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Samsung TV volume not working? Here's how you can try to fix it

Be careful if your volume is stuck abnormally high — you could damage your hearing.
December 12, 2023

It’s hard to get any more basic than volume control when it comes to smart TV functions. Unless you’re deaf or hard-of-hearing, after all, you need to strike the right balance between clear audio and blowing out your eardrums. If volume control isn’t working on your Samsung TV, here’s what you can do to fix it.

How to fix volume not working on a Samsung TV

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Some of these troubleshooting steps will seem obvious — in which case, they may be things you’ve already tried — but we’re including them here to be thorough, and there are some more advanced options in case the easy answers don’t work. So without further ado:

  • Check if your remote’s volume buttons are stuck or broken. It could be that your volume buttons have fallen victim to wear and tear, a defect, or liquids seeping inside. The easiest way to test is by tapping on both volume buttons followed by some of the other buttons on your remote. If the latter are still triggering responses, it could be a volume button issue. You’ll need to do your own repairs or find a replacement (more on that topic further down).
  • Check your remote’s batteries. Even if you inserted fresh ones recently, batteries can sometimes die prematurely or fall out of alignment with a remote’s contacts. Remember also that if you’re using rechargeables, the tradeoff is a shorter runtime than alkalines — you just don’t have to buy new ones every time they run dry. Try removing your existing batteries and reinserting them. If that doesn’t accomplish anything, try inserting a fresh set.
  • Try a different remote, on-TV controls, or the SmartThings app. This isn’t a solution per se, but if you can still adjust volume using one of the options above, that gives you a fallback and rules out any problems with the TV itself. In fact you’ll need some sort of working control for the following steps.
  • Run a sound test on your TV. If your volume isn’t stuck dangerously high, navigate to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis, then select Sound Test. This will identify any issues Samsung’s software can detect.
  • Reset your TV’s sound settings. Whether or not a test detects a problem, it can’t really hurt to reset sound settings. Go to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings and choose Reset Sound. Before you go about customizing options again, check to see if volume control is back for broadcast TV and/or your favorite apps. That way you’ll be able to gauge if it’s a particular setting that’s disrupting output.
  • If you’re using external audio gear, doublecheck its connection(s) and onboard volume. It’s entirely possible that there’s a technical glitch, or that a speaker’s onboard volume level is such that remote-based adjustments don’t make a (noticeable) difference. With some speakers it’s possible to accidentally mute them. You may need to experiment with volume settings, your cables, and/or software to get audio going.
  • Update your TV’s software. Navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update, then choose Update Now if new software is available. You may want to toggle Auto Update too if isn’t already on. We can’t guarantee new software will solve your audio problems, but you should be updating regularly anyway to fix miscellaneous bugs and/or gain new features.