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Fossil Hybrid HR review: Beautifully flawed

Jimmy Westenberg November 19, 2019 295 shares

Black Friday 2019: Early deals and a sneak peek at upcoming deals

AA Picks November 11, 2019

Google Stadia review: This is the future of gaming, if you have the data for it

David Imel November 18, 2019 263 shares

Samsung One UI 2.0 beta hands-on

Eric Zeman November 18, 2019 702 shares
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The best WiFi extenders you can buy today

When WiFi fails, it can be a very frustrating experience. To help with that, we've made a list of the best WiFi extenders.
AA PicksNovember 6, 201955 shares

Rumored ‘Nest Wi-Fi’ system could bake Google Assistant into mesh nodes

It would be like having a Wi-Fi mesh network made out of Google Home Minis.
C. Scott BrownSeptember 17, 201984 shares

Qualcomm FastConnect announced, but you might have it already

You might already have Qualcomm FastConnect on your phone, but the next iteration is set for release later this year.
Hadlee SimonsAugust 27, 2019287 shares

Wi-Fi hacking: Learn how it works and stay safe online

Your network is vulnerable. Right now, you can learn the art of Wi-Fi hacking — and how to stop it — for only $18.
AA PicksJuly 11, 2019115 shares

Wi-Fi at 20: The internet’s most important tech is about to grow up

Wi-Fi's success story is quite remarkable. We take a look back at where Wi-Fi has been and where Wi-Fi is going.
Eric ZemanJune 22, 2019226 shares

Wi-Fi not working? Here are some possible fixes

Wi-Fi related problems are common — and annoying. Here's how to fix them in just a few minutes.
Mitja RutnikJune 16, 201923 shares

What to do if your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Having trouble connecting your Android device to a Wi-Fi network? Here are a few possible solutions that might solve your problem.
Mitja RutnikJune 6, 2019

Huawei pushed out of Wi-Fi Alliance (Update: Reinstated)

Huawei is back in the Wi-Fi Alliance, shortly after coming back to the SD Association.
C. Scott BrownMay 29, 20195359 shares

Optimize your home Wi-Fi with NetSpot Home for only $19

A NetSpot Home lifetime license will let you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks.
AA PicksApril 28, 201960 shares

Wi-Fi 6 explained: What to know about the next generation of wireless access

Should you upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi standard? What does it offer over previous versions? We've got you covered.
Hadlee SimonsMarch 28, 2019461 shares
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