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LMcable: first to charge both Android and iOS devices

There is now a solution for your cable woes... one unlike anything we have seen in the past. LMcable works with both Lightning and Micro USB ports!

Published onMarch 1, 2016


Cables are messy – no need to reiterate that. We all know it, and we have to live with those tangle balls every single day. This is why solutions like wireless charging are so exciting to me, but there’s still a very important place for cables in our outlets. The only issue? Not all companies agree on which standard to use.

The most notable difference in the industry is that between iOS and Android devices, which happen to use completely different connectors. While most devices running Google‘s operating system stick to the Micro USB standard (USB Type-C is still growing), Apple is all about their proprietary Lightning connector.

What happens if you use both platforms? Isn’t it annoying having to search for the right cable, or not being able to lend one to a friend when you use different types of smartphones? There is now a solution… one unlike anything we have seen in the past. LMcable works with both Lightning and Micro USB ports!

While this technology looks very complex, the concept is quite simple. Well, at least for the user. All you need to do is connect the cable to your phone with the right side up. One side is for microUSB gadgets; flip the cable around and you can use the same connector with a Lightning device.

Pretty nuts, right? But there is one downside to this (haha, get it?), at least for Apple users. Because each side is dedicated to a specific standard, this also means the connector is not reversible. This is a feature many of you have gotten very used to, and with USB Type C spreading, it is also something Android users are growing fond of. By the way, I wonder if it will be possible to make an LMcable for USB Type-C users.

Aside from that, the LMcable is just a… cable. It looks like a very good one, though. This model supports fast charging at 2.4 A and is said to be quite durable. Not to mention the fact that these cables look great and are made of premium materials, such as leather.


What’s the damage? We know some of you may be interested, so let’s get right to the goods. All early bird specials are gone, which means you can get your own LMcable for as low as $21.

The LMcable is expected to start shipping on April. The company reached its $5000 funding goal easily, with almost $75 thousand dollars raised and 28 days to go. Will you be signing up? Do you care for a cable like this? I love the idea; I am just not sure if I am willing to pay $21 for a cable, even if it may seem super convenient and well made.

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