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How to make folders on an iPhone

Organization fanatics — unite!

Published onApril 24, 2023

As you install more apps and download more files on your iPhone, the more need there will be for some kind of organization. Apple has already started to address this problem by introducing the App Library and the Files app. But what if you want more granular control over how things are organized? Here’s how to make folders on the iPhone, as well as rename and delete them.


You can make two types of folders on an iPhone. The first is a folder on the Files app where you can store downloaded documents and anything synced via iCloud. The other is an app folder that sits on your iPhone screen. Both types of folders can be made in an instant.


How to make a folder on an iPhone

There are two different types of folders on an iPhone — each one serving a distinct purpose.

  • A folder in the Files app — this one is for files (obviously), such as documents.
  • An apps folder on the iPhone screen — if you want to group together certain categories of apps into their own folders, you can make folders that sit on the screen. The App Library has lessened the need for this type of folder arrangement, but you can still make your own folders, that would sit on the main screen away from the App Library.

Making an iPhone folder in the Files app

There are two ways to make an iPhone folder in the Files app. The first is to simply hold down your finger on a blank part of the screen. After a couple of seconds, a small menu will appear, and one of the options is to create a new folder.

The other method is to tap the three-dot circular icon at the top-right of the screen. In this rather lengthy menu, New Folder is second from the top.

Once you select the option to make a new folder, it will appear on the screen as untitled folder. You can easily give it another name.

files app name folder

Making an iPhone folder to organize your apps on the screen

The downside of using the App Library to arrange your apps is that:

  • The folders cannot be moved or renamed.
  • Apple decides which app goes in which folder. You may disagree.
  • The folders cannot be moved to the main screen. Instead, they are tucked at the back, out of sight, out of mind.
iPhone 11 apps Apple Health Apple Fitness Apple Watch app
Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

You, unfortunately, can’t disable the App Library, but you can also make your own app folders, which you would have more control over.

  • Hold down on any part of the iPhone screen until the app icons start wobbling. A grey circle with a dash inside it will appear next to each icon.
  • A folder must have a minimum of two apps inside it. To put two apps in a folder, hold down on one and move it with your finger over the top of the other one. When the two are on top of each other, there will be a brief flash and a new folder will appear. Release your finger for both apps to stay there.
  • Apple automatically names the folder but you can change the name to whatever you want by tapping on the text.
  • Tap anywhere outside the new folder to save everything. You can now press down with your finger on the new folder and move it to wherever you want to put it on the screen.

How to rename a folder on the iPhone

Needs change all the time. If you suddenly have to change the name of an iPhone folder, that takes less than a minute to do.

Renaming an iPhone folder in the Files app

To rename an iPhone folder in the Files app, simply press down on the folder. When the menu appears, select Rename.

rename files app folder

Renaming an iPhone apps folder on the screen

renaming apps folder

We mentioned in the previous section how to rename an iPhone apps folder. Open the folder, tap on the folder name, and use the keyboard delete button to delete the current name. Then type the new name and exit the folder.

How to delete a folder on the iPhone

When it comes time to delete the folder, here’s how to do that.

Deleting an iPhone folder in the Files app

To delete a folder in the Files app, press down on it with your finger. When the menu appears, select Delete. Note, all files inside the folder will also be deleted.

files app delete folder

Deleting an iPhone apps folder on the screen

If you want to delete an apps folder on your iPhone screen, simply drag out all of the apps back onto the main screen. When the last app leaves the folder, the folder immediately disappears.


No, you would need to jailbreak the iPhone to have folder-locking capabilities.

No, you would need to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to change the folder colors.

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