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How to set up call reminders on Android and iPhone

If you have a mind like Swiss cheese, call reminders can come to the rescue.
March 20, 2023

If you have a bad memory, but you need to remember to make an important phone call later, it may be best to set up a call reminder. Doing this is possible and very easy to do on both the iPhone and Android — never again will you be embarrassed that you forgot to call your mother on Mother’s Day. Here are the different options available to set up call reminders.

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To set up a call reminder on Android, you can add it to your Google Calendar or ask Google Assistant to add it for you. On iOS, you can add it to your Reminders app or ask Siri to add it for you. Another option is to use Slack's Slackbot (if you use Slack.)


How to set up call reminders on Android

There are two obvious and natural call reminder options for Android devices — both from Google of course.

Google Assistant

google assistant call reminder

Google Assistant merely adds what you tell it to your Google Calendar. So after the customary “Hey Google,” just tell it to remind you to call whomever at whatever time you want. It will then make an entry on your calendar and you’ll get a notification when the time comes.

You can also add a list of all your outstanding reminders on your home screen and cancel any you don’t need anymore.

Google Calendar

If you decide you don’t feel like talking to an AI assistant, then you can of course manually add the reminder to your Google Calendar yourself. Tap Reminder to start.

google calendar android

Then add all the pertinent details and tap Save.

google calendar android set up call reminder

How to set up call reminders on iPhone

You can use the Google methods outlined previously if you have an iPhone. After all, Google Assistant and Google Calendar have their own iOS apps. However, if you prefer something a bit more native to your Apple device, there are two options — but both end up at your built-in Reminders app.


Siri is probably the easiest solution on an iOS device and you can just talk to her with your reminder requests. However, just like Google Assistant, all you’re really doing is asking her to add something to your Reminders app, instead of you adding it manually to Reminders yourself.

Make sure you have the Reminders app installed, otherwise when you give Siri the reminder request, she’ll tell you she can’t do it.

siri call reminder added

Reminders app

ios set up call reminders

Alternatively, if you don’t mind typing, just add the note to Reminders yourself. You can also add other things to it, such as sending you the call reminder when you arrive at a particular destination. But for this, you would need Location Services enabled. You can’t really get this granular with Siri — asking her to remind you at a particular location just seems to confuse her.

Bonus tip — use Slackbot on Slack

slackbot set up call reminders

If you use Slack, then one little-known and often-overlooked feature is Slackbot. Slackbot acts as your personal assistant within Slack and can help you take notes and remind you to do things.

Simply tell Slackbot what you want to be reminded about and at what time. When that time comes, you’ll get a notification on your phone screen. Obviously, you will need notifications enabled, and preferably, the notification sound switched on.