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Is BeReal safe? Here's what you need to know

Practice safe posting.

Published onFebruary 1, 2023

BeReal app stock photo 5
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

For the uninitiated, BeReal is a relatively new social app that prides itself on its simplicity. You are allowed to send one picture per day, and you can choose whether to post publicly (to Discovery) or privately (to My Friends). If you choose to post privately, only friends can see your post. This essentially discourages the overuse of social media, where you’re always checking for new posts or updates. It also discourages the need to post new pics all the time. All things considered, BeReal sounds pretty good, right? But is it safe?

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As long as you are aware of BeReal's privacy policy and what other people can see, BeReal is safe to use. To enhance your security and privacy, you can disallow BeReal from accessing certain information in your phone's settings.


Is BeReal safe?

BeReal app stock photo 10
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

As with any social media platform, you must approach BeReal with caution. Comb through all of the settings and make sure you understand how the app works before you start posting. You should also review BeReal’s privacy policy.

Does BeReal collect my data?

In general, BeReal collects two types of personal data:

  • Data that you provide them
    • Profile data
    • Communications with BeReal
  • Data they collect when you use their services
    • Data related to your activity on BeReal (connection data, data regarding your interactions with other users, and data regarding how you use BeReal’s services)
    • Content data
    • Geolocation data
    • Phonebook data
    • Device and equipment data
    • Cameras and photos

Of the personal data and information collected, none of it — aside from the “Content you license to them in accordance with the Terms of Use” — is disclosed to third parties. According to BeReal’s privacy policy, your “information and Personal Data is used exclusively by BeReal’s internal services and will not be transferred or sold to third parties without your prior express consent.”

How does BeReal work?

what a BeReal notification looks like an a prototypical Android device
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

The BeReal app notifies you once a day that it’s “Time to BeReal.” When you tap this notification, you have a two-minute window to take a photo with your selfie and primary camera. The resulting image is known as a “BeReal.”

After capturing your BeReal, you can send it to either My Friends or Discovery. If you decide not to send your BeReal, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s BeReals. You must post a BeReal to be able to see others’ BeReals.

If you post to Discovery, things get a bit iffier. Discovery equates to public posting, and everyone who uses the app can see your BeReal. Only post to Discovery when you’re sure there isn’t any sensitive information in your post.

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Who can see my BeReals?

who do you want to share your bereal post with
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

When you post a BeReal, you are given the choice to share to My Friends or Discovery. Sharing to My Friends makes it so that only the people you have added as friends will be able to see your BeReal. If you share publicly to Discovery, everybody who has the app will be able to see your post.

Naturally, sharing to My Friends is the safer and more secure option.

Does BeReal share my location?

showing location data bereal
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

BeReal can access your location, unless you specifically block the app from accessing your device’s location data. If you have location turned on in your device settings, BeReal defaults posts so that, when you post, your resulting post shows where you took your BeReal underneath your username.

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BeReal comes off as a bit of a safer option as far as social media apps go. However, you still need to be careful and never post too much critical personal information visually — especially if your child will be posting publicly. The same risks of predatory online users apply here with BeReal, so if you’re worried about potential security issues, continue to monitor your child’s posting activity on BeReal.

No, not automatically. In fact, after 24 hours, your BeReal photo is automatically deleted. If you wish to save it, you must tap the photo and select Save Image manually.

Alexis Barreyat is the Founder and CEO of BeReal.

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