A WhatsApp app icon closeup on a smartphone.

  • WhatsApp is reportedly working on a dark mode option for the Facebook-owned platform.
  • There aren’t many details, such as the specific dark mode implementation or a release window.
  • A dark mode could make the app easier on the eyes and potentially save battery life.

WhatsApp has seen quite a few features this year, ranging from group calls to suspicious link detection. We still don’t have a dark mode though, but it looks like the company is working on the feature.

According to serial tipster WABetaInfo, there are “many important secret references” to a dark mode in recent updates. The tipster didn’t reveal any specific references, however, so we’d hold our breath for more information.

There’s no word if WhatsApp is simply implementing a dark mode or a black mode. By opting for the latter option, the app would consume less battery power on phones with OLED screens. OLED displays are able to turn off individual pixels in order to show blacks, giving us a deeper black than LCD screens and saving juice in the process. But if the messaging platform opts for a dark mode (i.e. displaying a dark but not black color), we won’t see any real battery saving benefit on OLED phones.

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Aside from battery considerations, a dark or black mode is also easier on the eyes when used in dark environments. Whether you’re checking WhatsApp at 3AM in a pitch-black bedroom or sending missives in the cinema (shame on you), a dark mode won’t sear your eyes like an app with a bright background.

If confirmed, WhatsApp would join a host of other apps with a dark mode, such as the Amazon Kindle app, Pocket, Twitter, the Samsung Internet Browser, Discord, and Reddit.

It’s not the only new WhatsApp feature leaked by WABetaInfo either, as they also revealed a “swipe to reply” option in beta version 2.18.282 on Android. The new feature allows users to swipe on a message to initiate a quoted response. This seems like a faster solution than holding on the desired message and tapping the “reply” button to quote it.

Do you prefer a dark mode or a full-on black mode? Give us your pick in the comments section!

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