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This week in Android: Happy Birthday Google and Android!

Both Google and Android had a milestone birthday this week. That's a pretty big deal, so we spent a lot of time on it.

Published onSeptember 30, 2018

A folder, showing Google apps.

Happy birthday, dear Google and Android! Happy birthday to you! That’s right, this week sees two big birthdays: Google turns 20 and Android turns 10. Both are milestone birthdays as well which makes this a little bit more cool. Since our favorite company and OS had birthdays, we spent a lot of the week strolling down memory lane. For Google, we took a look at 20 top tips and tricks in all of Google’s services, straight from the horses’ mouths. Then we looked at some of the significant milestones that Google hit along its way to becoming one of the the biggest companies in the world. Then we turned our sights to Android and the first Android phone to hit the market.

But we can’t be all Google all the time, so we looked at a lot of phones this week too. We went in depth with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s battery and camera. We got a look at the new Xiaomi Mi 8. Is Pocophone the new OnePlus, and if so, what does that mean for the OnePlus 6? We’re also looking forward to Razer’s next gaming phone, due out soon. All that and more in this busy week of Android!

Here are your top stories for the week

02:25 – Google turns 20: The 20 biggest milestones in Google’s history

We break down all the biggest accomplishments from your favorite search company over the past 20 years.

12:40 – Android turns 10 today: Here are 5 features we still use from Android 1.0

It might surprise you how mature Android 1.0 was when it started off.

The T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream

10 years of Android started with a Dream.

22:00 – Google Feed officially called Discover, will appear at on mobile

Google Feed has a new name, but it still gives you the same relevant information.

29:10 – From Android to YouTube: 20+ pro tips from the Googlers behind them

What better way to learn all the cool secrets and tips of Google’s products than from the people that built them? There are some “wow” moments in here!

Meanwhile, here are some stories we couldn’t cover on the podcast

This is an interesting look at the state of OnePlus and the POCOphone. Is there a new flagship killer here?

Google Assistant coming soon to Roku devices

The best assistant is coming to the best TV set top box out there. It’s time to party.

Xiaomi Mi 8 review: A reference design for Xiaomi software

The Xiaomi Mi 8 comes bearing some great specs, but not a lot of other bells or whistles.

Pixel 3 live wallpapers, previously only available on Android Pie phones, is now available to everyone running Marshmallow and above. Find out how here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery review: Huge, but enough?

Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery is in. It’s up to 4,000mAh. Is that big enough?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera review

Hot on the heels of the battery review comes the camera review. We put this camera through its paces to see what it can do.

Razer Phone 2: What we want to see in its next gaming phone

The sequel to the Razer Phone is coming very soon and we put together some thoughts on what we’d like to see.

Who wants to win a POCOphone F1?

This week, we’re giving away a brand new Pocophone F1Enter this week’s Sunday giveaway for your chance to win!

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That’s it, folks! We’ll have another giveaway and more top Android stories for you next week. To stay up to date on all things Android Authority in the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters at the link below.

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