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Samsung may have downgraded 8K video recording on the Galaxy S23 series

You can no longer shoot at high bitrate in 8K.

Published onJuly 28, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S23 placed on a table
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority
  • The July 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 series removed the option of high-bitrate 8K video recording.
  • Users claim they could previously record 8K30fps video at 200Mbit/s but can now do so only at 80Mbit/s.
  • It is not possible to downgrade your firmware to get the setting back.

The phones within the Galaxy S23 series are some of the most powerful smartphones you can buy in 2023. When you pay top dollar for a smartphone, you expect top features for the best possible experience. One of the hyped features of the Galaxy S23 was its improved 8K video recording capabilities, allowing users to record at 30fps at a glorious 200Mbit/s bitrate as per user claims. For some users, this feature mattered. But it seems Samsung has had a change of heart, as the company has seemingly lowered the bitrate for 8K video recording on the Galaxy S23 series.

According to a report by Piunikaweb, citing multiple posts by users on Reddit, Twitter, and beyond, the July 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 series has quietly disabled the “high bitrate videos” option within the camera app.

Prior to the update, users could seemingly record 8K30fps videos with 200Mbit/s bitrate, but there was some stuttering involved. Now, users are relegated to recording the same in only 80Mbit/s. It is unclear if this has fixed the stuttering issue. Still, considering it was an optional toggle, users could choose to record at a higher bitrate or at a lower, seemingly smoother one. We are unable to confirm the bitrate available prior to the update, though.

Why would anyone record in 8K, though? That is a good question, but there are possible answers. For one, it is an advertised feature on the Galaxy S23. Since users have paid for this feature when purchasing the phone, they have a right to demand a good, usable feature, as the company promised. Second, many use 8K recording as a way to bypass Samsung’s alleged over-processing in 4K video recording, getting a crisp video that plays well on 4K displays.

Granted, the number of users recording 8K footage may be very few. However, an enthusiast feature deserves options, and Samsung disabling the option to record high bitrate 8K video doesn’t sit right with us. The company should instead work on resolving the stuttering complaints rather than taking the easy way out by removing the option altogether. Note that there is no way to downgrade to an earlier firmware to regain that setting.

A new security patch for the Galaxy S23 series is right around the corner. There are also whispers of One UI 6 coming soon. It remains to be seen if high bitrate 8K video recording makes a return to the Galaxy S23 series.

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