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Instagram no longer lets its users know if people take screenshots of Stories

The screenshot notification feature in Instagram was first launched in February as a test, but the feature has now been discontinued.
June 15, 2018
  • Instagram ended testing of a feature that let its users know if someone had taken a screenshot of any of their Stories.
  • The feature first launched in a limited phase in February.
  • Instagram has not yet commented on why it has ended this screenshot notification feature.

Back in February, some Instagram users saw a message if they took a screenshot of content posted in a user’s Stories section. The message informed them that the next time they did that, it would send a message to the creator of those Stories. Instagram confirmed that they were testing a screenshot notification feature with some users, and that reveal didn’t make the many folks who were taking those images very happy.

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This week, those concerned users got some good news. Instagram has quietly ended testing of the Stories screenshot notification feature, according to BuzzFeed. Instagram itself has not officially commented on why it has shut down testing of this feature, but it’s likely to be met with joy by users who have been wondering for months if it would expand to all members of the social network.

Instagram Stories are designed to be posted and stay live for just 24 hours before they disappear from the user’s account, and are similar in that respect to Snapchat Stories. However, many people who have their favorite Instagram users like to take screenshots or video clips of those Stories before they go away. Users who liked to lurk on some Instagram accounts were likely not pleased their screenshot actions could be recorded, but on the other hand, some Instagram content creators may have been happy to know which users were trying to preserve those Stories.

The end of this testing is definitely a victory for Instagram lurkers, but it’s also possible Instagram could revisit this screenshot notification feature at some point in the future. How do you feel about the shut down of this feature?