By “without seeing it” we mean precisely that. Without seeing it.

OnePlus is no stranger to controversial, occasionally gimmicky marketing stunts. Remember Smash The Past?

Now OnePlus is innovating in this field with a “blind sale.”

1,000 OnePlus 3 units will be put up for sale on the company’s Chinese online store on June 6 at 10AM. But the phone itself will only be unveiled on June 14 (June 15 in China). Basically, customers are asked to buy a black box and just trust OnePlus. Blindly, we might say.

The mystery device will cost 2,999 yuan ($455), but OnePlus said that won’t be the actual price of the device. Customers who want to get the OnePlus 3 ahead of the pack can pay 2,999 yuan and, when the official price is announced, they will either pay the difference (if the actual price is higher, but that’s unlikely) or receive a partial refund (if the actual price is smaller).

For this group of blind devotees, OnePlus is throwing in freebies worth 300 yuan, including a 3-month broken screen warranty. Phones will ship from June 15, and customers can cancel their orders and get a refund through June 14 at 6PM.

If you’re wondering why OnePlus is complicating its life with this sale, it’s probably just to create some much-needed buzz. Case in point, this post.

As for the customers who would consider this promo, props for their courage. To be fair, we know a lot about the OnePlus 3 already. The device has leaked extensively over the past weeks. We know what it will look like and its main specifications are no secret: Snapdragon 820, 4GB/6GB of RAM, 32/64GB storage, 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED, 3000-mAh battery, and a 16MP rear camera.

We don’t know if a similar blind sale will be held for international customers, but we’ll update when we find out.

Would you buy the OnePlus 3 without seeing it – or any device for the matter? Let us know what you think!