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Money Heist, Station Eleven, and more streaming trailers to watch

Catch all the best new trailers for TV shows and movies headed to popular streaming services.
4 hours ago
Money Heist Part 5 Production Still Best New Movie Trailers

It’s that time of the week again when we round up all the best new movie trailers and TV teasers released over the past seven days. Today’s list includes all new titles headed to popular streaming platforms. We’ve got a send-off for Money Heist, a look at the new Jack Reacher series, and more. So have a seat, hit play, and enjoy this week’s hot new trailers.

The best new movie trailers and TV show teasers for upcoming streaming titles

The Claus Family 2

Holiday movies are hitting streaming services thick and fast, and first on the list is this Belgian-Dutch flick. The film follows grandpa and son Noel and Jules Claus preparing for their annual trip around the globe. But a last-minute letter makes Jules question if Santa’s powers are, or should be, limited to mere gift-giving. It’s one of those light-hearted, feel-good flicks we all need this time of year. Catch it on Netflix from December 7.

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Money Heist

Money Heist comes to an end this week, and it’s been an incredible ride. This trailer doesn’t entirely reveal how the show ends, but it does round up the events leading up to it. You may not want to watch it if you haven’t binged the series yet, but do catch it before the final five episodes drop on December 3.

Anxious People

Back to holiday-themed content. Based on the eponymous book by Fredrik Backman, Anxious People is about a series of curious events that take place in a small town. At its core, it focuses on a group of hostages held to ransom by a mysterious, disappearing bank robber and the two police officers tasked with figuring out who’s behind it. This Swedish series packs plenty of deadpan humor and drops on December 29.

Station Eleven

Another limited series based on a novel, Station Eleven tells the story of the survivors of a flu epidemic that brings about the end of modern civilization. But unlike most post-apocalyptic media, this series seemingly concentrates on the glimmers of hope in the characters’ timelines. The synopsis promises that not everything is butterflies and rainbows, but the ten-episode series should be an interesting retelling of the usual stereotypical genre. Station Eleven drops on HBO Max on December 16.

With Love

And back to a holiday series. With Love follows the lives of two siblings looking for love over the holidays while facing pressure from society, family, and friends to get hitched. You know the drill. It’s set over five episodes and stars Emeraude Toubia and Mark Indelicato.


Finally, how about another Jack Reacher adaptation? Alan Ritchson stars as the brooding Lee Child character taken into custody for murder. The trailer promises plenty of wise-cracks, cut-free combat scenes, and lots of gunplay. Expect to see another teaser before the show drops on Amazon Prime Video in February.

So that was our weekly roundup of new movie trailers and TV teasers for stuff headed to streaming services. Are you looking for something other than new movie trailers and TV show teasers? Check out the links below.