Grand Theft Auto Vice City best gangster games and mafia games
People enjoy crime games. Game franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia Wars helped expand people’s interest in the genre. These days, you can still either play those same games or find similar ones. The gangster game genre hasn’t changed much in a long time and neither have mafia games. You basically wander a city, commit various crimes, try to grow your empire, and become the next big thing. Games take different approaches, but that’s about how it works. Here are the best gangster games and mafia games for Android!

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Crime Coast: Gang Wars

Price: Free to play

Crime Coast: Gang Wars is a city building simulator with a crime family theme. You build up a city, earn an income, and then watch it all come crashing down as you do battle with other gangs. Players claim their turf, raid your rivals, and there are some multiplayer social elements as well. This is kind of a Clash of Clans style game but with crime elements instead of fantasy elements. It’s a decent time waster. You can also try Mafia Empire, a similar game in the same genre.

Downtown Gangstaz – Hood Wars

Price: Free to play

Downtown Gangstaz – Hood Wars is a strategy PvP game with a gangster premise. This one is similar to Crime Wars above. You build up a little city, train some goons, and take down your opponents. The game has a live interaction mode where you can watch the destruction and there are some strategy elements for both attack and defense. Players can also replay old fights, use skill points to defend and attack better, and more. The businesses could generate a little more cash flow because the game is a bit slower, but otherwise it’s decent.

Gameloft’s Gangster franchise (three games)

Price: Free to play

Gameloft actually has three games in its Gangster series. The first (and most popular) is Gangster Vegas followed by Gangster New Orleans and Gangster Rio. The games all play about the same and they all play similarly to Grand Theft Auto. You roam around an open world getting into all sorts of trouble, steal cards, complete missions, and instigate gang wars. It was the best alternative to Grand Theft Auto until the franchise landed on Android and it remains one of the better gangster games on mobile today. All three games are free to play but one shouldn’t expect any less from Gameloft.

The Godfather: Family Dynasty

Price: Free to play

The Godfather: Family Dynasty is yet another city building simulator with a mafia theme. You build up a little city and earn yourself a bunch of money. The money is for hiring goons to protect you and your turf while also taking over the turf of rival gangs. Yes, it’s a fairly standard gang wars type of game. There are some minor social elements as well as various ways to upgrade your stuff. The online PvP is a bit toxic for newer players as they are often farmed by higher end players which makes the opening grind a little irritating. It’s not too bad after that opening grind.

The Godfather Family Dynasty screenshot

Grand Gangsters 3D

Price: Free to play

Grand Gangsters 3D is a riff on the popular Grand Theft Auto and Gangster games. It shares a lot of the same game play elements. Players roam around an open world stealing cars, killing people, and doing various jobs. This one strips the granularity out of its competitors and focuses mostly on the carjacking aspect of things. It’s a bit oversimplified and it’s not all that deep, but it’s a decent time killer for folks who like the carjacking portions of GTA or Gangster.

Grand Gangsters 3D screenshot

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Grand Theft Auto (five games)

Price: $4.99-$6.99

Everybody knows Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series. It’s one of the most popular and critically acclaimed games ever. Each one plays about the same way. You start out as a dude with some axes to grind with some folks. You complete missions, steal cars, kill foes, and make your way to the big bad guys at the end. The mobile ports are surprisingly good. We recommend Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas since it is the newest port, but you can play Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City as well. There are also a couple of made-for-mobile spin-offs with GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: Liberty City Stories. The prices range from $4.99 to $6.99 with no additional in-app purchases.

Idle Mafia

Price: Free to play

Idle Mafia is an idle game for crime game fans. You start out with basically nothing and grow your business as you play. Your businesses earn you the passive income needed to continue growing your empire. There are several avenues of growth, but the progression inevitably takes you to the same place at the end. The game definitely has its issues, but it’s the most competent idle mafia game of the bunch. We do hope the developers ease up a bit on its free to play strategies as it does make the endgame a bit of a slog and not in a good way.

Mafia Den RPG

Price: Free to play

Mafia Den RPG is kind of our diamond in the rough pick. It’s not overly popular and it’s not overly complex. However, it reminds us heavily of Mafia Wars. It’s a text style simulator where you manage the activities of a crime lord. Players can sell drugs and perform crimes while investing in real estate. Plus, there are in-game chats for players and PvP tournaments. It is a browser game in mobile game format so an Internet connection is more or less required. The player base is smaller, but apparently quite active and friendly (for the most part).

Mafia Den screenshot

Mob Wars LCN: Underworld Mafia

Price: Free to play

Mob Wars has an interesting history. It was the first Facebook game to top $1 million in revenue. LCN (La Cosa Nostra) is the mobile version of that game and it was Mafia Wars’ biggest competitor before Mafia Wars went down a few years ago. It plays very similarly to its rival. You play as a thug who does crimes, raises money, and levels up to be a for real crime boss. It’s a text-heavy game where you make decisions and watch the results happen in real time. The game boasts thousands of achievements, a social elements to invite friends, and a swatch of things to do. This is the game that killed Mafia Wars, so obviously it’s pretty good.

Auto Gangsters

Price: Free to play

Auto Gangster is another Grand Theft Auto clone with a reasonably okay gaming experience. It plays like most gangster games. Players commit crimes, complete missions, and try to make it to the end of the game. This one leans more heavily on the carjacking and beat ’em up aspects of the genre and it’s obviously not as good as the real thing and it’s not overly shy about borrowing from similar games. However, it’s a time waster with a bunch of content and there just aren’t as many gangster games as there used to be.

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