Update, April 6: Samsung offered an official statement on the SquareTrade test. Samsung is not denying SquareTrade’s findings, but the company says 110 pounds of force is well above the force that a phone that is sat on in a back pocket would endure, which is around 66 pounds of force.

Second, Samsung points out that the Galaxy S6 Edge can withstand a higher force if the force is applied on its back, rather than on its screen. Without offering an actual figure, Samsung is asking Square Trade to “conduct the stress test again which targets both front and back sides, and open the test result to the public.”

Samsung also published a video of its own 3-point pressure test, which shows the Galaxy S6 Edge holding up to 82 pounds of force without bending (pressure applied on the back)

Original post, April 3:

The iPhone 6 #bendgate ruckus has left a persistent mark on the mobile ecosystem: the advent of the “bend test.” Done manually or with well-calibrated testing rigs, bend tests are now de rigueur for any hot new device, and these days it doesn’t get any hotter than the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The folks at phone insurance company SquareTrade took it upon themselves to check just how well the seemingly fragile Galaxy S6 Edge holds under pressure. For good measure,  SquareTrade also tested the original #bendgate victim and the other high-profile Android flagship of the moment, the One M9.

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To… break it down for you, the Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus both suffered permanent deformations at 110 pounds of force, while the HTC One M9 did a little better, bearing a 120 pound load. However, because of its curved construction, the glass on the Galaxy S6 Edge broke right away, while the glass on the two other devices broke at a higher load. That shouldn’t be a surprise: the dual-curve of the sheet of Gorilla Glass 4 covering the S6 Edge induces stress points that simply don’t exist on a flat pane.

The moral of the story is just one: treat your devices with attention, regardless of the brand or model. Sure, the Galaxy S6 Edge may withstand some pretty intense full frontal shocks, but let’s face it, that thin profile and eye-catching curved screen come at a price. And, please, don’t try to bend test your device at home.

Bending or not, we absolutely loved the Edge, with the device scoring a 9 out of 10 score in our Galaxy S6 Edge review, the same as Galaxy S6.