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How to set a timer on your iPhone camera

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October 18, 2022

Somebody or something has to hold the camera if you want to join in on a photo. Assuming you have a tripod or a way to balance the camera at the right height and angle, you can join in the picture if you use the camera timer. But how do you set a timer on your iPhone camera? We previously discussed how to use a timer on your Apple Watch to take photos with your iPhone. But if you’re not fortunate enough to own an Apple Watch, you can just use the timer built into the iPhone itself. The problem is the sneaky little thing likes to hide!

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To set a timer on your iPhone camera, open the camera app and select Photo. Pull up slightly on the screen to reveal some more camera features. The icon on the far right is the timer icon. Tap it, choose between three seconds and ten seconds, then tap the shutter button when you're ready. The countdown will then begin.

How to set a timer on your iPhone camera

Setting a timer on the iPhone camera is a very simple affair. The problem is you may not be fully aware of where the timer icon is if you usually don’t use the feature. It’s hiding in plain sight.

  • When you open the camera app, select Photo.
  • Use two fingers to gently pull the main camera screen up slightly. You will then see six extra icons. The one on the far right is the timer icon. Tap it.
  • You will now get three options — disable the timer, select a three-second countdown, or a ten-second countdown. Choose which countdown you want.
  • The countdown timer will start once you tap the round white shutter button.

Repeat the above process to disable the timer option, but select Timer Off instead. Thank you to the Swedish Chef for posing for pictures.

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The timer function for videos is only available on the Pro and Pro Max versions.