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How to scan documents on Android

Scan and send documents from your Android phone in a snap.
September 8, 2022
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera module close up angled
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If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone with One UI 2 or higher, you can scan any document directly from your camera app. If you’re using a different Android skin, don’t worry; Google Drive has a quick and easy method. Here’s how to scan a document on Android.

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To scan a document on Android, download and open Google Drive. Then, tap Create New and select Scan. Aim your camera flat over the document and press the center button. You can then adjust any details to the scanned image afterward.

How to scan documents on Android

If you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’ll be able to scan documents directly without downloading any 3rd party apps, so long as you have One UI 2 or higher. Most Galaxy phones from the past few years should have the feature, as Samsung is already rolling out One UI 4 to the Galaxy S20 and S21 series.

Simply launch the camera app from your Galaxy device and line it up with a document to start scanning. When you see yellow lines border the paper, select Tap to scan.

Galaxy Camera tap to scan android
Adam Birney / Android Authority

You can then move the corners of the document to add or remove any unnecessary parts. When you are happy with the scanned area, tap Save.

Galaxy Camera scan document android
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Once the scan has been saved, you will be able to view your document within the Gallery app.

If you have different Android skins, Google Drive is your go-to for scanning documents. It’s also a better option if you need to convert your scans into PDF documents.

Firstly, open the Google Drive app and tap the + icon in the bottom right. Under the Create new menu, tap Scan.

Drive Scan
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Position your phone’s camera to face the document and tap the center button when you’re ready to scan the image.

Drive scan save
Adam Birney / Android Authority

Lastly, tap Save to upload your document to Google Drive. You can also crop, rotate or adjust the scan’s color as needed. If you want to upload multiple scans at once, tap the + icon in the bottom left.

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Yes, you can scan a document with your Android phone using Google Drive.

Follow the steps in this guide to scan a document with Google Drive. You can then access your documents from your Google Drive on any device.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or above, open the Notes app, tap the Camera icon and select Scan Documents.