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How to check AirTag battery life

Your AirTag battery may require a replacement sooner than you think.

Published onSeptember 6, 2023

The AirTag relies on the built-in battery to function smoothly. While Apple recommends changing the AirTag battery after a year, your mileage may vary based on usage and location update frequency. You should keep a close tab on your Bluetooth tracker’s battery to receive the latest location of your valuables’ whereabouts. Here’s how to check AirTag battery life.


You can rely on real-time low battery alerts from the Find My app or check your AirTag under the Find My > Items menu to confirm a dying battery. If your AirTag has enough juice, you don’t see any power icon or battery percentage figure in the Items menu. However, you shall notice a Low Battery alert and icon suggesting the same in the AirTag info menu.

How to check your AirTag battery life

Apple AirTag in hand
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Apple used to offer a handy trick to check your AirTag’s battery levels in the Find My app. It only required you to tap the AirTag name to examine the approximate battery life. However, the company has removed AirTag’s battery indicator without any explanation.

One possible reason can be the inaccuracy in checking the AirTag battery life with the previous method. Now, you only need to attach and forget about your AirTag battery until a notification arrives with a low battery warning.

Before you place an order for a new AirTag battery, check the same from the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Find My app.
check airtag battery 01
Andy Walker / Android Authority
  1. Move to the Items tab.
check airtag battery 02
Andy Walker / Android Authority
  1. You shall notice a red battery bar beside the AirTag name.
check airtag battery 03
Andy Walker / Android Authority
  1. You can expand it and confirm the same from the following menu.

The system turns off some AirTag features due to a low battery on your Bluetooth tracker. It is time to replace your AirTag battery with a new one. Sometimes, you may also see your AirTag beeping for no reason. It doesn’t indicate a low battery, though, but chimes for several reasons.


According to Apple, your AirTag battery should last around a year. However, the real-world battery life depends on several factors, like how often you activate the Lost Mode and enable the AirTag’s ringer and Bluetooth tracker’s location updates in the background. If you don’t want to replace AirTag’s battery frequently, check our tips to improve the lifespan of your AirTag battery.

AirTag uses a disposable CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. You can’t charge an AirTag battery. You must replace it with a new one. 

AirTag uses a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding an AirTag battery. It’s a standard battery type readily available at most electronic stores and pharmacies.

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