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You told us: This should be the next Google Pixel product

Apparently, the rumored Pixel foldable isn't really in demand.

Published onOctober 28, 2021

The Google Pixel 6 in Sorta Seafoam color in hand showing the lock screen and display
Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google used to tag its name to a slew of products from Chromebooks to tablets. Nowadays, the firm is primarily focusing on smartphones, smart home products, and wireless earbuds. But what if the company branched out to another segment?

In a recent poll, we asked readers what Google Pixel-branded product they’d like to see next following the Pixel 6 launch. The results are now in!

What should be the next Google Pixel product?


This poll garnered just short of 1,800 votes since it went live on October 25. We gave readers five device options, but one was the overwhelming favorite taking home 57.9% of the vote. That device is the Pixel Watch.

Google’s long-rumored smartwatch probably won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s clear readers desperately want the Pixel experience condensed into a wearable. Arguably, there has never been a better time for it, especially after Wear OS 3‘s promising debut and Google’s recent purchase of Fitbit.

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The other four devices fought for the lower placings. 16% of respondents want a “new tablet” from Google, while 10.7% want a “Pixel foldable.” The latter’s another device that has seen plenty of tips and rumors in recent months. A new Pixelbook claimed 8.9% of the vote, and bringing up the rear is a “Pixel TV.” It seems respondents are pretty happy with their Google TV dongles for now.

So what else do respondents want? Well, according to the comments, a Pixel 6 Mini is a dream device for many. An e-reader with Google Play Books support and a beefier Chromecast Ultra with Google TV also received mentions.

Your comments

  • Zagreus: Pixel 6 Mini — I’d have stayed with Pixel devices if they weren’t intent on forcing me to use a tablet to make phone calls.
  • Santi: Me too! A Pixel of the same size of the 5 but with 6 internals. I would love that phone!
  • Sophia: I personally think a watch is very likely to happen. It’s the ultimate device to keep track of every movement, location and personal habits. Google must be salivating at the thought of so much data handed over voluntarily… I’m surprised they haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet!
  • JG: Pixel Products I’d like to see… A Pixel Watch would probably be my #1. I would also like to see a detachable (or full-on tablet) Pixelbook. Both as a flagship and its a-series counterpart. I’d like to see Google emulate Apple’s Air Tags with some Pixel Tags, but maybe go Tile’s route and launch a few different versions rather than a one-size-fits-all. And also Apple’s AirPods Max. I’m not really a fan of earbuds, so I’d love to see over-the-ear can headphones… Pixel Buds Max (or maybe XL). Along with all the fun stuff, like adaptive noise-cancelling, surround sound emulation, etc I’d like them to come with not just Bluetooth but also WiFi and an FM receiver, so I can stream music directly over Wi-Fi or listen to the local FM stations, should my phone be out of range. Depending on battery drain, maybe some Soli tech so I can adjust the volume, etc. by waving my hands in front of me?
  • eddi0: A phone similar in size to 4A/5 WITHOUT a huge camera bump/hump. Keep all the other Pixel 6 features though.
  • Walter Kowalski: Detachable tablet would be sweet.
  • Alex B Nice: Pixel Fitbit with at least 48-hour battery & 30 min full charge.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. Have any ideas of what the next Google Pixel should be? Drop a comment below.

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