• The Android version of the Netflix app now lets you skip TV intros when you use a Chromecast.
  • The skip button shows up at the bottom of the controller interface.
  • The button does not yet show up on the latest iOS version of Netflix.

That feeling of euphoria when you watch episodes of your favorite show can quickly fade when you sit through the intro, time after time. You can always fast forward, but we are lazy creatures. If there is an easier way to get the same thing done, why not go for it?

That is why it is good to know that you can now skip TV intros on Netflix while you use a Chromecast or similar device, reported Android Police.

The new skip button shows up in version 6.3.0 of the Netflix app on Android and appears at the bottom of the screen. The button should go away after you watch a show for some time and re-appear when you watch another episode.

Android Police

It makes sense for the skip button to only show up on the controller interface of the app. The Chromecast does not add any new input functionality to whatever screen you connect it to, unless you pair it to a Google Home.

At the time of this writing, the skip button does not show up in the iOS version of Netflix’s controller interface. We do not know if that will remain the case or change over time with an update.

Also, Netflix did not update its help page to specifically point out the Chromecast’s support of the skip button. That could change with some sort of official announcement or an update to the iOS version.

In the meantime, make sure to update Netflix to the latest version on your Android device. While you are at it, check to see if you have one of several devices that gained support for HDR on Netflix.

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