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We Play: Blood Brothers 2

May 26, 2015
SPONSORED: In this quick review, we're going to look at Blood Brothers 2, a strategy RPG with a gritty storyline, fun mechanics, and plenty of content.
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TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics review

May 19, 2015
Transformers: Battle Tactics is a game with live PvP battles with your favorite Autobots and Decepticons. Here is a review to see if it's any good.
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Enjoy some classic art on your lock screen with Muse Art Lock Screen

May 12, 2015
There's nothing quite like looking at some classic art every time you turn on your device and with Muse Art Lock Screen, you can do just that. Check it out!
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NYTimes has revamped their app and here’s our review!

May 8, 2015
In this quick review, we take a look at the new NYTimes apps! Download The New York Times - Latest News:
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Get a closer look at your network speed with nPerf Speed Test

May 4, 2015
nPerf Speed Test is a comprehensive Internet speed test that shows you your web speed, browsing performance, and streaming performance all in one place!
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Opera Mini Browser updated – we take a quick look

April 22, 2015
Opera Mini Browser received a huge update recently and we're going to take a deeper look into the update and how the browser is as a whole. Check it out!
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Traffic Crash – Indie app of the day

December 29, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Traffic Crash. This infinite runner is free and requires no permissions to run. There are also helicopters shooting at you.
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Drunk Locker – Indie app of the day

December 26, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Drunk Locker. This app blocks you from getting on to social media and making a fool out of yourself when you're drunk.
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Snake Defender – Indie app of the day

December 25, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Snake Defender. This F2P time waster expands on the original premise of Snake with some tower defense elements and more!
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Hidely – Indie app of the day

December 24, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Hidely. This app boasts security for photos from the moment they're taken to you sharing them. It has issues but it's free.
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