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Should OnePlus bring back the X range? (Poll of the Week)

Remember the OnePlus X? We do, and we want another one. Should OnePlus bring back the X range?

Published onMay 14, 2018

Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 1,200 total votes, 78.8 percent of voters said that LG should let users remap the G7 ThinQ’s Google Assistant button. Just 21.2 percent of voters said they don’t care or don’t want LG to let users remap the button. Our social responses were similar. 73 percent of YouTube voters, 72 percent of Twitter voters, and 88 percent of Instagram voters said they think LG should allow users to remap the button.

Remember the OnePlus X? We do, and we want another one.

The budget-friendly smartphone space was a bit different back in 2015. While most OEMs chose to make affordable phones with low-power SoCs, OnePlus went a different route. The OnePlus X launched with the previous year’s Snapdragon 801 — a more-than-capable chipset at the time — as well as a high-end design that you’d normally only see in pricier phones. It launched for $250, which was a stellar price point for the overall package.

Android is crying out for another OnePlus X

Things have changed since then. The OnePlus X turned out to be a one-off device, and the company hasn’t mentioned anything about the X range since. Hopefully that changes, though. I think OnePlus should make another X range phone.

See, it didn’t make a ton of sense for OnePlus to launch the X when it did. In 2015, it was still making affordable flagship smartphones — the OnePlus 2 went for just $329 at launch. That means there was only an $80 difference between its flagship OnePlus 2 and the second-tier OnePlus X.

It makes much more sense to launch an X device now. The OnePlus 6 is launching this week and will likely come to market for over $500. But if there was another ~$250 OnePlus phone on the market, that could make up for the increasing price of the company’s flagship phone lineup.

Do you think OnePlus should make another X phone? Cast your vote below!

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