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We asked, you told us: Here's how often most of you unlock your phones

Many of you check your phones several dozen times every day.

Published onNovember 30, 2020

oppo reno3 pro touching the fingerprint reader

If you read Android Authority, there’s a good chance you unlock your phone often. But how often? We ran a poll to gauge your phone usage habits, and it turns out that many of you unlock your devices many times in a given day — sometimes a surprising amount.

How many times per day do you unlock your phone?


About 43.5% of readers unlock their phones between 51 to 100 times per day. That’s over four times per hour, and that’s assuming someone is awake for 24 hours (which is rather unlikely). And for some, the numbers are considerably higher. Roughly 19.2% of respondents unlock their phones 101 to 150 times per day, and 10.8% unlock their phones a staggering 150 times or more each day.

Some of you have more modest phone usage. The poll indicated that about 26.5% of respondents unlock phones 50 or fewer times each day. This isn’t shocking when you’re likely home-bound during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you might also unlock this rarely if you’re wearing a smartwatch or can peek at the display on certain phones. You don’t need to access your phone if you already know whether or not a notification is important, after all.

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Even so, you still have reasons to check your phone. You’ll still get messages from your distant friends, and your social media apps are probably busier than ever. Your movie, music, and gaming habits might not have changed, either. Phones are still a staple of daily life for many, and your usage stats reflect that.

Your comments

  • OmJo93: I don’t keep count, but somewhere between Too Many Times and Way Too Many Times.
  • Jimi Mack: Zero, as I do not lock my phone. I work from home why go through an [unnecessary] step.