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Google’s major event this Tuesday drew a lot of attention, but one thing that went initially unaddressed was the ongoing role of OnHub. After Google WiFi was presented, many OnHub owners began wondering whether they had shelled out for a product that was being left behind. Fortunately, Google has updated their support information to reassure OnHub users that their product will be compatible with Google WiFi.

Indeed, the search giant seems to indicate that the relationship between the two services will be more or less seamless:

OnHub and Google Wifi will work together. So if you have an OnHub and need more coverage, simply add a Wifi point to your existing network and — voila — you now have a mesh Wi-Fi network.

This setup can be operated and controlled via a single unified app – the one you’re already using for OnHub. Google promises that any troubleshooting involving getting the two systems to work together can be managed through a simple walkthrough in the app.

If you’re wondering what a “mesh WiFi network” is, Google describes it as essentially a  more intelligent approach to WiFi extenders. All the nodes of your Google WiFi network will work together throughout your house to ensure that you have the most stable network connection no matter what room you’re in.

What do you think of OnHub and Google WiFi’s supported integration? Let us know if you’ll be using these services in the comments below!

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