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How to turn off your AirTag to save battery

Keep your AirTag battery fresh and ready to go.

Published onFebruary 29, 2024

You’re not alone if you’re an AirTag user constantly fretting over its battery life. The fear of your AirTag dying just when you need it is a genuine concern for most people. Here’s how to turn off your AirTag to save battery.


To save your AirTag’s battery, you can remove the battery to turn it off, disable its sound, or enable Low Power Mode.


How to turn off your AirTag to save battery

Apple AirTag in shoulder bag
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Strictly speaking, there is no way you can turn your Apple AirTag off. The only way to do so is by removing the AirTag’s battery. Here’s the step-by-step process to do so.

  1. Press the battery cover of your AirTag downward and rotate it counterclockwise until it no longer turns.
  2. Take off the cover and the battery.
  3. Once done, your AirTag will be disabled.

Once you disable your AirTag, it won’t connect to your Apple ID until you re-enable it. This means the AirTag won’t track the location or send notifications. Also, the Precision Finding feature that enables you to locate your AirTag will no longer work. To enable the AirTag again, press and hold its battery cover until you hear a beep sound.

How to check the battery life of your AirTag

You can check your AirTag’s battery using the Find My app. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad and locate your AirTag in the Items tab. You’ll see the battery bar next to the AirTag. However, the battery bar only shows up if the battery is low. If it still has plenty of juice, it won’t show up, but at least you’ll know the time to replace it hasn’t come yet.

If the percentage is low, but you need the AirTag for something important, replacing the battery with a new one is worth replacing. AirTag uses the CR2032 batteries that are readily available at most electronics stores.

How to improve the battery life of your AirTag

If you want to conserve your AirTag’s battery life to use it as effectively as possible, here are some tips.

  • Disable the sound your AirTag makes when it moves to improve its battery life. To do so, open the Find My app on your iOS device and select AirTag under Items. Swipe up from the bottom to expand the menu options. Tap Notify When Left Behind and toggle it off.
  • Use the Low Power Mode to make your AirTag last longer. Open Settings on your iOS device, tap Battery, and toggle the Low Power Mode to On.
  • Keep your AirTag deactivated (by removing its battery) and only activate when you need it.

Of course, if you find the AirTag battery too restrictive, you can opt for one of the best AirTag alternatives.


Generally speaking, the AirTag battery lasts around one year. You can check the battery life of your AirTag by opening the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad and selecting Items, then AirTag.

AirTags use disposable CR2032 batteries, so you can’t charge an AirTag. If your AirTag runs out of battery, replacing its battery with a new one is the only way to use it.

Airtags use the CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery, a common coin battery widely used in electronic devices. Thanks to its popularity, you can find this battery at almost any electronics store.

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