The Internet has become part of the lives of the younger generations. What used to be a way for us to collect information and to easily access it has evolved in such a way that we can hardly live with being disconnected from other people.

With how much information we can access at every second of every day of our lives, it’s hard to untangle ourselves from social media. Social media spans several types, from collaborative projects like Wikipedia to blogs and micro-blogs and content communities that allow you to upload videos. You can also keep updated on what your friends are up to via social networking sites and you can make even more friends through virtual game worlds allow you to be an orc, a blood elf, or some other fantasy creature.

Social media has practically become second-nature to us, with a perfect place in our daily routines. After we wake up and grab breakfast, we sit around and scan our favorite websites for the latest news, whether it’s about world politics or just from our friends. In fact, some of us even find ways of using social media in our studies and our businesses.

We’ve put together some of the best social media apps for your Android device, so you can always be connected.


Do you have something to say? Get the word out, literally. You can talk about everything and anything, all on your own space. WordPress is a website that lets you set up your own blog that you could practically do anything with.

Whether you’re writing about your day, that restaurant you went to, or a movie you saw, or you’re voicing your opinions on various political controversies, WordPress is your personal place.

With WordPress for your Android device, you won’t need to be at home to blog about things. The app lets you easily write new posts, edit content, and manage comments on your WordPress blog right from your Android device.

You can blog on the go, without having to rely on your computer back home. If you’re keeping a strict eye on your blog’s statistics, WordPress also allows you to easily check on your numbers. This app supports both accounts, as well as self-hosted WordPress (3.0 or higher) blogs.


Though the Internet has made it convenient to communicate with other people via messaging, there’s nothing quite like actually putting a voice to your words. Are you aiming to be the next big Internet singer? Or, do you simply like the sound of your own voice?

You can record, listen and share your sounds with the official SoundCloud app for Android. You can record the song you’ve been practicing non-stop in the shower or an account of your day and share it either privately or publicly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Foursquare. That way, your friends can actually hear you and you can hear them, too.

Browse your friends’ own shared sound bites and comment on them. If you don’t have any friends who are on SoundCloud, it’s time to make some new ones. Using SoundCloud, you can browse and search user profiles and see followers. Get SoundCloud for your Android device today and start sharing your voice with the world.


Life can catch us by surprise, so you better have a camera ready with you. Did your friends throw you a surprise party? Maybe you saw a street sign that made you laugh. Whatever you saw, capture the moment with Instagram and share it with with everyone else.

For those of you not in the know, Instagram is more than just an app that lets you take pictures. Instagram allows you to capture each shot with your choice of its filter effects. Once you’ve captured a shot that you like, you can share it easily with your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

If your friends are also on Instagram, you can follow them with a single click of the button. You can see what they’re seeing in the pictures they share and you can even give them a comment. Instagram has both rear- and front-facing camera support so it’s got you covered at every angle.

ShortBlogger for Tumblr

Even Tumblr’s users will be hard pressed to explain what this micro-blogging media site exactly is. Think of it as a love child between Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. You can share not just your thoughts in a text post, pictures you took or drew, a recording of your voice or music that you like but also a whole lot more.

You can post both original content and reblog content that you’d like to share with your followers. See something funny, inspiring, or sad? Reblog it. You don’t have to enjoy Tumblr at home; with ShortBlogger for Tumblr, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

As long as you’ve got an Internet connection, you can view what the blogs you’re following have posted on your Dashboard. If you like what you see, tap the heart icon to like it.

ShortBlogger for Tumblr lets you view all your liked posts on one page, just like you could on your desktop browser. If you want to hold on to that image, ShortBlogger for Tumblr lets you save the image to your SD card. Get ShortBlogger for Tumblr today to start tumbling wherever you go.


Foursquare promises to help users explore the world around them and it certainly seems to deliver. What makes Foursquare so effective is that it lets you see what your friends are up to. See who was at where, at what time. If they’re there right now, head on over and join them for a cup of coffee or a plate of nachos.  You can even share your own experiences.

With Foursquare on your Android device, check in whenever you’re at your favorite haunt or a new place. Your friends will be able to see where you’ve been hanging out, too. Using curated lists of where to go, you can discover new places you can bring your friends and family to.

If you have a few good ideas of what places are worth visiting, make your own list. You can collaborate with friends on making a list, as well. Foursquare makes using it interesting by giving you badges that you can unlock through constant use. Start exploring the world around you using Foursquare today.

Friendcaster for Facebook

Of course, we can’t forget about Facebook. With Friendcaster for Facebook, you can enjoy all of Facebook’s features on your Android device. Update your status, upload a photo, send a message, and more with this app. It gives you instant real-time notifications as well as the full news feed.

Browse using Friendcaster’s sleek UI, you can comment on your friends’ own status updates, as well as like them. You can enjoy all of the pictures your friends post because Friencdaster makes full use of your Android device’s screen, allowing you to see all of those gorgeous photo details in full screen.

Checking in with this app is easy and you can also check out a map of all of your friends’ locations. If you’ve got more than one Facebook account, no problem because Friendcaster supports multiple accounts.

If you want to customize Friendcaster,  you can do so with themes. Pick any of the colors that suit your tastes or your mood. Friendcaster boasts that it’s the #1 third-party app for Facebook and it certainly seems like it delivers.


If you don’t want the clutter of several apps for your various social networks, get TweetDeck for your Android device today. TweetDeck is a social browser for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Buzz.

Because all of these essential social networks are available in one app, it’s easy to keep up to date on who’s doing what. If you’ve got a TweetDeck account, simply log into the app with those details and your various social network feeds will appear on the TweetDeck screen. This makes for easy browsing through updates, as well as replying to tweets, viewing Foursquare profiles and a user’s badges, and viewing a map of your friends’ locations.

If you don’t want to have to dig through dozens of updates to see if there’s anything for you, tap on the Me column. You can see things like Twitter mentions and Facebook notifications.

TweetDeck also lets you customize how you’d like to be notified each time there’s an update. Keeping up to date with your social networks has never been easier, thanks to TweetDeck. Get it for your Android device today.


Another social media site that needs no introduction is YouTube. With YouTube for your Android device, you can browse YouTube’s millions of videos when you’re out and about.

The latest version of YouTube has been described by the developers as more seamless and more fun. When you launch the YouTube app and sign in, you’ll find your homescreen populated with your subscriptions for easy viewing and catching up.

If you’re looking for something in particular, YouTube has a Search function which should get you the results that you want. Tap on a video to watch it and you’ll see that it starts playing in the upper half of your device’s screen. Simply switch to Full View mode by rotating your Android device to Landscape mode.

You can now take advantage of your device’s screen and immerse yourself in whatever you’re watching. If you’re tired of simply watching videos, make your own video by tapping on the Camera icon. You can easily make a daily vlog (video blog) or record whatever shenanigans you’re up to.


Seesmic is another app that’ll let you manage your various social networks in one handy place. What sets Seesmic apart from TweetDeck isn’t just its UI but the fact that Seesmic allows users to create shortcuts to anything they want in the Seesmic app.

These shortcuts make it easy for you to access, say, your Facebook profile page from your homescreen without having to tap-tap-tap your way through. Make as many shortcuts as you like, for whatever purpose. Whether it’s to easily check your co-workers’ tweets or to easily get to the composer window, these shortcuts make Seesmic faster to navigate.

Of course, it’s easy for you to get carried away and to flood your homescreen with shortcuts, so go easy on making them.

Seesmic also offers features like multiple Twitter accounts support so you won’t have to prioritize one account over the others, cross-posting to multiple Twitter accounts and your Facebook at the same time and Twitlonger integration for those tweets that just can’t fit into 140 characters.

Google Currents

Putting the media in social media, Google Currents is a little different compared to the other apps we talked about on this list. Instead of keeping you just up to date with your friends, Google Currents gives you news in a gorgeous magazine layout.

Regardless of the size of your screen, Google Currents adjusts its layout for easy browsing. Start by picking which magazines you’d like to subscribe to. Google Currents gives you the option to subscribe to Forbes, The Guardian, TechCrunch, PBS, Saveur and more.

You’ll get articles, videos, photography, slideshows, livemaps and social streams to keep you updated on other things. It can be world politics, the latest developments in science or about the gadgets that matter to you.

If you find a few articles you’d like to read later, but you’re not sure when you can get an Internet connection again, simply save it for offline reading. You can then break it open whenever you’ve got a lull in your day or a long commute you’d like to enjoy.

You’ll never have an excuse not to be connected with the social world with these apps. Keep up to date on what your friends are doing, as well as provide them with pictures, sounds, and little tidbits about your own every day life.  What social media apps keep you connected?

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