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Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Waze is unique in that it allows anyone using the navigation app to report traffic accidents, slowdowns, and more. Doing so enables drivers to alert others on the road to possible hazards. The primary issue with this system is that it requires users to take their eyes off the road — even just momentarily — to make a report.

To make Waze less distracting, Google has integrated the Assistant into the navigation app similar to what it did with Maps. Now, instead of having to jump through several on-screen menus to report a broken-down car or construction, users can say, “Hey Google, report debris on the road.”

You can see Waze’s Google Assistant integration in actions below.

Waze Navigation Google Assistant Integration Google

The Google Assistant can do more than report traffic incidents. Waze users can also have the virtual assistant instruct the navigation app to avoid tolls and other types of roadways.

The Google Assistant integration is rolling out starting today for English-speaking Android users in the U.S. Drivers that have a different language set, are based in another country, and those running iOS will have to wait a bit for the feature. Google hasn’t stated when it plans to expand Waze’s new Assistant functionality.

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