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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera put to test against Apple iPhone 6 Plus

If you have been waiting to see a camera shootout of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, our footage is coming soon, but check this out for now.

Published onMarch 17, 2015

samsung galaxy s6 vs iphone 6 6

With the ever expanding capabilities of camera sensors on our favorite smartphones, sample photos and comparisons are becoming more and more relevant to your purchasing decisions. Players like Apple with their line of iPhones and Android players like Samsung and Sony have been making waves, bringing the general casual smartphone photography to the next level.

We’ve got a few photo shootouts coming for you, but for now, let’s take a look at of few sample photos from the Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge out of Denmark. In the below sets, the top image is the iPhone, the bottom image belongs to Samsung.

iphone 6 plus vs galaxy s6 edge

For those familiar with Apple vs Android phone shootouts, I hope you are pleased with the results you see here. Usually Apple comes out the victor, but we’re not so sure that is true today. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus clocks in with 8MP, 18mm squared sensor shooting at a 4:3 aspect ratio, f/2.2 with image stabilization. HD video recording is complemented by 240fps slow-motion capture at 720p.

Samsung’s equipped sensor on the Galaxy S6 Edge looks slightly better on paper, 16MP, 19.9mm squared sensor shoots at 16:9 aspect ratio, f/1.9 with image stabilization. 4K video recording is on board, but only 120fps slow motion at 720p.

iphone 6 plus vs galaxy s6 edge chain

If the devil is in the details, you just witnessed all the evil there is to see in the camera samples. 100% zoom reveals all the grain, or lack thereof.

OK, these phones perform quite well in the bright of day. Perhaps there is a touch of yellow in the iPhone photos. Now, how do they handle night images? Our cameraman didn’t wait for night, instead headed into an enclosed parking garage.

iphone 6 plus vs galaxy s6 edge dark

What is this you see, yes, it is strengths and weaknesses from both camps. To my untrained eye, the iPhone 6 Plus loses a ton of clarity vs the Galaxy S6 Edge. There is also a huge discrepancy in the white balance of the photos, perhaps your translation of the original site can identify which phone managed to capture the coloring more accurately.

As mentioned, don’t let this be the end of your research if you are comparing these two devices for purchase. We have our own Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) vs Apple iPhone 6 (Plus) camera shootouts in the works. Stay tuned.

In the end, the choice is yours, obviously – from what you see so far, do you think the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has overthrown the Apple iPhone 6 Plus in this camera comparison?

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