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HTC 10 - The Beginner's Guide

The warm feeling of a new phone is quickly replaced by fear as you learn the ropes but feat not as here's our beginner's guide on how to use your HTC10.

Published onAugust 15, 2016

Getting a new smartphone usually provides you with a warm feeling inside but for some, this joy is short as it is replaced by the fear of learning something new, especially if you’re switching from the iPhone to Android. Even if it’s just from another Android phone, each new smartphone comes with a range of new features so how do you do the basic tasks, as well as take full advantage of the more advanced features?

This beginner’s guide will walk you through how to become an expert with your HTC10 from the basics to taking advantage of the more advanced features. Before we get too technical, let’s learn the basics with the HTC10:

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HTC 10: How to insert a SIM or microSD card

htc 10 ice view case aa (3 of 16)

Before you even power the phone up, you’ll want to put a SIM and microSD card into your new smartphone to make full use of the cell and storage benefits they provide. Using the SIM removal tool included in the box, put the microSD card into the tray on the left of your phone and put the SIM card into the tray on the right above the volume keys. For a more thorough breakdown of the steps, check out this post:

How to insert or remove a microSD card on the HTC10

How to soft or hard reset the HTC 10

htc 10 first look aa (5 of 19)

Whether it’s a temporary bug or something more sinister, every smartphone occasionally needs a reboot, even if to keep it ticking along smoothly. The HTC10 is no different and whether your device is running slowly, is completely unresponsive or if any app isn’t working properly, a soft reset could be a quick and easy fix. For the bigger software issues, there’s a hard reset, which can also come in handy if you’re selling your phone. Whatever the cause, here’s the guide you need:

How to hard and soft reset the HTC10

How to take a screenshot on the HTC10

htc 10 first look aa (14 of 19)

When you need to share something on your screen with someone who isn’t next to you, taking a screenshot is by far the easiest way. Yet, with every Android phone offering a different method to do so, just how do you take a screenshot with the HTC10? There are two methods so hit up the link below to find out.

How to take a screenshot on the HTC10

How to turn off mobile data and roaming on the HTC10

htc 10 first look aa (11 of 19)

Whether you’re on a limited data plan and don’t want extra charges or you’re travelling abroad and want to avoid a large bill at the end of the month, knowing how to turn off mobile data and/or data roaming on your smartphone quickly can be the difference between a big bill and no extra charges. Whether it’s mobile data or data roaming, our guide explains everything you need to know:

How to turn off mobile data and roaming on the HTC10

There you have it – the beginning of your journey with the HTC10. Of course, like your knowledge of your new smartphone grows, so will this guide so bookmark this page and check back often for even more guides for your HTC10. Know someone else with a different smartphone? Send them our How to Guides portal so we can help them with their smartphone as well!

Still stuck and have a question or have a useful tip for other HTC10 owners? Let us know in the comments below!

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