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January 15, 2022

⚡ Welcome to The Weekly Authority, the Android Authority newsletter that breaks down the top Android and tech news from the week. The 177th edition here, with a possible Samsung Galaxy S22 launch date, the OnePlus 10 Pro reveal, Horizon Forbidden West leaks, and more.

I've spent most of the week thinking it was still 2021, and that 2023 was two years away. Must remember it's now 2022!

Popular news this week



  • The OnePlus 10 Pro launched on Tuesday: but no base model (non-Pro), with a 6.7-inch LTPO 2.0 AMOLED display at 120Hz, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, a triple-camera setup, 5,000mAh battery, and some fast-charging specs including 80W wired and 50W wireless charging, though only with proprietary hardware.
  • It’s China-only for now, though a global launch is confirmed — and looks like we could see regional variations: your OnePlus 10 Pro could be different from China’s one.
  • And the OnePlus Buds Pro’s new firmware update brings Dual Connection, allowing pairing with two devices simultaneously, plus seamless switching between the two.


  • Honor Magic V launched, essentially a bigger, thinner Galaxy Z Fold 3 but it’s China-only for now and no plans for a global release yet.









Sony Xperia 5 III back in hand
Robert Triggs / Android Authority


Weekly Wonder

This week’s Horizon Forbidden West leak took everyone by surprise, but it’s not the first time a major game has leaked before its release. Luckily the offending material was removed due to a copyright claim, but now we have to spend the next month desperately trying to avoid any spoilers. The leak also got us wondering about some of the other notable game leaks throughout history.

Here’s our roundup…

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The game itself wasn’t actually leaked online, but we knew it would be set in Ancient Greece thanks to a bunch of retail employees. Stores received deliveries of AC Odyssey keychains in advance of the game’s launch, with several employees sending anonymous snapshots to Kotaku.

Fallout 4

Cast your mind back to 2012, when the future of the Fallout series was unknown. Kotaku received an anonymous tip including a script and casting documents for “Project Institute,” which later turned out to be Fallout 4. All the included info on setting and characters, plus the game’s opening scenes, was indeed accurate. We still have no idea how the documents fell into the wrong hands…

Dishonored 2

Bethesda actually did a pretty good job keeping Dishonored 2 under wraps until launch day. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to turn off their livestream, and the company accidentally went live on Twitch during E3 2015 rehearsals. Even worse, it was right at the point they were rehearsing Dishonored 2’s reveal, and though they didn’t mention the game’s name, news outlets and fans quickly realized what was up.

Half-Life 2

What’s the one thing games developers don’t want to leak online before a game’s release? The actual source code. The behind-the-scenes code for how the game was created and how it works. Oops — that’s exactly what happened with Valve’s Half-Life 2 back in 2003, when the source code was stolen and leaked online five months before the game’s release. It was the work of German hacker and Half-Life super fan Axel Gembe, and Ars Technica has a rather interesting follow-up on what happened to him ten years on.

Assassin’s Creed

In a story that’s almost too insane to be true, NeoGAF member krimsoncharge found himself sitting next to a developer on a plane on March 5, 2014 — a developer who just happened to spill all the juicy details of the next Assassin’s Creed game. Initially, the claims were met with doubt, but a couple of weeks later, Kotaku posted details and screenshots corroborating the story.

In fact, Assassin’s Creed Unity had several major leaks right up until its release on November 11, 2014.

Red Dead Redemption 2

On February 6, 2018, Trusted Reviews published an article in the lead-up to the Red Dead Redemption 2 release, including details sourced from a confidential internal document. Among other things, it claimed a battle royale mode in multiplayer, plus the ability to play the game in first person (both things that later turned out to be true). However, the fact the information was sourced from a confidential document got the British gaming site in hot water, leading to them paying out over $1 million in settlement, though the payment went to a charity chosen by Rockstar parent company Take-Two, rather than the developers themselves. The game actually had a bunch of major leaks, which you can check out over on Reddit.

Borderlands 3

The final tale on our list is one of the weirder ones. YouTube creator SupMatto leaked content for Borderlands 3 after finding thumbnails on Twitch and Reddit that he believed were in the public domain, and using these to create videos. Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games didn’t take kindly to this, filing two copyright claims. But the weirdest part was when two suited and booted private investigators, claiming to have been hired by the companies, showed up on SupMatto’s doorstep on July 25, to speak to him about his YouTube channel and livestream. To this day 2K has declined to comment on whether the PIs were actually hired by the company.

SupMatto’s Discord account was later terminated, and the backlash from the gaming community began, with #boycottborderlands3 trending on Twitter. The YouTube creator closed down his Twitter shortly after, later quashing rumors the video games publishers were behind his account’s disappearance.

Tech Calendar
  • January 28: Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection comes to PS5
  • February 4: Dying Light 2: Stay Human lands on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and PC (plus a Cloud version for Switch).
  • February 18: Horizon: Forbidden West launch on PS4/PS5
  • February 28-March 3: MWC Barcelona
  • February 8: Samsung Unpacked? (possibly Galaxy S22 reveal, with pre-orders from February 9?)
  • February 24: Samsung Galaxy S22 on sale? (TBC)

Tech Tweet of the Week

The Matrix for cows…

A farmer in Turkey has fitted his cows with virtual reality goggles to make them think they are outside in summer pastures. Izzet Kocak found out the pleasant scenes make the cows happier and produce more milk.Future is metaverse!
— Shuja ul haq (@ShujaUH) January 8, 2022

Something extra: Sony’s made the strange decision to produce more PS4s in response to the PS5 shortage. Hmm, doesn’t really help those who want to play PS5 exclusives though, does it?

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