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How much does it cost to replace a MacBook battery?

Make your MacBook feel new.

Published onMarch 4, 2024

Apple MacBook devices, including the Pro and Air iterations, are renowned for their popularity. With their instantly recognizable design, a range of configurations catering to both casual users and professionals, and exceptional build quality, it’s no wonder that these laptops are built to withstand the test of time. Many users hold onto their MacBooks for years, but one component that may not age as gracefully is the battery.

Replacing a MacBook battery is possible, but the process can be intricate and time-consuming, depending on your specific model. For a more convenient and reliable solution, it’s often recommended to have the battery replaced at an Apple store or an authorized service center. If you’re wondering about the cost of a MacBook battery replacement, we’ll provide that information in the following sections.


The MacBook battery replacement cost is mostly the same, depending on your model. Replacing the battery on most Macbook and Macbook Pro models will cost around $199, with the exception of the 2023 Macbook Pro. The battery replacement cost for any MacBook Air is $129. AppleCare Plus subscribers can get a free battery replacement if the device's battery health is below 80 percent.


How much does it cost to replace a MacBook battery?

apple macbook air m2 closed top
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Apple has released multiple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models over the years. But the company has kept the cost similar, regardless of which model you have. Replacing the battery on a MacBook  and any MacBook Pro going back to the 13-inch version released in 2012, will cost $199. The only exception is the new 14 and 16-inch 2023 MacBook Pros, with a battery replacement cost of $249. However, given how new these devices are, poor battery health is a significant hardware issue that Apple should fix under warranty.

The MacBook Air devices have smaller batteries and don’t cost as much. You will have to pay $129 to replace the battery on any MacBook Air, going back to the 2015 11 and 13-inch models.

MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs have been around for a long time, with the first MacBook released in 2006. Unfortunately, models older than the 2016 MacBook, 2012 MacBook Pro, and 2015 MacBook Air fall under Apple’s obsolete categorization.

While Apple doesn’t provide hardware services for obsolete products, it makes an exception for MacBooks. An obsolete MacBook is eligible for an extended battery-only repair period for up to ten years from when the product was last sold, as long as the part is available. You will have to contact an Apple store or authorized service provider to check whether they can replace the battery on your older Mac laptop.

Does AppleCare cover MacBook battery replacement?

apple macbook air m2 side
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Every MacBook comes with a limited warranty that includes one year of hardware repair coverage and 90 days of tech support. There are a couple of instances where Apple will replace your MacBook battery for free under the standard warranty. This is primarily if your device has hardware problems like a defective battery. Or if it shows faster-than-expected degradation, which drops your MacBook battery health to below 80 percent within the first year.

With AppleCare Plus, you can get long-term extended coverage and a free battery replacement if the battery health drops below 80 percent. You can subscribe to AppleCare Plus within 60 days of buying a new laptop, with annual and three-year plans available. You can renew your AppleCare Plus protection for MacBooks with annual plans after the initial coverage ends. Prices vary depending on your model, and it is expensive. But it is worth it for everything that the extended warranty covers.

How to know if a MacBook battery needs replacing

Charge Cycle Count

A MacBook battery lifespan is around 1,000 charging cycles, or around five years, but performance issues are a good indication that the battery needs replacing. You might want a new battery if the device is overheating, you see unexpected shutdowns and reboots, or if the MacBook doesn’t last very long when disconnected from the charger.

Of course, your MacBook will tell you if you need to replace the battery. Clicking on the battery icon will show you the battery condition. You will see battery service warnings like Service battery, Replace soon, or Replace now if you need to get a new one.

Apple considers a battery healthy if its maximum capacity is above 80 percent. It should take around five years and up to a thousand charging cycles to get below that point. To find out your MacBook’s charging cycles and battery health, click the Apple menu, and go to About this Mac > System report > Power. Under Health information, you will see the Cycle count and Maximum capacity. You should get a battery replacement if the maximum capacity is below 80%.

If your MacBook is old, it may need more than a battery replacement. In this case, consider trading in your MacBook for a trade-in offer or Apple Store credit. It’ll make upgrading to a new model a little more affordable.


Yes, Best Buy is an Apple-authorized service provider and offers MacBook various repair services, including battery replacements. It will cost the same to replace the battery at Best Buy as it would at any Apple store or other authorized service provider.

The waiting period depends on a variety of factors. You should book a service appointment first instead of walking into a store or service center. It will take around two hours to replace the battery on your Macbook. The store or service provider will give you an estimate when you bring in the device. It will take at least five business days if you choose to ship the MacBook to an Apple repair center.

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