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How to Report Suspicious Apps in the Android Market


Published onJanuary 24, 2012

Everyone believes the Android platform is more secure compared to other mobile platforms such as Windows Phone or Symbian.  However, hackers can still find their way to penetrate a platform’s sturdy wall.

Recently, a Trojan horse virus, which appeared as “harmless media player,” was discovered by a group of developers. Phones infected with this virus started sending spam messages to other mobile phone users. The DroidDream malware also hit a number of apps in the Android Market. These malware programs or viruses bring devastating effects, such as recording phone calls, stealing information, accessing confidential information, and making unauthorized purchases through your account. The apps on the Android Market are not exempted from these threats. Users need to be more vigilant in downloading apps from the Market.

The war against online threats is still marching on. The Google team is trying its best to keep everyone safe and keep the Android Market clean from these online threats. The team has been suspending suspicious apps and has been banning developers who spread spyware on the market. Google has also laid down strict guidelines that only allow apps which meet their current standards.

Aside from using it as a tool for entertainment and fun, your Android phone is like your overall assistant who can aid you in your daily tasks. It can also be your pocket-size vault that keeps your personal data secure from prying eyes. You, therefore, have the responsibility to protect your phone and take your part in the battle against online threats.

Reporting Suspicious Apps

If you have used a suspicious app or found a potentially malicious app in the Android Market, the best thing you can do is to report your findings to Android Market’s support team. In doing so, you will not only be protecting your phone, but other phone users as well.

To do that you can click here to submit a report or  to go to Android Market > Help Articles > Contacting Support, and from there choose Report Inappropriate Apps. This will lead you to Google’s report form that requires you to type in the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Application name
  • Developer’s name
  • Link to application on the Android Market
  • Reasons for flagging
  • Brief explanation for flagging the app

Once done, click “Submit” to save your form to Google’s database. The team will then assess your complaint and check the suspicious app. You can also flag apps which have sexual scenes or contain too much violence for the eyes of young Android phone users.

Have you taken your part in making the Android Market safe from online threats?

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