Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge looks stunning, but many have questioned how well the double-edged device can handle drops and bumps. A “slam test” video making the rounds suggests the S6 Edge is a lot stronger than it looks.

The video says it all, really, but in case you can’t watch it, the Galaxy S6 Edge gets slammed repeatedly onto what appears to be a hard floor without taking any visible damage. Two of the hits are full-on frontal impacts, making us wonder what’s going on in there. To be clear, there’s a chance that this video has been tampered with somehow, so take it as is.

Now, the fact that this particular device seems to survive some pretty brutal shocks doesn’t necessarily mean that the Galaxy S6 Edge is indestructible. There are a lot of variables that can influence the outcome of a drop, like the angle of the impact, the composition of the floor, or the existence of weak points caused by previous impacts. This looks mighty impressive – just don’t take it as an invitation to do the same with your device.

If you’re wondering why the time in the widget changes from 12:10, to 12:11, to 12:12 within less than 30 seconds, it’s likely because the widget has a small lag when refreshing the time when the screen is turned on (you can see that, right at the beginning, when the widget shows 12:10, the time in the status bar is actually 12:11.)

We’ll be bringing you our Galaxy S6 Edge review pretty soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, tell us what you think of this video.

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