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How to use Bard in Google Docs

Bring the power of AI to your documents.

Published onDecember 6, 2023

Artificial intelligence is taking over the internet, and many of us use it daily. This usually requires running it on the website or a separate app, but what if we could stop switching windows to get things done? Today, we’ll go over how to use Bard in Google Docs. Please note that Bard recently got a major upgrade, as it now runs on the new Google Gemini LLM. While I’ve tested the steps below and everything seems to still work the same (though faster f or a few things), it’s important to note the change.


There is no official integration to use Bard in Google Docs. There are, however, some workarounds you can try. Keep reading to learn all about them.


How to use Bard in Google Docs

Again, there is no way to use Bard in Google Docs, at least directly. You can, however, do plenty of Google Docs tasks from Bard. This is because Google added Docs integration to Bard. First, you need to grant Google Bard access to Google Docs.

How to grant Bard access to Google Docs:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Extensions button on the top right. It looks like a puzzle piece.
  3. Toggle on the Google Workspace integration.
  4. Select Connect.

By the way, you can tell Bard you want it to access your Google Docs. Just send it a command saying, “I want to grant you access to my Google Docs.” Then hit Continue and Connect.

You can now interact with Google Docs using Bard. For example, you can tell it to find you a specific document. Let’s try something like “Find the Bard test document on Google Docs.” As you can see in the screenshot below, Bard found it and gave me the text.

Google Bard finding Google Docs

While Bard has no editing rights over your document, you can copy the text and paste it into the text box. Then you can ask Bard to do anything you want.

Additionally, you can ask Bard to create new text; then you can save it to Google Docs. For example, let’s ask for a 200-word summary of what Android Authority is. You can ask for edits and changes if you wish. When the text is ready, click the Share button and select Export to Docs. The document will be waiting for you in your Google Drive.

Export to Google Docs from Bard

Workspace customers can use Duet AI in Google Docs

While there is no official Bard support for Docs, Google did create an AI assistant for it. Duet AI has a major downside, though. It’s only available to Google Workspace customers. You can sign up for a trial. Those with a Workspace account can try to request access to the Google Workspace Labs program here. Additionally, the administrator has to enable it. If you have access to it, though, we can provide instructions.

How to use Duet AI in Google Docs:

  1. Go to
  2. Launch or create a document.
  3. Place the cursor anywhere on the document or highlight text. A floating icon with a pencil and a star will appear. This is the Help me write button. Click on it.
  4. Write your command and hit Create.

How to use Bard in Google Docs via Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect

This is not exactly a way to use Bard in Google Docs. It’s more like making Bard your assistant, but with access to Google Docs. You can automate data entry, summarize data to get project updates, ask for insights, automate tasks, and more.

Appy Pie Connect isn’t free. Pricing starts at $12 per month. Check out Appy Pie Connect’s website if you want to learn more.

Try an AI chat Add-on for Docs

All these options have their caveats, but there are actually Google Docs Add-ons that integrate AI support. I like GPT Workspace. The integration uses both ChatGPT and Bard to bring AI.

How to use GPT Workspace on Google Docs:

  1. Go to
  2. Launch or create a document.
  3. Click on the + button in the column to the right.
  4. Search for “GPT” and select GPT Sheets Docs Slides.
  5. Click on Install and follow the instructions to grant the Add-on all needed permissions.
  6. Return to your spreadsheet and navigate to Extensions > GPT Docs Sheets Slides > Start.
  7. The chatbot will show up on the right side. Ask away!


Yes. Bard can access your Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and more. You must give it access first, though.

Bard is a free service for now. There is no paid version.

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