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Tinder subscription plans compared

Are Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum worth it? And what can you get for $499 per month?

Published onApril 11, 2024

Tinder stock photo hand out app name

If you want to try your luck in the dating game, using Tinder for free can be a great way to pass the time. However, what if you want to get a bit more serious? You can game the system by subscribing to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum. You can see who likes you, get unlimited likes, and match with other people easier. Let’s go over how much Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum cost and what you get by subscribing to each.


Tinder Plus costs $17.99 (one month), $9.00 (six months), or $6.00 (12 months) per month. Tinder Gold costs $26.99 (one month), $13.50 (six months), or $9.00 (12 months) per month. Lastly, Tinder Platinum costs $35.99 (one month), $18.00 (six months), or $11.25 (12 months) per month. There's also a premium Tinder Select tier, which is $499 per month and invite-only.


How much do Plus, Gold, and Platinum cost?

The first thing you must know about Tinder’s premium subscription model is that prices fluctuate. They vary based on location and currency — and Tinder may change its pricing model over time. As such, the prices below are where things stand currently for Canada and the USA.

Tinder PlusTinder GoldTinder Platinum
1 Month
Tinder Plus
$17.99/mo (US)
$26.99/mo (Canada)
Tinder Gold
$26.99/mo (US)
$39.99/mo (Canada)
Tinder Platinum
$35.99/mo (US)
$53.99/mo (Canada)
6 Months
Tinder Plus
$9.00/mo (US)
$13.33/mo (Canada)
Tinder Gold
$13.50/mo (US)
$19.99/mo (Canada)
Tinder Platinum
$18.00/mo (US)
$26.66/mo (Canada)
12 Months
Tinder Plus
$6.00/mo (US)
$8.88/mo (Canada)
Tinder Gold
$9.00/mo (US)
$13.33/mo (Canada)
Tinder Platinum
$11.25/mo (US)
$16.66/mo (Canada)

Check your Tinder app to make sure the prices line up. If not, there’s a chance you’ll live elsewhere.

What do you get with each subscription type?

Here’s what you get with Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus Logo in app

Tinder Plus is the cheapest of the three subscription plans, coming in at $17.99 (one month), $9.00 (six months), or $6.00 (12 months) per month. In addition to the base experience you get as a free user, you also get the following:

  • Unlimited likes (or being able to swipe right or left as many times as you please)
  • Unlimited rewinds (or being able to go back to a profile that you swiped left on)
  • Tinder Passport access (or being able to change your location so you can swipe anywhere in the world)
  • No advertisements

You’d go for Tinder Plus primarily for the unlimited likes. The other features are fine. However, you don’t get any Super Likes or Boosts, and you can’t see who likes you. These are features reserved for higher-tier subscriptions.

Here’s what you get with Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold logo in app

Tinder Gold is the more popular of the three options. It costs $26.99 (one month), $13.50 (six months), or $9.00 (12 months) per month. In addition to unlimited likes, unlimited rewinds, Tinder Passport, and advertisement removal, you also get:

  • Five Super Likes per week
  • One Boost per month
  • The ability to see who liked you
  • New Top Picks daily

This is probably what they were aiming for with a base subscription; however, they undercut that with Tinder Plus and made Tinder Gold the mid-tier option. To decide whether it’s worth it, you must decide how much monthly value you see in Super Likes, Boosts, and the ability to match with people who like you instantly.

Here’s what you get with Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum logo in app

Tinder Platinum is Tinder’s option for enthusiasts or extreme users. It costs $35.99 (one month), $18.00 (six months), or $11.25 (12 months) per month. In addition to unlimited likes, unlimited rewinds, Tinder Passport, advertisement removal, five weekly Super Likes, one monthly Boost, the ability to see who liked you, and new Top Picks daily, you also get:

  • The ability to message before matching
  • Like prioritization
  • The ability to see who liked over the previous seven days

This is a little overkill, but — at least in the US — it’s not much more expensive than Tinder Gold. The deciding factors will be the exclusives: how often will you want to message before matching, and will you really need to see who you’ve liked over the last seven days?

Like prioritization works like this: if you like someone, your profile will appear in their Tinder feed earlier than other random people.

What’s Tinder Select?

If the above plans weren’t pricey enough, Tinder added a new ultra-premium tier in late 2023 called Tinder Select. Blowing the prices of the main subscriptions out of the water, this luxury membership has a flat rate of $499 per month. That’s almost $6,000 per year!

Not only is it jarringly expensive, but you have to be selected to join this plan — hence the name. The idea is that the tier is reserved for a select 1% of users and kept exclusive, although you don’t exactly have to be royalty to get in. You can apply on the Tinder website, with your profile having to pass a relatively straightforward screening based on meeting some standard criteria.

So what do you get, apart from a badge on your profile flaunting your status? Well, people like will see your profile unblurred in their Likes You grid, regardless of that user’s membership status, and you’ll stay prioritized for seven days. You’ll also get access to a SELECT Mode, which allows you to see the most sought-after profiles on the app and let them see you.

There are a couple of other benefits, such as early access to new features, but the most controversial perk is the ability to message someone you haven’t matched with up to twice per week. As you can imagine, this benefit didn’t get the best reception from the rest of the Tinder community.

Is paying for Tinder worth it?

tinder benefits update

In short, no, paying for Tinder is not worth it.

I am not an avid dating app user, so this is just my opinion — but, in general, Tinder’s subscription model isn’t fair. Tinder Plus users got Super Likes and a monthly Boost with their old subscription model. These benefits were subsequently taken away and made exclusive to Gold and Platinum.

Gold and Platinum users used to be able to Super Like people five times a day for free. However, Tinder changed this to a weekly benefit instead.

Herein lies the issue — legacy users weren’t affected by the update. If you subscribed to Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum before the changes, you’d still receive those initial benefits if you didn’t cancel. New subscribers are simply getting less for what they’re paying for compared to those who subscribed before, making it easy for older subscribers to take advantage of extra add-ons.

In-app purchases and feature monetization is the way the mobile market works. However, there are too many red flags to justify purchasing a Tinder subscription. The platform is entirely usable for free, and the added features aren’t worth paying for — unless you’re someone who really can’t live without them.

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Whether Tinder Gold is worth it largely depends on the individual and how much value they attribute to features like Super Likes, Boosts, and the ability to see and match with people who like them instantly. However, some argue that the pricing model isn’t fair, with older subscribers getting more benefits than newer ones.

The cost varies depending on the subscription. Tinder Plus costs $7.99 for one month, $4.00 monthly for a six-month or $2.67 for a 12-month subscription. Tinder Gold costs $24.99 for one month, $12.50 per month for a six-month or $8.33 for a 12-month subscription.

The payment can be either monthly or at once, depending on the subscription length you choose. If you choose a 1-month subscription, you pay once for that month. If you select a six or 12-month subscription, you pay for the entire term upfront.

The cheapest way to get Tinder Gold is to opt for a longer subscription term. A 12-month subscription, for example, is more affordable per month ($8.33) than a one-month subscription ($24.99).

No, Tinder does not offer any free trials for any of its paid plans, including Gold.

No, Tinder’s pricing is the same for all users, regardless of gender.

For most people, paying for Tinder may not be worth it. While it depends on individual preferences, the platform is entirely usable for free, and the additional features may not justify the cost.