Best Android apps for VoIP and SIP calls

by: Paul NuñalMay 22, 2012
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Staying connected has never been so easy, thanks to the modern-day smartphone, keeping us in touch with our friends even when they are out of reach. With advancements in the field of communications, smartphones have also evolved in how we communicate with other people.

Thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, users can now get in touch with the special people in their lives by using the Internet connection on their phones. Since VoIP relies on the Internet, calling someone is relatively free of charge, with the exception of possible charges for using the Internet data connection.

Here are some of the best VoIP applications that are available in the Google Play Store.


Skype is arguably one of the best VoIP services being used all around the world, and remains as popular as ever, keeping faithful to its service by giving users free Skype-to-Skype video calls. The Android version of Skype still packs a lot of punch and provides the same features as its desktop counterpart.

Users of Skype for Android version will be able to make free Skype video calls, send instant messages, and voice calls via 3G or Wi-Fi. Not only that, users can make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to other mobile users directly using their Android phones.




Once you get used to the buddy system on Fring, there’s no telling when you will stop chatting with your online buddies. Fring for Android is an innovative mobile application that lets you communicate and stay connected with your friends in a fun and easy-to-use environment.

Fring is not your ordinary buddy messenger. It is a complete package of all the best communication tools available on the Internet. Users can either choose from Fring’s list of communication services such as a 4-way group video chat, 1-on-1 video chat via 3G or Wi-Fi, or hook up with friends courtesy of the Live Texting feature.

Enjoy high quality video chat, thanks to Fring’s video calling DVQ technology that will give users the best video and audio quality possible, as it automatically adjusts to your data connectivity.




For those of you who are looking for separate lines for calling and texting on Android, Line2 is definitely the right app for you. Whether it’s used for business or personal use, Line2 is an exceptional app that serves as a landline replacement and will keep your mobile number private.

Take advantage of Line2’s different calling options. Choose from Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections, depending on the service that you have applied for. In addition, users can benefit from the unlimited calls from U.S. to Canada, absolutely free. The app also supports SMS messaging with 24-hour support for the service. Line2 also has a built in Caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding among its several features. There is a paid plan that gives you access to voicemail and conference calling.



Tango has already been considered as one of the best free video call/chat apps for Android. What makes Tango the prime choice for many users is its top-notch voice calls. Tango has very good quality when it comes to making VoIP calls. It also easily integrates with any Android phone. Users can have free calls via 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connection.

Tango seamlessly integrates with any device and is always ready to receive calls 24/7. This is a huge plus factor for users who heavily rely on VoIP calls as a means of transacting business or personal matters. Another plus factor for Tango is the fact that you don’t have to disconnect when you don’t want to use the service. Tango is always connected, even when you’re not using the service. This can easily eat up your phone’s battery, since the app always stays connected to the Internet.




Viber from Viber Media, is another excellent app that allows you to make free VoIP calls using your data plan. Viber basically functions the same as Tango but has better sound quality when it comes to making calls. With the use of Viber’s cutting-edge HD sound quality, phone calls are much better than GSM calls.

Viber is simple to use and lets you connect with friends easily, as it synchronizes your contact lists almost instantly once you launch the application. Gone are the days when you had to manually set your own contacts or build usernames from scratch. Unlike Tango, Viber has good battery management and runs in the background. With over 40 million Viber users around the world, staying connected has never been so easy.



Developed by Belledonne Communications, Linphone is another popular VoIP application that lets you make free calls, as well as video calls. Linphone is not your ordinary VoIP app, as it is opensource and is constantly updated and developed by the community.

Linphone uses SIP for its connections, making your calls sound good while keeping bandwidth at a minimum. This is quite handy for users who have a tight restriction on their data plan. Linphone also offers video calls to other users using MPEG4 and H264 codecs, but it is only made available to ARMv7 devices. It also supports a wide variety of audio codecs like iLBC, G711, GSM, G722, and Silk, just to name a few. The app also introduces audio multi-call and conferencing if you have multiple users on the line. Linphone also features echo cancellation, address book integration, and call history.



Groove IP Lite

Here’s a groovy application that will surely satisfy your calling cravings. Groove IP Lite from Snrb Labs is an Android application that connects to Google Voice using VoIP. Users of Groove IP Lite can make free unlimited calls to any phone in the United States or Canada without costing a cent on voice minutes. Groove IP Lite works on any Android device, allowing you to make calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Turn any ordinary mobile phone into a fully featured phone without paying any charges to your carrier. For those of you calling with a data network plan, each call uses 1.2 MB of data. If you’d like to do away with ads and to get more features, you can also purchase Groove IP’s pro version.




VoIP apps couldn’t get much simpler and easier to use than with CSipSimple for Android. CSipsimple is just the same as the VoIP apps you can find on the market but it is also one of the simplest to use. CSipSimple connects via WiFi just the same as those wired IP phones but minus the connection delay.

The user-interface has a minimalist feel and pretty much resembles the stock dialer found on most Android phones. The app features multi-accounts, call recording, supports a multitude of codes, as well as themes. The only downside of CsipSimple is that it uses a higher amount of bandwidth than any other VoIP app.




Want to make cheap calls without bleeding your budget? If the answer is yes then say hello to WiCall from Zenitalk. Make cheap calls using WiCall and choose from WiFi or 3G connection. WiCall is cheaper than most VOIP service available in the Google Play Store and undoubtedly better than Skype and Viber.

WiCall is basically a prepaid mobile wireless telephone service with no plans and contract to maintain; that makes calling cheaper than most VoIP services. Compared to Skype, Wicall doesn’t need a connection, neither does it ask you for a maintenance fee as your credits can last the whole year round. WiCall bypasses regular carrier restrictions and any VoIP calls you make are automatically routed via WiFi or any connection that you have at your home or at the office.



TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

Here’s something that is so simple to use that you don’t have change any additional settings to get started. Transform any ordinary Android phone to a Walkie Talkie, just by downloading TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie.

Instantly communicate with someone or a group of friends with a single tap of a button. No set-up is required as the app only requires your phone contacts or Facebook friends to start communicating. The app is fast, simple and reliable as TiKL turns your phone into the ultimate Push To Talk Walkie Talkie.

TiKL works by connecting through a WiFi. 3G, 4G, EDGE and GPRS connection so you don’t have to worry about voice charges from your carrier. Get free real time one-on-one push-to-talk calls at lightning fast speed or go global by taking group voice push-to-talk calls with friends from other networks.



Google Voice

If you are fond of making international calls then look no further than Google Voice. What makes Google Voice the top choice among VoIP applications is Google’s interconnectivity with its products. Google Voice eliminates the problem of having to use multiple numbers for different purposes as users can enjoy a single number and still be connected with their close circle of friends, even if it’s for business or personal use.

Creating a Google Voice account is easy as you just need to sign-up for a Google account. Google Voice has also a built in voicemail system that allows users to eavesdrop on someone during the recorded message. SMS is power, and Google Voice is fully integrated with it. Google Voice is not limited to just chit chat, but also allows you to send text messages to someone from anywhere in the world. Not only that, Google Voice also allows you to make cheap international calls using your own Google number.



With an abundance of VoIP apps available for Android devices, you’ll be able to make calls to anywhere in the world using your Internet connection. Save money on making calls today. If your favorite VoIP app didn’t make it to our list, let us know what your VoIP app of preference is in a comment.