a pro version for $0.99 available as in app purchase.
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calorie counter by myfitnesspal best Android fitness apps and workout apps

challenges by nexercise best Android fitness apps and workout appsChallenges by Nexercise

[Price: Free]
Challenges is a weight loss app that tries to make fitness fun. This game uses ranks, XP, badges, and other gamer-like rewards for when you do workouts. The idea is to “level up” and “rank up”. This, in turn, tricks your brain into turning fitness into a habit rather than just something you have to do. It has the usual array of activity trackers and the like. It’s a different kind of approach and it’s also totally free.
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endomondo best Android fitness apps and workout appsEndomondo

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Endomondo is considered one of the best of the best when it comes to fitness apps. With it you can track your fitness and performance, record pep talks for your friends (and vice versa), and a large list of other things to do and access. The in app purchases is actually a $2.50/month subscription service. With that you can create a personal training plan, analyze heart rate, get rid of ads, and several more features. It’s extremely popular, highly rated, and there’s a website so you can keep tracking stuff on your computer so why not give a shot?
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fitnotes best Android fitness apps and workout appsFitNotes Gym Workout Log

[Price: Free]
A lot of these Android fitness apps try to take direct control of your life and help you get into shape. FitNotes does the opposite by letting you do what you do and simply offering to keep a log of it. It’s a free app that features no advertising, includes an exercise database to help you properly categorize your workouts, a workout log so you can keep track of what you’re doing, and you can create custom routines and workouts tailored to yourself. It’s a must have app if you go to the gym or participate in DIY fitness.
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fitnote best Android fitness apps and workout apps

Google Fit best Android fitness apps and workout appsGoogle Fit

[Price: Free]
Google Fit is a brand new platform that lets you track your activity and gives you access to all of your fitness data. It’s a little more minimal than most of these other apps because it is a new platform but rest assured Google will probably strengthen their fitness offering. For now, though, if you want something a little less hands on but still perfectly effective, this is it. It’s also free with no in app purchases and has probably the best Android Wear support of any app on this list.
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Google Fit best Android fitness apps and workout apps

Ingress best android fitness apps and workout appsIngress

[Price: Free]
Say what? Yes, Ingress can actually be a fairly effective game for getting back into shape. The hardest part of getting into shape is getting out of the house and motivated enough to go for even a walk. Ingress solves this problem by turning the act of going outside and taking a walk into a video game. You can engage in the classic game where you must roam around and “hack portals” for your alliance. There is also a Missions feature that is currently rolling out that lets you go on missions (and create them) which are essentially complex scavenger hunts. No matter which way you play, it involves getting out of the house and walking/biking around and eventually it’ll help you get into better shape!
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jefit best Android fitness apps and workout appsJEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
JEFIT wants to be your personal trainer and there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t let it be that. It contains a database with over 1300 exercises that includes animations on how to do them. There is also the standard fitness tracking along with fitness plans and there is even a social aspect that you can join. It’s highly rated and free to use. There is even a website you can sign up for and keep track of stuff there.
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jefit best Android fitness apps and workout apps

nike training club best Android fitness apps and workout appsNike+ Training Club

[Price: Free]
Nike+ Training Club is actually a little bare when you compare it to some of these other apps. However, what features it does have are actually very useful. It contains over 100 workouts that are essentially workout videos (like the ones you buy in stores). It has Chromecast support so you can cast the videos to your TV and workout right in your living room or use an HDMI-out cable if you have one of those for your device. It does have some fitness tracking and customization which gives you tailor made workouts and that’s a nice touch. It’s worth a shot if you want more at-home workouts.
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Nike Training Club best Android fitness apps and workout apps

Pocket Yoga best Android fitness apps and workout appsPocket Yoga

[Price: $2.99]
After about a decade or so of arguing about it, it has finally been decided that yoga is, in fact, a good way to exercise and stay in shape. If you’re getting into yoga, an app like Pocket Yoga is insanely useful. There are over 200 poses along with animations and voice instructions to show (and tell) you how it’s done. It also includes the ability to log your yoga practices and create yoga workouts.
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Pocket Yoga best Android fitness apps and workout apps

progression best android fitness appsProgression

[Price: Free with in app purchases / $3.99]
Progression is a recommendation from our readers and it turns out to be a solid fitness application. The app contains built-in exercise regimens for you to follow or you can make your own. This is helpful for people with exercise restrictions or want to work on a specific thing (cardio over weight training, for instance). The app relies on a time trial style method of motivation where you strive to beat what you did the last time you worked out over and over again. It’s all wrapped up in a very attractive Holo/Material Design interface and it’s free to try!
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progression best android fitness apps

RunKeeper best Android fitness apps and workout appsRunKeeper

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
RunKeeper is another one of those Android fitness apps that a virtual boatload of people have used. This one focuses around being a performance tracker for you runners out there. You can create running routes, keep track of your performance, create fitness plans, and you can integrate various hardware to measure your heart rate. It does support other types of workouts which is a nice touch and there are even plans if you’re training for part of a marathon or a whole one. It is also integrated into a bunch of other fitness apps (some of them are on this very list) and fitness devices.
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runkeeper best Android fitness apps and workout apps

Runtastic best android fitness apps and workout appsRuntastic Running and Fitness

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Runtastic is another highly rated fitness app that a lot of people enjoy. It has Android Wear support as well as GPS tracking for your running, walking, biking, and jogging routes. It includes a lot of fitness tracking including graphs, customizable dashboard so you only get the info you want, and it integrates with a number of big name music apps so you can listen to tunes while you work out. There is even an extension for Sony smartwatches if you happen to have one of those.
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sports tracker best android fitness appsSports Tracker Running Cycling

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Sports Tracker Running and Cycling is another reader recommendation and it’s another good option for runners and cyclists. You can track and analyze your progress and training data which is par for the course at this point. You can also share you data with people on social media if you want to brag about your fitness goals. It also includes maps, various time and distance calculators, and it has support for devices that track your heart rate. It’s free to try and rocks a 4.5 rating in the Play Store.
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sports tracker best android fitness apps

strava best android fitness appsStrava Running and Cycling

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Strava is a favorite among our readership and they were quite disappointed that we overlooked this one when this list was first released. The app contains a fun leaderboard set up where you can compete with yourself, your friends, people in your area, and pros to see how you stack up. There are also various ways to share various things and Strava really does a great job in bringing the social aspect of exercise to the forefront. The UI is clean and friendly and premium users get a lot more features.
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Sworkit best Android fitness apps and workout appsSworkit Personal Trainer

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Sworkit wants to be your personal trainer and the kicker is that it tries to do it without requiring you to go to the gym. The app has a number of built-in exercise regimens depending on what you need and that includes yoga. You can also craft your own if you need to and the app includes over 160 exercises that you can craft yours with. It’s free with no in app purchases and its lighter, no-gym approach is great for people who can’t afford that kind of lifestyle.
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Sworkit best Android fitness apps and workout apps

Workout Trainer best Android fitness apps and workout appsWorkout Trainer

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Workout Trainer is another app that’s been recommended by virtually everyone and we’re not different. It’s very popular and aims to be an all-in-one solution. You can customize workouts, view instructional videos on how to do exercises, and follow along to workouts. There is also a social aspect that you can include yourself in if you want to. The premium version includes HD exercise videos, access to custom training programs, weekly workout challenges, and more stuff. It costs $6.99 per month with the only downside is you don’t get any price breaks for buying the premium version for several months at a time.
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Zombies Run best Android fitness apps and workout appsZombies, Run!

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
If you think about it, an app like this makes sense. What are they always doing in shows and movies about zombies? Either walking or running constantly. Unlike Ingress, where exercise is a happy accident, exercising in Zombies, Run! is integrated directly into the game. You must run for your life while you progress through a post apocalyptic story line that has you running to get supplies and then using the supplies to rebuild your base. The more you run, the more resources you have. It’s a fun idea and it’s free to download.
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Wrap up

If we missed any awesome Android fitness apps and workout apps (and we probably did), please let us know in the comments!

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  • Zach

    The best Android workout app I’ve ever used is Progression.


  • CantEvenGo

    The Walk (by the Zombies Run dev) is pretty solid as well.

  • Charlie

    Where is the in-app purchase for MyFitnessPal? I don’t see a paid version anywhere.

    • JosephHindy

      I couldn’t either but then again I have problems finding them in a lot of apps (antivirus apps are notoriously difficult to find them. They just kinda pop up when “the free trial ends”)…so I trust that Google Play is telling the truth.

      I do know that gPlay will put that on there if the in-app purchases occur off-app. Like Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto. The app doesn’t have any but links to the merch store where people can buy stuff and that earned it a “with IAPs” identification. So it may just link to the site where you can get a pro subscription there.

  • Qualia

    How come Fitocracy didn’t make it to the list?

  • Tom Z

    I really like Ride with GPS. It works with just about every Bluetooth sensor out there, I use it for my speed and cadence sensor plus a Polar H7.



  • Jarry_Can

    What? No Strava? Solid app for runners and bikers that allows you to compare your stats to the community, set personal goals and discover new routes.

  • Angelo Marco L. Perfecto

    Sports Tracker. Been using it since Nokia s60

  • Sally Evans

    Strava! Another new one that is quite different is My Virtual Mission. Keeps me motivated!

  • noteattack

    Noom is in Editor’s choice too.. and you missed it.. :-|

    • JosephHindy

      Which one? There are 4 lol.

  • SaturdayGirl

    Try this one! bit.ly/1Dfw2Ny Although it is a beta, it’s very promising and the giraffe is so cute that it is motivating, the app’s name is Tep by the way.

  • http://www.rettgergalactic.com Liz

    How bout a simple one for crossfitters? Handsfree Stopwatch- A voice controlled stopwatch that lets you time your workouts without stopping what you’re doing. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rettgergalactic.handsfree

  • Cherry

    is applicable for this phone ?http://flosmall.com/phones/nubia-z9-mini-black-2gb-16gb-detail i want to buy this phone , and install them

  • Tom Z

    Another really good one for cyclists is Ride with GPS… It supports just about every sensor for you and you bicycle.

  • JB

    sworkit is a huge app

  • Mustafa Farooq

    Can you guys do best TV show trackers ?

  • Nikola

    For me Madbarz Workout App is best because it personalizes my workouts and I can track my progress ! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madbarz.madbarzApp&hl=en

  • http://www.theworkoutwingman.com Robert Rogo

    Hello Joe,

    My name is Robert Rogo and I am a Front End Developer at JEFIT.

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for featuring us in your article about the Best Android Fitness Applications!

    We are currently in the process of updating our Android application to match the new Google Material Design UI/UX structure, which we are hoping to have out my sometime next week. We are taking all user feedback into consideration and working diligently into making our product as best as it possibly can be.

    Again thank you for taking the time to write about JEFIT and feature us in your article!

    – Robert

  • Jake

    Been using Heavy since the beta, it just came out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heavyapp.android

  • Jason_Android
  • King Lo

    So glad to see Rundouble top this list. It has gotten me back into shape 5 springs straight.

  • http://www.herculeapp.com Jérémy

    You should check Hercules too : http://en.herculeapp.com

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  • cody brill

    For lifting, bodybuilding.com should def be on here. Best app out for weight lifting.